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Tears Meme by Imnotgivingup Tears Meme by Imnotgivingup

1. Goodbye
I stood, watching him, expecting a wholehearted explanation about what's been going on, but he simple walked to stand in front of me. "I have to go." He sighed. "What?" I froze. He shifted his paws. "I have to, I can't stay here, it's too dangerous." He tried to keep eye contact with me, but I looked away. I was tempted to ask "Why? Why is it dangerous? Why do you need to go? Why can't I come?"
"You don't have to go." I blurted out, looking back up at him. He sighed, a small smile on his face. "Mist-"
"No, I'm serious," I barked, getting a small chuckle from him. "Stop it, I'm not kidding. Where would you go?" I snapped. He frowned again. "I can't tell you."
"Why not? What's this secret that you can't tell your best friend?" I asked, trembling a bit.
"It's not that I don't want to tell you, it's that I don't even know!" He barked. "Believe me. If I could take you, I would. But it will only get more painful from here on out for a dog like you..." He pleaded, his tail flipping back and forth. I didn't want to yell anymore. "I know." I said with a simple shrug. He smiled again. "Thank you." He turned around, beginning to walk away. I knew this was the last time I'd speak to him. "Goodbye..."

2. Don't leave me!
    "So what are you trying to tell me?" The dark grey dragon asked, standing  at the entrance to the den. "I can't go in? You do know that's my best friend in there, right?" He snapped. The guard simply nodded. "Sorry, but rules are rules," He said, keeping stance. "I can not let you in without permission."
    "That's stupid! My best friend is dying and you're just going to stand there and let him die? You're going to make him go without me saying goodbye? You're going to let him just die in there without seeing me? Are you kidding!?" The dragon snarled, claws unsheathed. 
    "He will not die-" The guard began to speak. "No! Every source I have heard from said he was badly injured! Who do you think you are to not let me get in there and talk to him!!"
    "Sir, the den is already crowed enough. We can not let you in. Not without-"
    "Permission, yeah, I know!" The dragon snapped, cutting the guard off again. "Let me in before I force my way in!" He snarled, raising his paw.
    The guard unsheathed his claws. "Sir, back away now." They growled.
    "Let me in." The dragon muttered. "Sir, I can not let you go inside until-" 
    The dragon lashed out his paw at the unsuspecting guard. The guard, surprised by the attack, slipped and fell over, his helmet bouncing to the side. Before the dragon could walk into the den, the guard got back to his paws. Three long, bleeding claw marks were slashed across his face. The dragon looked at it, stunned for a moment, as if to suddenly realize what he had done. He put his bloody paw down and sheathed his claws. He wanted to mutter a "Sorry" but his jaws were frozen shut.
    "Sir," The guard began. The grey dragon suddenly seemed to remember what had been going on. "Six!" He shouted, muffling the guards pleading. "Six! It's me! It's me!" He called out, his name not wanting to be spoken.
    "Don't die without me, please, I'll be there soon! Just hold on for a little longer, I'll be there soon!" He repeated, tears in his eyes. A small cry came from inside. "River?" 
    River felt a wave of happiness. "Six! Yes! It's me!" He cried out. "You're back?" Six called, his voice sounded shallow and upset.
    "Yes! I was stupid okay, I was so stupid to just leave you there... Now you've gone and gotten yourself hurt and I wasn't there to protect you and now," He hesitated, taking a deep breath. "Now you're going to die without me." He finished of, his head lowering as he sat down.
    A reply didn't echo from the den for a few painful moments. "River?" River looked up.
    "Yeah...?" River asked. Six's voice was shallow, hurt, and seemingly confused. "If it really is you... Don't leave... Come here... Please..."
    River looked at the guard, who had stood still the entire time. He was staring at River. River crouched down. "Let me in... Please?" He asked, trembling. The guard shook his head slowly.
    "No! No, no, no, no, no!" He snarled.  "Six, stay here! Don't leave me!" He snarled. There wasn't even a small breath coming from the den.
    "Let him in!" A blue dragon trotted up from behind, a dark grey dragon with a cloak behind her. The guard looked at her with anger, as if to show her his scar. "So what? Let him in!" The dragon insisted. "I'm your queen, aren't I? I can exile you any time I want. Now let. Him. In!" She demanded. The guard hesitated before stepping to the side and bowing his head. 
    River nodded to the dragons and raced into the den. "Six! I'm here! Look! It's me! River! I'm here! I'm..." He trained off as he noticed the strange silence in the den. "Six?" Not a single sound. Not a breath of air. 
    "I'm sorry," A brown dragon placed her paw on his shoulder. "He's gone."

3. Forgive me! (Spoilers for Fire's Blaze!)
    The matted pelt of Snow Crash fell at Fire's paws. She looked up at him with a crooked jaw and a dirty pelt. It was hard for Fire to think that her different shaded eyes were at one time, beautiful to him. He crouched down to her level.
    "What do you want, Snow Crash?" He sighed. It had been months since any of his pack had run into any Slash Pack wolves. To have one come to my den? Now that was new. "The Sand Pack has decided that our deaths would be better than joining us," She growled, a bit of blood coming from her mouth.
    "There's so little of us left and the battle only grows stronger," She gasped for breath. "We need help, Sandblast is unstoppable..."  She muttered.
    "You need our help?" Fire sighed. "So you come to the wolf that you thought was your friend?" He asked. She nodded egarly. "Well, if you remember correctly, you tried to kill us all. Mostly me and my mate," He muttered. "For all I know, Tsunami and Hurricane might be next." He muttered, referencing his pups. "And you come to me? Not my pack leader, not the second in command, but me? Now that's stupid." 
    The hope in her eyes faded. I guess I understand what Jay meant when he told me about Carley's eyes now. This is what they looked like. Dead. Hopeless. Helpless. And she thinks she can get my help?
    "Fire, please?"She asked. Fire hesitated. It looked like she had tears in her eyes.
    "Forgive me?" She asked. Fire didn't reply, but he shook his head. "Please! Forgive me!" 

I'll finish the rest later, I'm tired right now XD
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