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Divine Knights Flash Clan Site



Massive latest Flash project for online gaming clan [<+>] Divine Knights.

This site was designed around the client's desire to go above and beyond the regular clan website, and instead offer the visitor a powerful, interactive atmosphere instead.

Fusing ancient with modern/futuristic digital themes, the Divine Knights site also auto-detects yearly seasons and transitions in with seasonal themes. Ranging from icy cold frost that crawls over and 'freezes' the interface, to fiery red falling leafs of autumn, the visitor can also manually change between seasons.

Other features include:
- Adjustable background brightness
- Matching background image "themes" for pages/sections
- Inset expandable mp3 menu
- 22 piece badges set
- Variety of pages, news & member modules
- Forum sigs & avatars
- HTML & CSS clan match archives

This site is 100% Flash, database driven and edited through special CMS software for ease of editing. Because of the sheer size and complexity of the site, it is constructed in a very meticulous fashion, streaming in content within many layers and levels. As much content is segregated externally as possible, meaning not only does the site load in content when needed, but makes editing material easier for the client without needing experience in Flash.

The site also delivers a massive amount of onscreen subtle effects & animations, particle effects & blur filters, all meticulously optimized and synced to run at 30 fps without a drop in performance. The site is also benchmarked against a variety of computers, and can adjust based on the user's hardware specs.

Made entirely in Photoshop & Flash CS3.

Hope to have the live site launched soon!
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