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Halftone brush textures for SAI (Edit)



Hi! I developed some more brush textures from this original:…
I had a few qualms with the originals. The white easily turned into grey with few strokes, and the dots were not dense enough for my tastes. 
I have adjusted the values of the bmp files to be almost completely black and white, but greying can still occur while colouring if you press too hard and go over the same area a lot.
More dense versions of each original have also been added, as denoted by the "-2" and "-3" file endings.

Suggested brush settings for use of these textures:
- develop from the pen tool
- a hard edge (low softness)
- a large size (100px+)
- density: ~90 (Try not to use a much higher density. It will make the white more grey)
- elemap: (simple circle)
- (advanced settings) no pen pressure for size or density
- use as few, and light, strokes as possible to avoid greying

Installation instructions in the download!

Please let me know how they are!

Some other awesome screentone brushes I found for SAI:…
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On Sai2, dragging the intensity of the halftone up to 100 removes the greying!