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An Old Nightmare :iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 3 4
Vengeance: Part 18: Section 4
Lilith looked out into the hall of Hunter Jay's ship, making sure no grunts were around. "Okay, guys. The coast is clear," She said. N, Zeta, and Looker followed her into the hall and proceeded along with the mission behind her.
The door to the kid's room opened as Ghetsis came in to check on them. The two were normally awake in bed when they heard their father come in at night. However, Ghetsis did not see them around anywhere.
"N, Zeta. Are you two asleep?"  He asked, walking over to N's bed. He pulled off the covers but to his surprise saw nothing under them. "Huh. Must be sleeping with Zeta." He walked over to Zeta's bed and pulled off its covers as well. But, his children did not occupy the empty space under them. "They aren't in their beds," He said a bit nervously. "Maybe their downstairs. Yes, they are downstairs! They have to be downstairs!" He ran down the stairs and first searched the living room, moving on to the kitchen, the halls, and the guest r
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 7
AVP OC: Hydromorph by Immortalfire367 AVP OC: Hydromorph :iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 27 24
Betrayal Inside: Part 2
"WAKE UP SATURN!!!" Mars yelled at the top of our voice as she heard a loud THUD in front of her. She let out a snicker.
"Owwwwwwww!!! What the hell, Mars?!?!" Saturn said angrily pointing at Mars, knowing a certain someone put a table over his head while he was still asleep. "Oh well. It's ok. I'll get you back for that one, anyway." Mars playfully stuck her tongue out at him.
"Whatever," Mars said. "Come on. Get dressed and let's go. Giovanni's waiting for us in his office."
"Oh no1 I forgot he had a mission for us today!" Saturn said worriedly, grabbing his things in a hurry and dashing into his bathroom, slamming the door behind him so hard it made his whole room tremble. He came out in a minute in his uniform and grabbed Mars's hand and ran with her to Giovanni's office. They stopped in front of his office door. Mars went up and knocked on it.
"Who's there?" Giovanni asked in his calm yet gruff tone.
"Commander Mars and Commander Saturn, sir," Mars said.
"Ah! I've been waiting all
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 0
Betrayal Inside: Part 1
Author's note: (The events presented in this story happen before the plot of my fan fiction, Vengeance, and you may see some characters reappear in a later chapter of Vengeance.) P.S: This is my version of my request given to werfamily16. Link is in the description.
Location: Team Galactic Data Archives
Subject: Unknown human
Date: 3-17-10
Pass-code, please.
"Pass-code ALPHA387."
Password accepted. Access granted by TITAN-3 Sentient Processing Core. Welcome to Team Galactic Archives Storage.
"Command: Search for Team Galactic Recruitment Archive 56-417 and Team Galactic Mission Archive 26-539."
Command recognized.
Team Galactic Recruitment Archive 56-417 and Team Galactic Mission Archive 26-539 have been found.
"Command: Playback file footage."
Command recognized. Beginning file footage recording.
Giovanni: I would like to have chat with Saturn. Bring him to me. While your at it, bring in the new recruits.
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 2
Vengeance: Part 18: Section 3
It was only a matter of minutes before the boat reached the shores of Sinnoh. N and Zeta felt the boat come to a stop at the docks and waited for their mom and the man known as Looker to leave the boat.
"Well, Lilith, we're here. Ready to show Jay who's boss?" Looker said. Lilith pulled out her tazer gun and pulled out a Pokeball from her belt.
"Been waiting for this all day," She responded. "Let's go." They walked out of the room and N checked to see if they were gone.
"All clear, Zeta," N said as he removed the screen from the wall and climbed out of the vent, Zeta right behind him. "Come on. We'll get back out through that porthole." They walked over to the porthole which they had used to sneak into the boat.
"Give me a boost, N," Zeta said, and N got down on the ground, allowing Zeta to put her foot on his hands. He raised her up to the window and waited for her to jump out. He then pulled himself up  and jumped out of the window behind her. "They went that way, N. You ha
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 6
Vengeance: Part 18: Section 2
Zeta grabbed the grappling hook while N grabbed the Pokemon and the two kids made their way to their room. Suddenly, N heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.
"It's our parents," N said, trying to keep quiet. "Run faster, Zeta." The two picked up their pace and reached their bedroom door. They opened the door and quickly shut it behind them.
