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Hey guys, Dragon Age is free right now on Origin! 

2 deviants said you can be gay lovers with an elf assassin
1 deviant said go get ittt
1 deviant said the graphics are mehh but the storyline is awesome
No deviants said…
No deviants said here's a trailer if you need one:…
No deviants said and so are the characters
No deviants said and so are the SEQUELSSSSS
No deviants said how kickass is that
No deviants said I was so far ahead in that game but then I lost the save file
No deviants said sulks away

Devious Comments

MMtheMayo Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Def more people needs to play that game.
I'm currently on Dragon Age 2 and danG SON
iMonox Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I still need to finish the first one sob
my gamefile got deleted when I was in the Dwarven city :ccccccc
I had such a good relationship with my gay elf assassin as well, I forgot his name lmfao

I can't wait for Inquisition though, idk if it's out yet but nggggg
I've also got the movie of Dragon Age with Cassandra, who is army captain in DA2 I think ?? she's so cool ngg
MMtheMayo Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Between DA:O and DA2 there's DA:Awakening and a few DLCs too. Awakening is pretty important, Ander's here and he's also important in DA2.

You mean Zevran! Oh gosh I love him, I romanced my male Warden with him. It's pretty easy to get it on with him haaa.

I watched that movie:> Cassandra is in DA2, not playable, but she will be an companion in Inquisition.

Zevran also appears in DA2, though briefly. I can't wait for that bcuz I know that he'll flirt with Hawke and I want to see jealous Fenris (who is also an elf with dark skin+light hair+tattoos and also kills people and is bi and currently in romance with my male Hawke)
iMonox Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ohh yea yea
I'm wholly reliant on Steam and Origin so I have to see which games of the entire series I actually have lmfao

I loved him so much haha
His personality was just top notch

And ahhhh
Yea I haven't read much about Inquisition so far, but someone who I follow on tumblr occasionally reblogs stuff of it so I'm getting pumped because of it haha

Yea I think I read that at the end of DA: O if you're still in a relationship with him toward the end, he goes off alone and never fall in love again or something ;u;''
it made me sadd 
Poor Zevran

And that Fenris sounds awesome ahhh
MMtheMayo Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have Ultimite Edition bought on Steam (Origins+Awakening+DLCs) but they have no DA2 so I installed Origin only to buy it here pffft yeah.

Zevran is so precious and funny! Wish he would appear more, there are books and comics and he's rather ignored...

It actually depends if your Warden dies or not. Zevran won't love anyone if he loses the Warden, in other cases he's said to stay around and help with Wardens. In Awakening he's mentioned to be in Antiva and it's said that Warden went off to search for him :>

Fenris is awesome indeed, if you like attractive elves, you'll like him:D Though unlike Zevran he's... moody. And you have to be way more careful to romance him.
DA2 is great, all DA games are great. Inquisition will be great, though it's supposed to be more chalenging and I weep because I  suck at playing games no matter how much I love them.
iMonox Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have to see which version I have
I think I have the Deluxe one
Yeaa I have awakening as well :peace: awesomesauce uvu

Oh and does it still work despite them both being on seperate gaming platform thingies? Because you needed like savegames from the first game to continue in the DA2 right?
I assumed it wouldn't work so I got them both on Origin (well, I lie, my gf has them both on Origin and she let me download them haha)

And ohhh wow I misread everything lmfao
I thought you got married in the end and Zevran had to leave because of it or something like that
See I haven't played it in a loooong time lmfao

Oh man that reminds me of how I used to play my Warden
I had the forest elf (forgot the nameeee) and I got grumpy towards everyone except Zevran because his mother was a forest elf as well

And yea same haha
I like the entirety of DA, but at some points I could just kill the game lmfao
Like at the werewolf den, man that annoyed me so much
And the Dwarven city confused the hell out of me
MMtheMayo Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay Awakening:D

It works. I wasn't sure if it will, but DA2 imported my Warden without a problem. And if it won't work or you don't have the saves, game has like 3 options of endings that you can pick from and the storyline from previous game will be mentioned according to these.

You can actually get married to someone else but I don't know what happens to Zevran if you do. I didn't want to go that path xD The game just has so many options to pick and choices to make.

Dalish elf? Ohhh so you know Merrill, right? She was in Dalish elf origin:D She'll be in DA2 as well.
My elf was from circle of magic, I tried to make him as nice to everyone as possible xD
In DA2 companions... tend to not get along with each other so it'll be both hilarious and frustrating. I like how dynamics between Warden and companions and between Hawke and companions are so different.

I know what you mean. 
It could get so frustrating. And I also get so nervous when making decisions, sometimes I had to leve the game for a bit:'D
iMonox Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohhhh okay okay haha

And yess that's the ending I was talking about ;u;
He goes and travels, and tells tales I believe? And while he still takes lovers occasionally, he has said that he won't love anyone anymore after the Warden

and yes! that haha
I went as a mage once in a game, but I didn't like it that much, so I went back to rogue/warrior uvu

and omfg wow sob now I want to play DA2 but I need to finish DAO first fff
And yea I love how they made every character their own sorta. Not many games have that haha

Ahhh yea yea haha oh god the decision making
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