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Mousse 'Egg'

Chocolate egg filled with white chocolate passionfruit mousse, set on white chocolate hay. garnished with caramel and raspberry sauce.

I tried piping a little bird inside before i put the cage on, but the mousse didnt hold very well.
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That looks awesome!
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thats so brilliant! how did you get that egg shape?
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Another master piece ... :heart:
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That really looks amazing. Too bad the little bird thing didn't work out, though. Still, this looks like it'd taste great! I have a craving for chocolate now...
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U made this!?0.0 how, can i have the recipe? i am a complete foodie and this is the prettiest dish i have seen in awhile. great job!
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Thank you, I dont really know how to tell you a recipe. for the mousse, i just melted some white chocolate, added some passion fruit puree (probably a 2 to 1 ratio) and folded in enough whipped cream to make it a nice mousse consistency. that technique is pretty good for a nice quick mousse and you can use any fruit puree. i put it in a piping bag and kept it on the refrigerator til i needed it.

the chocolate parts are a lil more fun lol. youll need water balloons. have your chocolate melted and slightly cooled, preferably tempered, dip the bottoms of the balloons in the chocolate and set them on parchment to set (in the refrigerator if untempered). fill a paper cone w/ some of the chocolate and string a cage on the tops of separate balloons (dont do this on the same balloons you already dipped) and let them set. after they have set solid, slowly release the air from the balloons, if its released too fast, the balloon will just cause the chocolate to collapse on itself. and set them aside til plating

if you want the white chocolate 'hay', just take sheet pans, freeze them, temper white chocolate and place in a paper cone. quickly pull the pans out and string chocolate across w/o crossing lines, them just before it sets, scrap it off and set aside.

after this you can start the plating, arranging 'hay' in a ring, set a base cup in the middle. fill it w/ your mouse and top w/ a cage. you can put a few fresh berries or whatever you'd like, just as long as the cage fits lol.
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thanks, don't worry, u wrote the recipe just fimne. thanks again
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How did yoou make the stringy egg? Chocolate shock-frosting?
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its a trade secret, but....... i guess i can tell ya; water balloons are an awesome tool for chocolate work. jst beware, get them too filled up, they will most likely explode creating a chocolate mess. and then when the chocolate is set, you have to let the air out slowly or the deflation will take the chocolate w/ it (implosion).
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Oh how nice! :D I actually thought all curved stuff made with chocolate was made with molds, but I recently saw a book on how to bend chocolate by shock-frosting it and was very impressed! :D
IMntHRimEVRYWHER's avatar
yeah, there are a lot of fun stuff you can do w/ chocolate. you can put chocolate on sheets/strips of plastic (acetate) and just before it sets, you can shape it, strip it, deco it. speaking of shock freezing; take a marble slab, put it in the freezer, sheet chocolate on top thinly, then w/ a wide putty knife, scrape it off and shape it like ribbons. on problem is you kinda have to be fast. chocolate, and sugar for that matter, is pretty much limited only by the imagination, and if you have a bit of ingenuity, thatll make it a whole lot easier.
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yeah, but the freezer must be colder than a regular home-freezer, right? I read something about -20ºC. Can't do it at home, and I can't try it at work yet. Appretinces are kind of used as cheap handcrafters here. :( My problem is I kind of have ideas, but the few I manage to try at work are not that well received by my boss or older pastry-cooks. Not sure if the problem is mine or theirs. :confused:
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not really, if its a regular freezer, itll jst take a little longer to get a good chill on the marble. i would jst make the freezer as cold as i can get it, and let the marble set in it for at least an hour.

most blast chillers are about -20C, that jst means that things set a lot quicker w/ out losing some of its properties like frozen mousses, icecream/sorbets, and the such. a good trick w/ a blast and sugar is to cook sugar to 310 or 340 for isomalt, pour it into what ever mold you want. allow it to set until warm temp. place it in the blast to get nice and cold. as fast as you can, pull it out, put a torch to it and hold it until you hear it crack. when its unmolded, you get a cracked appearance on the inside.

sorry about the whole apprenticeship situation there. i got most of my skills from a pastry school here in the states. where i did my externship, i showed my supervisor some of the pictures of what i made in school and then they started letting me work on some of the more extravagant desserts and cake orders. i think your situation is the fact there is no advancement there, so they dnt really care what you can or cannot do. what helps is if you can make some stuff at home, take pictures, make a portfolio and use that for getting a job where you will be allowed to expand your knowledge and advance your skills w/ the guidance of a more willing chef.
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You've been featured here!
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thanks. the link isnt taking me anywhere.
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Chocolate is my weakness. This looks good enough to eat.

IMntHRimEVRYWHER's avatar
thanks, and it sure is.
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That's irresistible looking! :heart: I just hope I could get to taste it. :+fav:
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stop in my shop and maybe ill whip you up one, that is when i get one open
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:o That might possibly be one of the most awesome deserts I have ever seen.
Very creative, and very delectable. :D
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