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Kenny -Gif- by Imnotgivingup Kenny -Gif- by Imnotgivingup
whoa kenny's back

remember him?

yeah, probably not. anyways, i brought him back. for those of you who don't know, Kenny was originally based off the walking dead telltale game. after the two games ended, i kinda got bored of Kenny. Now that the new game is out, It's just reminding me of all the good ol' times I had with kenny...

So anyways, here he is.

But, Stare at the Stars is sill over.

Let me see if I can still remember this dragons backstory...

Kenny was born into a loving family. Despite that, his parents couldn't hide the fact that he had unusual powers. They kept him away from everyone else, telling him that they were unhealthy. Kenny believed them. One day, his parents were killed. That day Kenny learned that what his parents were doing was illegal. He was taken to an orphanage, but he wasn't havin' it. He escaped only a day after he was brought there.
He soon found Onyx, another powerful dragon who was creating a group. Kenny reluctantly joined, changing his name to Grass Blade.
Many years passed and Grass began to bring himself back to the real world. (he's full grown back now) He found out everyone had declared him dead, taken by the "protectors". As days went on, Grass stopped hiding. He found a dragon named Cat, and they became mates. They had a child, but he died only one year after.
A dragon named Slip had joined only a year after Grass. Grass hated her. She was insane, he thought that Onyx didn't have a single reason to let her join. Him continuously saying this made her go slightly crazy. One day, she killed Cat. He separated himself from Slip, but stayed in the group. On one of their journeys, he found another dragon. Colors. He eventually became her mate and she journed with them for a while. They had a daughter, Reflection. Colors and Reflection settled down at a different den as Grass continued for a few more years with the group. But for the years that Grass lived with Reflection, he taunted her. Not on purpose, he didn't know how to properly raise a child. In many ways, he was just trying to be funny. But she didn't like it. He left for a while, and it seemed that everything was becoming okay with Grass's life again.
However, not all good things last forever.
Reflection ran into Slip and the two got into battle. Reflection nearly killed Slip, but Slip retreated in time. 
Grass returned home after receiving a message from Reflection, saying a rouge dragon had broken in and attacked them.
When he got there, he saw Reflection standing over Color's dead body. She told him that she had killed Colors and she was changing her name to Infection. 
She attacked Grass, but Grass managed to fight her off. It was then when he realized that she had inherited some of his powers. 
Grass returned to Onyx once more, telling him he was leaving the group. He changed his name back to Kenny.
It wasn't long until Infection found Kenny. She attacked and killed him.
(Infection later was forced to join onyx's team as a replacement for kenny)

I miss Kenny. I loved him.
LPSComet Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I remember hiiimmm!! :D
Imnotgivingup Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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