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I'll add more links later on :hug:

It has been a while people!

I am not in a good shape since I have a bad flu and guess what? I lost my purse and my IC is freaking in it! I have my ATM cards and some other bonus collecting card stuff. It has been such a horrible week!

I am still having problems with SOME of my colleague who works with me and it has been the worst ever! I am not going to blab about what she did (maybe I will one day) because I am not that low to be with the same boar as hers! Geez! I love my work but sometimes it can such a hell mouth working with immature idiots!

Well my Valentine’s Day turned out okay.

I attended one of my friends wedding in Bangsar and it was a cool night.

I met my good old friend Joyce who was there too and I missed having her around the work place because we first met when she and I met in our working place and then she resigned and is now a “free bird” or something.

We have our other friend Renee as well and she is still works with me.

But 6 hours drive away from here is where our friend Lisa is working there in an environment which she has yet settle, cultural wise where most people speak the hokkien dialect more and she missed talking to English speaking folks.

I bet whenever she comes back she’ll talk all week long! We missed her so much.

There were once the four of us
Bridge to Dinoland by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet

And now we are missing the fourth member
best friends by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet

Those were the days! We missed you Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:

Pretty much Valentine’s day is not such a big deal to me and I refused to be one of those people who feel miserable not having a date or what not. Come on! Please be rational for once! It is not the end of the world! Enjoy life and celebrate with your family is just as same!

I missed some of my friends who I have seen for years. I do not know where they are! I’ve signed up with almost every online community known to people and kept my real name in hopes to keep in touch with them.

Where can they be?

Main feature is dedicated to curseshadow

I just love his photos and you couldview more photos from him on his flickr page at… and his own website at He captured a whole lot unique shots for all of us to share. He is one my inspirations :). Keep it up bro!

Boat again and again by curseshadow View of the front boat by curseshadow The boat with grey sky by curseshadow
KLCC view by curseshadow Beautiful sunset by curseshadow Another sunset by curseshadow
Bridge Of Fortune by curseshadow Sunset view by curseshadow

Here are my other favourites: :heart:
.........4 by wolfridersfla :thumb109130555: Lonely Tree by Drugge
Smile by cyrusdavirus :thumb111134793: :thumb105287628:
:thumb112182142: Tower Bridge 4 by Adila golden like honey. by TwilightSeriesFan
Nephilim by Finisternis Wedding. by KDyerPhotography

I need to add some really good critiques based on these photos below by xMBPhotox during a chat session at… ! I suggest you visit this friendly photography only chat room!

a good day by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
<xMBPhotox>ImmortalityOfEmoPoet: the first one: i love the expression you caught. definately shows a love of love and happiness. for the photo itself though, the tones are a little dim as are the colors. i'd try to bring that out some. but i juyst adore the expressions.

a glimpse by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
<xMBPhotox>ImmortalityOfEmoPoet: the second photo: hmm. i like the tones and color of it. there is a very over exposed area in the lights next to her head though. and the chair in the bottom left hand corner is kind of a distraction to me. and pay attention to your rule of thirds.

the joy by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
<xMBPhotox>ImmortalityOfEmoPoet: the third one: you kinda caught them at an. . . off moment. haha. i like the colors and tones though
These are some of my works and I hope you enjoy it!!

:heart: Alsa Haslinda

Dark Yard - updated by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Petal Frost by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Pebbles by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
Finishing Act by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet My Home by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Opening Night by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
Over Powered by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet I am back by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Lend a Hand by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
because of you by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet rendezvous point by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Soul Claimer by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
Soon You'll See by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet The Way It Is by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Waiting Again by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
Ayumi-Mix-10th by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet xoxo Ayumi Hamasaki xoxo by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Silent Ayu by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
Captured Memory by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Lost Soul by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Hidden Lies by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
Life Spread by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet I stand alone by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet:thumb98381626:
Scion by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Close Up by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet An Heiress by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
Night Dreamer by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Wine On Me by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Monochrome by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
Art is Life and Life is Art by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet A Night To Remember by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Music Lives by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
It was too late by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Unwanted by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet This Side by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
Wondering by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Misty Drops by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet:thumb89506556:
not leaving by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet life as it is by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Stand Tall by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
Ayu Logo - Diamonds by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet:thumb48251441: Ayu Logo 2 by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet
After a while... by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Old Times by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet Devine I by ImmortalityOfEmoPoet



Guitar-Emote-Hero revamp by CookiemagiK by CookiemagiK
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ecchi777's avatar
Aww stay strong dear, if you need some help you know where to get it :cuddle:
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
:hug: Thank you so much hun! Yeah I know
ourfinalsong's avatar
Ouch. It must be rough to have the flu AND loose your purse...
Well, feel better!
I hope everything sorts itself out.

I know what you mean about Valentine's day - it shouldn't be a reminder of what you don't have, but of what you do.
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
yeah i still feel sad but i did went and make a new ID again! horrible! It turns out okay. thank you so much! :hug:
ourfinalsong's avatar
ohh, alright. I'm glad it turned out okay in the end! :hug:
SpunkOnAStick's avatar
Sorry about the purse! Gosh, that's just such a helpless feeling...
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
:hug: Everything went well at the end, thank you!
Miniminory's avatar
I'm so honoured!
Really, thank you :hug:!
You works are great :D
I think I'm going to fav some of them!
Well done! :D
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
You're most welcome hun! I can't help it though :D

Aww thanks! they're okay I guess :D Thank you for the :+fav:s!
curseshadow's avatar
thanks for the feature.. :)
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
lovexjunkie's avatar
omg thank youuu!
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
goatheadcorp's avatar
wow..thats sucks, i have lost my mobile phone before :(
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
it sucks for sure! well my ID is far out important! but I've made new ones :)
cyrusdavirus's avatar
pity u my dear, aku pon penah lost wallet~ memang tensi sungguh~ adess.. anyway, thanks for the feat~ thank you!
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
thank you :) oh yeker? hope everything went well
akubaik's avatar
nasib kite serupa.. i lost my wallet and the most terrible is i just realize it this morning. i guess i drop it last night after watching movie. i lost all my important contacts in the wallet. planning to make a report today. got to cancel all my appointment today because not able to withdraw money to travel. :cry:
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
oh ye ke? well i just got back from JPN. eh if this is the first time kene bayar rm110 tau so get ready. you could withdraw gune buku bank dulu la. and was kind of pissed off sebab kene bayar rm30 for a new hong leong card! well i guess it happens!
akubaik's avatar
mahalnye! :shocked: wish it never happent! probably this evening i will make the report to the JPN n all the banks. quite busy + otak yang tengah serabut
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
yeah i understand, otak i baru letak clorox tu pun still tak berfungsi, btw you tinggal kat ner?
akubaik's avatar
just coming back from JPN. me also "force" to pay 100+ just for a piece of card.. haha i dah telan lima botol pun otak tak clear lagi :p hehehe. owh i duk melaka tapi asal perak
ImmortalityOfEmoPoet's avatar
well at the end takde regret sebab nanti dari kene tangkap sebagai pendatang haram - lol - habis la!
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