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commission journal 1.0

hello, everyone! I’ve decided to open commissions here on deviantArt.
please review everything below before contacting me.
i. Visual references must be provided up front.
ii. Payment is to be made in USD via Paypal. I don’t accept points at this time. Sorry!
iii. My prices are set, please don't suggest a discount.
iv. Please keep revision & edit requests reasonable--you’re not my only customer!
v. When you buy, you are free to post the commission anywhere! Credit is appreciated, but not required.
vi. Be respectful towards me and I’ll reciprocate the courtesy. I reserve the right to decline your commission for any reason.

I will draw

✓ sfw
✓ nsfw/nudity
✓ humanoids
✓ feminine characters
✓ pin-ups
✓ reference sheets
:iconsquishier:squishier 7 3
Soul of sea Illustration by vurdeM Soul of sea Illustration :iconvurdem:vurdeM 131 9
>>>> Paypal ONLY <<<<<<
Head/Bust shot 15 USD / +10 USD per additional

Waist up 25 USD / +15 USD per additional




Full body 45 USD / +20 USD per additional


[OPEN]: Adoptables Rabbit and Cat (1/2) by mushroom2121

**With simple BG only
:iconmushroom2121:mushroom2121 214 11
STILL MORE TEXT - Commission info sheet NEW by MATicDesignS STILL MORE TEXT - Commission info sheet NEW :iconmaticdesigns:MATicDesignS 91 93
Commission is OPEN
~ UP TO DATE Infos ~

Terms of Services
Read it before commission me!
amazonite star
I’m into characters and illustrations. I mostly like fantasy and female portraits.
Only serious interest please!
These informations are for personal commission.
Payments are via PayPal only.

Available slots:
1. You
2. You
📌Note: I’ve decided to open commission again but have only two slots. Since I’m kind of busy an artwork may takes 2 weeks or longer. Don’t rush me, please. Thank you 🙏 
What I do not draw:
- mature content (light nsfw or tasteful nudity is OK)
- furr
:iconaoleev:Aoleev 55 9
Commission Info
When you're ready, send me a dA note or contact me at (The PayPal address differs).

The note may include:
Bullet; Red Commission type (Sketch, Portrait or Digital Scene)
Bullet; Red Any kind of reference is welcomed (photos, drawings, sketches). The more information you give me about what you want me to draw the better.
Bullet; Red Description (poses, eyes/hair color, personality, ect...)
Bullet; Red Additional information or questions (if needed)

Bullet; Red Price depends on details and complexity of art.

Bullet; Red Payment will be made via PayPal.
:icondominiquewesson:DominiqueWesson 20 6
Commision Open!
  Heart Waiting List

First come first serve, do not rush me.
Waiting time: 3-4 weeks
This is a waiting list, I don't follow the order I listed ( because some commission is harder than the other and I tend to work on easier Commission first ).
The commercial commission won't be listed in here.
Each commission will be done within two week or three[depend on how busy I am].:) (Smile) 

  Heart Information
*Payment: I  accept Paypal and Point too  :3
 PointsCatch them points Points  
I must receive the payment first before I start working.
-You can pay either partial or full
:icondomyzu:DoMyzu 43 2
Commision Guide by Solaice Commision Guide :iconsolaice:Solaice 33 8 COMMISSIONS - Special - 2015 by Calicot-ZC COMMISSIONS - Special - 2015 :iconcalicot-zc:Calicot-ZC 75 36 COMMISSIONS INFO: CLOSED by Miss-Pannacotta COMMISSIONS INFO: CLOSED :iconmiss-pannacotta:Miss-Pannacotta 276 73 Portrait commissions Closed! by Rali-95 Portrait commissions Closed! :iconrali-95:Rali-95 35 6
Sketch - digital or scanned file of traditional sketch 60 € (70 USD)
Portrait, no background 150 € (175 USD)
Digital colored or black and white bust portrait with simple background 160 € (185 USD)

Half-body portrait 185 € (225 USD)  
 Bucky Barnes by Dzydar 
Full-body or any complex illustration 230 € (270 USD)
Tatooine - Star Wars by Dzydar 
:icondzydar:Dzydar 29 0
closed!!! please don't send letters. Hey guys, i'm still here :3 can't answer on your messages because i don't have computer untill  20th. Moved in different country *___* for living :3 i'll answer to you immediately after 20th of April! Don't worry :3
Hi guys <333
I finally back! I'm so sorry for waiting T^T 
if anyone have any questions about commissions or refund please write me
Also if anyone interested in slot please send information by email 
Headshot sketch 25$ (USD)

*Full payment first!
*I usually need 7-25 days to finish sketch, sometimes more (holidays or exams)
Also i accept just a description, random photos from internet for references, so
:iconfelicemelancholie:FeliceMelancholie 43 41
UPDATED: COMMISSION PRICE CHART by Hikarisoul2 UPDATED: COMMISSION PRICE CHART :iconhikarisoul2:Hikarisoul2 17 3 Open commission  UPDATED MORRIS by morris1611
Mature content
Open commission UPDATED MORRIS :iconmorris1611:morris1611 60 11


Immoral-Sylence's Profile Picture
Jessica Grammer
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

My name is Jessica, but I'm most commonly known by one of my many pen-names, "AshadelMG." I'm a lover of video games, fantasy settings, and animals. Of recent, I've taken to more seriously pursuing my dream of writing professionally, though I admit that my heart and soul still belongs to role-play and world-building.

