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That moment 

4 deviants said "good, you're finally learning to stand up for yourself"
4 deviants said god i thought i was being an asshole but now i do really see that i was just not being as passive and taking shit as i had been in the past
No deviants said when you felt like shit for having acted a certain way for a while
No deviants said and when talking about it with your mom shes like
No deviants said it honestly bothered me

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iMonox Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
just a bit of backstory here though i always like

took peoples shit
ive always stayed quiet and let them rant and that probably ended up to people making me do things that i probably agreed to because i didnt want to be rude etc

now its more like
i will still let people rant but 7/ 10 ill talk back and wont have people guilttrip me into doing things anymore
its currently getting me into quite some arguments with a couple of friends lmfao but im also tired of being pushed around
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