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Sting by Imnotgivingup Sting by Imnotgivingup
Yay warrior OC
He's my new one.
He doesn't exactly need long claws or a collar because he's not always a member of BreakClan

Back Story:
Sting was just a kitten, born out in the forest. His mother and father left him less than a month after he was born. He eventually wandered into TwoLeg place and found some, ahem, "Friendly" Cats, who took care of him until he could hunt for himself. Then they left.
Sting was (obvs) angry at everyone who had left him, so he went out to find them. He found his father first and "Acidently" Pushed him off a cliff and into a river.
He then found his mother with a different cat.
The cat had already killed her. 
So, Sting befriened the cat.
His name was Midnight, a smaller black cat with yellow eyes. Bad luck, aye?
Midnight and Sting walked off to find the two cats that had left Sting. After many moons of seaching, the found them in MoonClan (basicly Thunderclan) and attacked that clan, killing many cats.

Sting then became leader of BreakClan etc, when he heard that those two cats weren't dead. So, with his clan, he went and attacked MoonClan again, this time, killing their leader, Redstar (or as kid me named him, Headstar *causual facepalm for how much of an idiot i was with names) and capturing a little apprentice, Shellpaw. Shellpaw was taken into the camp and renamed Shell. Shell has a purple collar with two bones in it (probably gonna make a ref of him, too) Later on, Sting relized that Shell was the brother that their mother had loved more.
    Midnight made sure that Sting never hurt Shell. And eventually, Sting warrmed up to Shell and they became "Friends" (sting really only has one friend, Midnight)
    So yeah.
That's his story so far.


Submitted on
February 27, 2016
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