"Quickly, hide the stuff somewhere," N said, shoving the Pokeballs behind the half-pipe in their room. Zeta put the grappling hook under her bed and ran over to N, who got on the floor and acted as if he had playing in the room the whole time. The door swung open and Ghetsis stepped in the room.
"Everything all right up here?" He asked, looking at his children on the floor.
"Oh, were fine, dad," N answered. "Just fine. We were just about to get up and get ready for bed. What time is it anyway?"
"It's almost 9:00. That sounds like a good idea. You two go and get ready for bed. We've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow."
"Ok, dad," Zeta and N res
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 2
Vengeance: Part 18: Section 1
A young N playfully ran across the garden of a huge house in Nimbasa City with his Pokemon under a starlit night sky. A green-haired girl about 5 years old, a year younger than him, followed close behind and tackled him. The two fell on the ground and chuckled, and N's Zorua was having a laughing fit. The children looked as a beautiful, brown-haired lady came out of the house.
"Time to come in, kids," she called out. The two children ran inside the house and followed the woman into the kitchen, where a handsome looking man with hair the same color as N's sat at the table and smiled as his kids walked to the table and sat down.
"So, how did you two enjoy your day?" The man asked them. He messed up N's hair while holding him in a gentle headlock. N laughed and so did the girl.
"It was great, Dad!" N exclaimed. "Me and Zeta found a new friend in town."
"Yeah!" Zeta called out. "And me and him kicked N's butt at basketball." She giggled.
"You did not!" N cried out. The two started arguing
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 3 6
Vengeance: Part 17
Zeta led the group to a house overlooking the island. The other two islands, Fullmoon Island and Newmoon Island, could be seen in the distance. Zeta knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. Just then, the door swung open and a young man about 17 or 18 dressed in black pants and a deep blue and black shirt with a blue hat covering his black hair, which was pretty typical clothing for Aura Guardians, came out. The emblem of the Aura Guardians hanging from his neck, he looked at Zeta then at the rest of the trainers.
"Greetings, Zeta." Riley said. "And to who are your friends that I make my acquaintance to today?" He finished with a bow, as many Aura Guardians would probably have done in their mannerly ways.
"Nice to see you again Riley," Dawn said, she said coming to shake his hand.
"Ah, Dawn. What a pleasure it is to see you again. And these are your friends, I presume?" He studied them closely one by one when his eyes stopped on Mars. "What are you doing back here?" He ask
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 13
Vengeance: Part 16
The group gazed from overhead at the sea below, continuing on their quest to the Sinnoh region. Kyurem let out a sigh of exhaustion and so did Black.
"Are we there yet?" Black asked, tired of flying. White got annoyed again.
"Don't start with that, Black," White said flatly, giving him her "death stare". He flinched looking at this out of an impulse, thinking she would come over and smack him. N and Red snickered at this.
"Quit playing around, guys" Dawn said. "We're coming up on the Sinnoh region right now." She continued pointing down to the mountainous land below. "There's Iron Island over there." She said directing Ho-oh down to the island below. The others followed suit ordering their Pokemon to fly down to the island. People down below watched as the legendaries and their human partners descended from the sky onto Iron Island. The people came up to see them but then Dawn stepped out in front of everyone. "People of Iron Island," she said. "We are not here for an exhibition. We ar
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 1
Vengeance: Part 15
"This.. Is.. AN OUTRAGE!" Archie yelled angrily standing outside the pile of ashes and ember-spewing wreckage that had been Team Lightning's base. Maxie, Zero, the three Team Galactic Commanders, the Team Rocket Executives, Hunter Jay, Jesse, James, Meowth, Cassidy, and Butch stared in amazement at the remains of their base. Saturn stepped up to Archie. He held a security camera in his hand.
"Where's Giovanni?" Jesse asked. She clenched her fists.
"Uh, calm down Jes," James said, sweat flooding his face. Jessie smacked him across the face. "Shut it!!! I don't want to hear it from you!!!!!" She screamed. "Yes sir," James said looking down.
"Archie, you may want to take a look at this," Saturn said, an unpleased look on his face. He held the camera up to Archie, the others coming over, and pressed the play button. The footage started playing on the screen and they saw Giovanni, Red, N and Ghetsis in the same room. Giovanni was unconscious on the floor and a Deoxys was fighting Red and N.
