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:iconimnotgivingup:Imnotgivingup posted a status
stolen im sorry

💖 i have a romantic crush on you

💜 i want to make sure you're happy
💙 i have a platonic crush on you
💚 i'm a little jealous of you
💛 i just think you're a cutie
💘 if you wanted to marry me, i wouldn't say no
👀 i'm too shy to ask you to be qpps 

💗 i want to give you a hug
💋 i want to kiss you
👌 id date you if you were up for it
💪 i'd fight someone if they talked shit about you
🔊 i'm glad i started watching you
💬 i wish we would talk more!
💭 i think about you a lot

👏 everything you say is great
🍏 your social views are great
🍰 youre unbelievably sweet
⁉️ youre unbelievably rude
🎧 you have great taste in music
👑 your account aesthetic amazes me
🚨 you intimidate me
👊 i want to smash your face in
⚠ youre ridiculous
⛔ you give me secondhand embarrassment

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NlHILIST Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Student Digital Artist
💪 💬  👑 🍰 🔊
stealing btw
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