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What is 'Long Last/Freeze'? by Imnotgivingup What is 'Long Last/Freeze'? by Imnotgivingup
psa this series is absolutely dead

Well well well.

First things first: The name will probably change. (LOL IT TOTALLY DID)

Alright: So what is this weird thing that I have? 

Long Last is basically a story circled around a kingdom, but mostly the animals inside of it.
Though not all of them, quite a few of them have powers. These powers range from being very rare, like the Queens, to being very common, like Coventina's.

Here's some backstory:
Many, many years ago, the animals of our villages did not live as peacefully as they do now. They lived in conflict, in war.
Different villages would attack Flare's village, all merciless killers. They were all looking for one cat. Princess Flare and her little sister, Princess Splash. 
One day, two spies found their way to the sister's room. In self defense, Princess Flare attacked them, her powers going insane. She ended up setting the house on fire and killing the spies and Princess Splash.
The village evacuated, each running for their lives. All the members of the village were either running away, or being burnt trying to save Flare.
Until one brave wolf, Ares, darted in. Ares could breath fire and his eyes also lit on fire when he was mad. He, obviously, was fire resistant. So he ran into the fire to save Flare. However, members of the other villages also sent in their fire resistant warriors to collect Flare. They found Ares, who was running with Flare. They began to fight Ares to get Flare from him. His powers were useless against them, and he finally was driven to the point where he had to throw Flare into the more dense flames where the others could not find her. She was completly immune to fire, so nothing hurt her, but the fall did disoriantate her.
That's when a wind type cat comes in.
She was barley older than twelve years, while Flare was a bit under eleven. (the ages work like humans years) The cat saved Princess Flare, but she was unable to save her sister.
The cat was Bird, Flare's best friend.
The village was eventually rebuilt, and Flare was crowned Queen at the age of fifteen.
She leaded her village well, and still does twenty years into the future.

But every January first, the same village that slaughtered Princess Splash comes to Flare's village and attacks.

Now what's my plan for this...?
Well, there are quite a few possibilities. 
It could be a comic, or a written story, but I think I'm going to go with the next one.
Every chapter will be written in a description with this, but the picture will be a scene from that chapter. See? Both of those things mixed :D

Well, that's the plan! Hope you'll enjoy :3
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October 4, 2016
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