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101 Clan Gaming Interface

Thanx everyone for the comments and support so far!
-Here is the new polished up version.
The site is almost complete in Flash, so we thought since everyone has liked this interface so far, that we'd update you all with a fresh screenshot of the near-completed site.

-Flash splash/intro
-Unique sky backdrop for each page, each one hand brushed for touchups and surreal look
-Drop down MP3 menu with mouseover scrolling track info
-Editable scrolling footer messages driven by external txt file, can be turned on/off
-8 dynamic Flash pages (Forums/War Room = external links), each handmade with 100% custom graphics and Flash animation
-Custom large resolution set of 16 clan medals/awards
-Separate loading member roster pages, driven by external txt file
-Popup member bio panels with info, pic, and player video module

We don't want to show the Flash version yet, but we will be linking to it here as soon as it is completed! ETA roughly April 1st-2nd

Thnx again everyone for all the comments

**Original Comment**

Interface for latest client, online competitive gaming clan 101st Screaming Eagles.
Will be made in complete Flash with alternating background environments for each page, weather effects, lighting transitions and smooth running dynamic Flash pages.
Made in Photoshop CS3

Will be updated with polished/tweaked version as it is completed.

Comments and suggestions for improving to that perfect final version? :-)
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Where can I download this template?
como lo descargo

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This is a gem, An old one, but a gem none the less
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can u plz tell me how u made the wings? was it interface or?
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This is so 2007.. how I miss that time *Thinks at the time when he was still young*
Still looks nice to this day, only thing that bothers me is the bevel/emboss/drop shadows
Just update the looks inside your army template and maybe a better font & you've got yourself
an awesome website!
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That is some amazing work. Well done.
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unique design
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cool, very cool!!!!
omg... what a powerful design :D
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super nice, out standing... :)
how i can download this?
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Damn dude Flash version blow me away. Good job :+fav:
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Awesome! Really like that style!
its awesome. i like the camouflage pattern moste.
Nice website bro respect 4 your work
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Shocked! It's Impressive! :heart: :+fav:
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