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Quick little study of the gorgeous Clara Benjamin that I painted last year and forgot to post. Inspired by Loish's sketch! Dat chromatic aberration.
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Clara's a stunner for sure.
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very nice! u love those pose. great artwork!
Djake's avatar
I love the subject's expression - so natural!
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This is truly incredible. I'm blown away. The Hair for instance has a texture, I feel like I could put my hands on it and play with it! And that profile is SO TRULY REGAL!  Just beautifully done. Instant fave of course!
AgentDusk13's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! I love the contrast between her clothes and her skin and hair.
sachiah's avatar
absolutely love this
tishaartwork's avatar
Just amazing, and the face is so lovely =)
CThersippos's avatar
One more great work.
Illpalazzo-Sama's avatar
I really liked her face. The visible brushstrokes help a lot with the mood. Nice one!
Wayleen's avatar
this is plain stunning.
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Just pure amazing! I love everything about this, her dreads the way they flow smooths me. Great job on this piece, wish to see many more like this.
Marazul45's avatar
Very beautiful!!
Roses-11's avatar
Stunning just too much to handle!
BenGeigerArt's avatar
SO GORGEOUS!!!! dark dark black skin people do not get enough support. Thank you for this! SO absolutely stunning(not matter her skin color)!!!!
TigerlilyWarior's avatar
The hair!! but really, the face is remarkably detailed.  Beautiful.
emptypulchritude's avatar
This looks great--nice job
I didn't know chromatic aberration was a thing--I just noticed that whites look "whiter" when straddled on opposite sides by complementary colors
DacsMayn's avatar
So great work! Congratulations :heart:
DBolandArt's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous, this is an amazing piece of art :):)
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