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Yes, anything you'd like, the only condition is that the value of the pendant is max. 300$

Have i gone crazy? No :D i mean at least i think i haven't but who really knows, right :v
The reason i'm giving it avay is that my facebook page finally reached 10.000 likes and for me that is a huge number that needs to be celebrated with a GIVEAWAY! :la: :boogie:
I am thankful for each and every one you and even more so now when i had to quit my day job due to rapidly declining health and am on my own for the first time since 2001 <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH! :hug: :heart:

Anyways, you can only enter on my facebook page for this one ->… . I will hold more giveaways on other platforms too but idk when.

THANK YOU! :heart:

Free custom pendant by IMNIUM
i apologize to everybody and will reply asap :oops:


dropping the ball has become my #1 superpower 
Will be up on instagram soon :la: 

Follow this account to get them all:

WOOHOO! :party:
I'm the admin of this group:

And am trying to scoop up all the best jewelry on dA for a while now :la:

Feel free to submit jewelry if you make it or if you happen to stumble upon gorgeous pieces 

Or if that's not your thing - watch the group and feast your eyes on beautifully presented bling :D
My little angel ^_^ by IMNIUM
Dear friends, followers, fans and everybody who stumbles upon this page - i will be away for a while because i gave birth to my first child on March 15th :aww: :party:
Will be back as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience and have a great day! \o/
As you might already know I am very pregnant with my first child :D She could be born any day now or by the end of March at the latest. I'm telling you this because all available jewelry will become temporarily unavailable (the listings will be deactivated in my Etsy shop) and the only two things available will be the two tutorials because they're instant downloads and you get them automatically without my intervention.

If you wanted to buy any of my jewelry - now's the time because the shop will stay like this for about a month once i disable all the physical items. I think things should get back to normal some time in late April if everything goes well.

Thank you for your time and have a great day! \o/


And now i'm gonna go make a tutorial for more complex pendants :party:

Let me know if you have any requests, I listen to everything you say :)
made a lot of jewelry lately :la:
But my shitty spine is keeping me from taking photos and uploading it all :(
I hope i'll be able to do some of that slowly over the next several weeks :fingerscrossed:
There's one big labradorite/pyrite necklace, several small borg pendants (tanzanite, prenhite, without stones), several swirly goth pendants (lapis/kyanite, black onyx/spinel, green onyx) and 3 pairs of earrings i think. And 2 half done custom orders.

I'm just over 6 months pregnant and it is getting really difficult to do any work on the computer. Sleeping is not easy either but other than that i'm fine and the kid is fine :aww:

How is your 2014 so far?

Yes, a 

Spotlight  SALE! Spotlight

15% OFF everything in my shop:   :la: :party:
Coupon code: SALE15
The sale starts today and ends on 19.12.13.

How come I'm having a sale?
a) HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :glomp: :party:
b) I have to start buying kid stuff for my soon to be born daughter :aww: and need the Dollar (US)  :D

If you wanted to buy my jewelry now's a great time because I don't have sales very often (once or max twice a year)

And, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It's snowing.  Alien Christmas Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer :D
Indeed! :la:

This is what 5 months looks like in my case (not like much but i feel twice as heavy than before):

This is also why i'm nowhere to be found or i just unload a bunch of photos and don't reply to any comments - as you know my spine was pure crap* from before and it a) got worse during the pregnancy b) i cannot take my usual pain meds so i can't sit at the PC almost at all or do anything for more than 30min at best in one stretch. That sucks but i'll live. Hopefully :slow: The kid is doing great :knocks on wood: and is having loads of fun kicking me :D
And now i gotta go because i can't sit here anymore

Cheerios! :wave: :glomp: 

*pure crap = i have boney spikes in my spine (osteophytes) and nothing other than surgery or pain meds helps
Thank you all so very much! :heart: :glomp: :la: :party:

Thank you for your continuous support and I hope I won't let you down in the future (am working on new weirdness as we speak)  :D

YAY! :la:
Yes, it is true, i made my first real tutorial :D :la: 

If you wanted to know how to make my industrial rings the tutorial is available here:…

3 rings by IMNIUM

I have first sent it to a couple of friends for testing purposes and one of them said: "I love proof reading and this was a pleasure.
Your pictures are clear and concise and your arrows correspond with what you are telling us oh joy!!!!"
= it doesn't suck :D

more about where i live (part time)


(also, my internet is still broken :( )
my internet died while i was away

i have tried to fix it but it just refuses to work and everybody else is on vacation so i have to wait for them to get back and MAKE it work somehow :shakefish: curse you, internet

i'm leaving again this friday and will be away for a week or so. also without internet. hopefully somebody will fix the one in my HQ when i get back and i'll be able to upload stuff like a normal person again

I keep forgetting to tell you :slow:

If you want free classes (or something similar) come to Umag, Croatia :D
I'll be there from 12.07.-28.07. and will have all my stuff with me
I don't have a place for you to stay but i would love to meet you and help you if you need some help with jewelry :party:

The 'classes' would be held here:…

I'm inviting you because a lot of people come here for their summer vacations so i guess some of you might be coming here too. My country is cheap, safe, the nature is clean and we're a member of the EU now so there are no more pesky borders if you are from the EU too :)

I'll be there next summer as well

So, who's up for some wire wrapping on the beach? :la:
being temporarily husbandless is (among other things) that i have to KILL MY OWN SPIDERS!!! :omg: :ohnoes:

