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Tutorial - jewelry boxes



Here's how you can make nice, practical, custom and cheap boxes :party:

I also love them because they can stand on their own (you can use them on shows stacked against a slightly leaning board/wall/whatever, you save time on packing because the earrings are half packed already and the earrings hang nicely in the box)

oh! and you can also put some cotton or fuzzy material on the bottom to stop the earrings from smashing into each other :) handy for shipping

You need:
- thick paper or thin cardboard
- scissors, needle or something sharp and pointy
- ruler
- some sort of strong adhesive
- wire - 0,4mm or 0,6mm will do
- pliers - round and flat nose
- something to cut the wire with

The lid tutorial is coming soon (most likely tomorrow) and i'll also put up a couple of different box-blueprints that you can print out at home and save time on calculating the dimensions :hug:

EDIT: smart ideas from :iconkalany: :
"If you want more structure, you can make the ends fold over more times. Just decrease the size by a millimeter or so each time :aww: You can do the same with the sides, too, if you like, but the ends are easier.

Also, you can poke the wire all the way through all the layers if you want to have a little handle for people to use to pull it open. You can do that and have the end of the enclosing box piece shut. That makes it a little harder for it to slide open accidentally, and again gives it a little more structural integrity."

Thank you Kalany! :hug:

Happy box-making! :la:

Part II ->
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Will you please provide measurements like in Part 2?