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 1
Vengeance: Part 14
The residents of Pallet Town stared in amazement as the gang descended to the ground riding an assorment of Legendary Pokemon. Most of them continued to stare at the large mushroom cloud that was left behind by the charges the group had detonated inside of Team Lightning's base miles away. Others looked at the Pokemon moving away from the base. Ash's mother Delia came out of her house after hearing the explosion, and saw the group of 14 land. People watched as Misty, Brandon, N, Mars, Brock, Black, White, Dawn, Alder, Lance, Red, Iris, and May stepped off of the deities and made their way inside Ash's house, Delia taking a few second's to glance at the huge mass of smoke in the sky before closing the door, allowing Deoxys to come inside after N told her to. N, Dawn, and Latias had been crying ever since they had seen the death of N's father. Even the two little Pokemon in Latias's arms who had been Ash and Gary were sobbing as Latias tried to calm them down, while she herself was cryin
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 3
Vengeance: Part 13
Giovanni made a break for the door, seeing as he just hit Ghetsis with the knives instead of N. He reached the elevator door and tried to rip it open with his now stronger arms. But, when he went to do this he heard a voice yelling from the other side of the door. "Latias, use Mist Ball!" Dawn cried out from inside the elevator. Right after she said that, a powerful blast blew right through the doors and threw Giovanni to the wall. Ash saw Latias attack the Deoxys that was Giovanni in front of her and decided to follow suit, shooting a Thundershock at Giovanni. However, the attack hit the wall and shorted out the circuits for the control device inside of the steel walls. The pain returned as Giovanni was rapidly pulled out of Deoxys's body and went back to his own. Deoxys regained control of his own body and hovered over to Giovanni. It angrily sent a Zap Cannon attack right at his chest and he smashed against the wall again, this time he got knocked unconscious.
"N, are you all right?
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 3 4
Vengeance: Part 12
"Ghetsis, this is Giovanni,"  Giovanni answered over the radio. "N and Red have their way into my office and things are getting nasty in here." Ghetsis clenched his fist at the mention of his son's name.
"Sir, I think we should activate the control device," Ghetsis said. "The other Pokemon have been infected with the altered DNA virus. They have kept their forms and no changes have or will occur. Once we activate the control device, they're yours to command."
"Are you sure about this Ghetsis?" Giovanni asked. "Because if I decide to, everything's all set. I have the control device powered up."
"I'm sure about this. It's the only way we can capture those intruders guaranteed," Ghetsis explained. Giovanni took a look at the Deoxys he kept trapped in h
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 12
Vengeance: Part 11
"Who are you guys?" N asked May, confused on how they knew Red and Dawn.
"We're friends of Ash and we came here as soon as we heard that some secret organization had taken the boat Ash was on to their base," May explained to N. "Latias here got some information from some of her Pokemon friends and came to tell us."
"Can we skip the greetings guys?" Mars asked. "Let's release the rest of your friends, release Ash and the Pokemon and get out of here." She looked at the small boxes all along May's belt. "What are those?" she asked May.
"Well," May said shyly, "we kind of… um… had an idea to… blow the base up." She smiled at the thought. Mars's jaw dropped as she looked around and saw some of the charges May brought all over the ceilings and walls.
"ARE YOU CRAZY!?!!?" Mars exclaimed. "If you haven't noticed we're still inside of the base!!!!"
"Relax, Mars," Brock told her. "We've got the detonator right here. It hasn't been activated yet." Mars wiped the sweat from her fore
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 8
Vengeance: Part 10
"Get in your cell!" the grunt yelled as he pushed N, Dawn, and Red into a cell. N went to the bars of the cage and yelled out as soon as he touched him because when he did, it delivered a painful shock throughout his body. He fell back and Red ran up to him.
"Are you ok, N?" he  asked, pulling him off the ground. "I'm fine," he answered. The three were growing scared about what Team Lightning was doing to Ash and Gary, and also what they planned to do with him. N started to kick the bars in an attempt to escape.
"It's no use," said a voice from the shadows at the back of the cell. Dawn looked as a young-looking woman with red hair stepped out of the darkness, and she was startled to find out who it was.
"C-C-C-Commander Mars? W-What are you d-doing in this prison?" Dawn asked her cellmate nervously. Mars looked angry at Dawn's comment.
"That's former Commander Mars," she spat out. "I quit Team Galactic after realizing how criminal our actions were. However, Saturn didn't let
:iconimmortalfire367:Immortalfire367 2 10


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