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Water in lake tutorial

this is how i use to draw water in lakes^^ i hope you will find it helpful :3 

and sorry for my dyslexia ^^' so much wrong spellings but never mind... good luck!
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This is helpful,except my program doesn't have oil water tool
ImoonArt's avatar
oh well i bet you can make it work^^
DarkShadowTale's avatar
Thank you so much! What program do you use?
ImoonArt's avatar
i use paint tool sai:)
Kitti-Featherwolf's avatar
Very useful! Thank you :)
So helpful! Can't wait to try this.
neongem's avatar
I can't wait to use this method, thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial:D
ImoonArt's avatar
yay and thank you for the comment^^
blueharuka's avatar
Your tutorials are straight up amazing, you're a life saver!
ImoonArt's avatar
really?? thank you so much!*3*
PenguinMofo's avatar
looks so awesome I cant wait to try it!
ImoonArt's avatar
yay i canät wait to see your try:D
PikaWarriors's avatar
This is helpful, but i just dont have those brushes in photoshop ;w; (and i dont know how to draw a good background lol)
ImoonArt's avatar
aaw xD... hmm.. i'm sure you can find simular brushes in photoshop:3
PikaWarriors's avatar
Not really :( I have photoshop elements, and it isnt the best. I only have it because it came with my tablet. I found the CS6 version at staples, but it was 500 dollars ;w;
ImoonArt's avatar
omg i remember that one... well you can try to get Cs2 or 3 insteed. its good enough to do stuff liek this so
PikaWarriors's avatar
How much does it cost?
DeniseJuleBFF's avatar
CS2 is free xD Since it's so outdated adobe made it for free ^^ You can download it at their site c:
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