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Brushes-Anemone, Shells, Coral

Software Name/Release: Adobe PhotoShop 7
Contents: Sea Anemone, Shells & Coral
Image Count: 13

Feel free to use these for whatever you choose; whether personal or commercial.
However, I would appreciate it if you would take a minute to throw me an “atta-boy” or critique.
If you would like the original stock for these images, don’t hesitate to let me know.
I’m happy to send them along to you.
Also, if you have a dial-up or slow broadband connection and have trouble downloading these files (most are pretty large), let me know and I'll split them up or zip them and email to you.
For additional info about my brushes, please see my journal.
© 2007 - 2021 Immrgy
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ScarletValkyrie's avatar
great job on this! especially the shells, as you've managed to keep the finer details for the shells and corals~ if you don't mind, i'll be using it in a dress design~
Opheliafpg's avatar
Thank you I really love these I used them for a wedding invitation set on my etsy store
MelanAnime's avatar
used here:
thank you for sharing!!! :D
Dark-Anmut's avatar
I used the Brushes here:… - It was great to find these Brushes, since I had no idea how I was going to draw that Coral, lol... XD So, thank you very much!! XD
Great thanks very much :)
These are wonderful, thank you! The coral is particularly unique & cool.
MedussaMayhem's avatar
Thank you so much! These are just an amazingly well done addition!:heart:
ANGELFIRE897's avatar
Thanks so much! Just what I was looking for!
lifeless-life's avatar
hey, i have used your beautiful stock here : [link]
thanks =]
janellem's avatar
I used your brushes here, thank you so much [link]
Planning to use these for the cover of my book project. Thank you very much!
lillybat's avatar
Hi. I used them here [link]
Thank you very much :-)
animekiddo95's avatar
Without black the world is stupid and colourful.
DarthCloudness's avatar
thank you for the brushes used them here [link]
Urceola's avatar
Excellent shells!
GuardianYashu's avatar
just dropping by to let you know I used this stock in [link]
thank you for creating stock for people to use, it is such a great help and after using so much stock I really have learned to appreciate what stock artists do.
penny4u's avatar
i used these brushes thanks you “atta-boy” lol great job
ChrissyM's avatar
used brush again here: [link]
Thanks so much!
ChrissyM's avatar
ChrissyM's avatar
used here

Thank you!
Haha! Yep... me too. Though I live near the ocean, I don't often have the patience or the energy to fight the tourists for parking or a spot on the beach for my blanket.
But thank you for the comment... sorry to make you feel melancholy but I hope you can use 'em. I have tons more sea-type brushes... just haven't gotten to them yet. Hopefully I'll be able to post 'em soon.
Thanks again!
PS: Where are you that you're missing the summer? Here in DE we're already melting.
Spice-powers's avatar
ohhh pleeeease I miss the summer!!! Seeing that picture make think: blue... ocean... seafood... water... and then... SUMMER... summer summer summer... *snif snif*
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