And i am terrified of spiders
The only thign worse than having to kill it is to know it is somewhere in the house :O

So i have gotten *kinda* good at killing them:

I don't scream as much anymore :winner:
I manage to NOT throw away the item i killed the spider with and run in the opposite direction about 50% of the time :slow:
And i have gotten quite crafty in constructing devices to kill them with :katana:

If you thought i was creative with jewelry you should see me when i'm trying to kill a 1.5 inch big hairy monster on the ceiling :plotting:
Parts of the vacuum cleaner and a big pizza box were involved 

I hate spiders :devil:

And our government should be proud of:

"With the entry, Croatia becomes the third poorest country in the EU." :sarcasticclap:

by all means guys, congratulate yourself, organize big parties all over the country and burn as much of our tax money as possible. We don't need it anyways. There are 2 more poor steps to climb over on our journey to the poorest country of the EU. And then THE WORLD!!! :la: 

YES! I'm gonna tell you one of millions of possible ways to make them :D

If this is your first complex or multi-stone piece try not to get upset if it does not quite turn out as planned :hug: this still happens to me and i made dozens of them if not over 100 :slow:

Follow these steps:

1. pick the stones/beads you want to use. you can pick 2 or 20, it doesn't matter because you can easily add or remove some of them from the plan as you go along

2. arrange them on a flat surface the way you see fit. if you have play doh (or something like it) use it to form a dome and stick the stones into that - it will help you if you are having problems with 3D planning in your head :) possibly draw a rough sketch of what you are trying to make

3. take the central stone or the largest stone or the one you really want to wrap in a certain way

4. wrap that stone but make sure to leave enough wires to attach the rest to it (thick wires need less length, thin wires more - for example leave 2" of 20ga and 15" of 28ga sticking out)

5. admire the mess :la: :slow:

6. go back to your stone arrangement or play doh stone hill and see if that fits in there. if yes - congratulate self :D if no - rearrange the other stones

7. take the next stone and see how can you attach it to the 1st one in a way that will use the wires which are sticking out of it and follow your original plan. if you need more wires - add some. if you think it would be easier to semi-wrap the 2nd stone before you attach it to the 1st - do that and if you think it would be better to make a wire wrapped 'nest' for it from the stick-out wires - do that :D you are the boss of this pendant and do whatever you like! :party:

8. continue doing so until you are happy with what you made :aww: if you really want the pendant to resemble your original plan - check the plan often to see if you meandered away from it. but even if you have - it happens and it doesn't mean your meandered pendant will be any less pretty :) add wires where you need them, attach them someplace where they cannot be seen (like under opaque stones or dense wirework), cut wires if there are too many

9. Clip the excess wires and tuck the tiny tails neatly


- plan to use thicker wires for the bail - it is under a lot of stress and can get misshapen if not sturdy enough
- avoid connections in the bail - they can get easily unwrapped from chain friction
- start with thicker wires and use the thinner ones at the end as fillers
- if you are having problems designing a wrapped piece - draw it (it does not matter how bad it is :D ) and look at it squinting. out of focus. now thicken the lines you want to be prominent in your design. If all you see is a blur you need to thicken them more. this helps keep your piece from the "a bunch of random wires tangled together" end of design spectrum :D i think complex pieces need definition and this helps a lot
- do not be afraid of adapting the piece half way through it. try not to get angry. these pendants sometimes get away from you and that is perfectly normal. abandon the original plan and see what is the best way to finish what you made so far

Comment if you have any questions and if i think of anything else i will add/edit it :)

Happy wire wrapping! :party:


What went on lately

Journal Entry: Wed May 29, 2013, 4:27 AM
Lots of things

I have been spending a lot of time driving
How so?
Well, my husband had to move to the other corner of the country for a job 2 months ago so if i want to see him i have to get my ass in the car and drive for 3.5-4.5 hours. One way. Meaning i lose a total of 7-9 hours every 2-3 weeks and that's a lot.
He works all the time so he can't budge from where he's at.
And he'll stay there for 4 more months = driving, driving, driving, drivingdriving...

Anywho, i'm going there again today. Through Slovenia. I have to pass customs twice. Hopefully there wont be a 15km traffic jam due to the upcoming national holiday which is tomorrow and there might be a horrible traffic jam today because we croats use every spare minute to run away from our continental cities and towards the sea.

It would also be nice if people stopped driving like ADD stricken monkeys. And used some sort of signaling when switching lanes on a highway.

Things on the jewelry front have been the same as usual - i'm trying to make some 'available' pieces for my shop but i keep getting custom orders. Which is great but leaves my etsy shop half empty (not even one full page, boo me! :tomato: )

A bunch of stuff is gonna be in that gallery i mentioned in my previous journal. It is a small gallery on an island. Nice and fancy but not famous or anything like that

I am in the process of buying tools. As you may know i am not at all equipped to do what i do. There's a photo somewhere of all my tools. It's just sad. So yeah, i'm trying to buy me some serious tools. Bartosz from Amareno jewelry was so nice to help me out with that, thank you Bartosz! :glomp:
If any of you have suggestions re. good online tool stores i would be very grateful. I need suppliers from the European Union

AND THEN! once i get my precious tools

EXPECT MADNESS!!! Total and utter madness :la: :party:

I think this is it for now
My spine is acting up again so i took this painkiller which has peculiar side effects. You start being calm and slightly stupid. and pain freee :D


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