I'm passionate about literature, art, game design, and creativity in general. You might find a multitude of items here in my gallery - I make exceedingly sure to link to any artist who completes an image for me, so unless I state that I did it myself, please don't ask me about my art commission prices - truly, I have no intention of selling my art!

You can find my writing in many places, but search for "AshadelMG" on either or Archive of Our Own. As a warning, my works tend to be quite mature in nature, with both sexual content and potentially triggering content - I started writing as an outlet for my own traumas, and much of my healing has been had in writing out the scenarios and coming to terms with the past. I tag frequently and often!

I watch artists and favorite healthily, so if you see me on your page, please know in advance that I love what you do and pop in frequently!

My current profile picture is of my FFXIV character, Kotone Shimayasu, and was drawn by one of my dear friends, Kitsu ( )!


My name is Jessica, but I'm more commonly known in circles as "AshadelMG." I'm a writer with a love for the fantastic and extraordinary, but also the lewd and imaginative. After spending literal years keeping most of my work in fan-fiction for various IP's and writing literally millions of words that would never net me a cent - but certainly provided me a lot of wonderful practice! - I decided to put my nose to the grindstone and really start pushing out my own personal works. I've given myself goals to strive for, and even started up a Patreon! I really wanted to give myself little goals to keep me going, and I got a pretty major surprise when one of my patrons boosted me into one of those goals - so now, even if I'm still boggling, it's time for me to start looking seriously at something I thought I wouldn't be touching for years.

At this moment, I am currently compiling the information for seven universes/worlds, twenty-one unique races, and over a hundred original characters! On top of this, I have over fifty OC's from various video games that I would love to see actually come to life, so if you are a fan of games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, Guild Wars 2, Wildstar, Black Desert Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Starbound/Terraria, and more... well, I've got a lot of work lined up for you.

Before we begin, here is what I'm looking for in an artist:

  • The ability to work from text if necessary: This is absolutely not a strict rule, but as I am a writer, you're likely going to get a far more wordy description than you are an artistic description. I do go far and beyond the norm to make certain that I have all that I can give an artist, so even if a large amount of text will leave you puzzled - or English isn't your first language and you struggle -, there is still so much in there that you can use to help you. You can see one of my commission folders as a sample here.
  • The willingness to push yourself: I'm not here to tell you how to do your job. If I commission you, I want my characters and worlds to come alive in your style - but I don't want that style to be something that you were doing three years ago. If I look at something you are presenting me as a new piece but I look back in your gallery and it looks like something you might have done a few years ago, I probably won't be a return customer. I want you to push yourself - if you want to try a new style during a commission, do it. Want to try a different pose? Do it! I will communicate with you as frequently as you need, so if you aren't sure about something, just note me and we can talk more.
  • Play to your strengths: If you aren't comfortable drawing males, tell me. If your strength is in animals? Tell me! Scenery is more your jam? Please just tell me! I don't want to come to you with something that you aren't 100% in love with - and it is okay if you decide midway through a piece that it just isn't working for you. We can change things around to help you out! 
I am super easy-going and will rarely ever tell you that I am unhappy with a piece. It's just not what I'm here to do!

Here are a few things that I'm looking for (in general):
  • Character Reference Sheets: While a few characters may require sheets with plenty of detailing, for most characters I just want a simple frontal full-body with color palette. With these, I will be a good deal more picky because you will generally be doing the visual reference for those who are wary of text descriptions. That means that your art is the first piece of art seen, and the base for every piece of art from that point! It's exceedingly important, then, that we communicate very well! 
  • Scenery: Generally without characters in it, and instead just pretty scenery. I will generally just give a few details and let you go nuts with this!
  • Clothing/Accessory/Weapon Design: I've got an enormous amount of items that I could use images for, so if you are less about figures and more about designing what they wear, I want you, too! Aside from a few items, I do give a lot of creative license for these, so please let me know if this is something you want to do!
  • Flora/Fauna Design: This one will be rarer, but I would like to get some of my original species actually onto paper. If you love creating fantasy creatures, this might be right up your alley!
  • Covers: Generally in the fantasy realm of art, I have a few novel-length stories I'm wrapping up and I'd like to get art for them instead of just me whacking photoshop with generics.
  • Nudity/'Soft' NSFW: Think sunbathing or couple's snuggling. I'm not - despite what I write - really into hardcore fluids everywhere. I prefer tasteful nudity to outright porn.
Here are a few specific things that I am looking for, so you have an idea of what I have in my mind:
  • Seeking a few full-body images with Kotone Shimayasu. Detailed composition of 'bubble-netting' off her island. Detailed compositions of her performances. ISO: Accurate character reference sheet.
  • Seeking a family portrait of Kiipa Nulstat, Inelaa Locte, and Flidais Locte. Half-bodies are fine. ISO: Accurate character reference sheets for all.
  • Seeking a risque half-body or full-body of L'sero Nuhn. Commission folder is currently in progress.
  • Seeking a full portrait group picture of the Quickpaw-Locte clan. This is a huge picture with three commissioners involved. 5 - 7 adult figures, 8 - 10 toddler-child figures. Might be best done in portions. If I am the only commissioner, it drops to 3 adult figures and 5-6 children.
  • Seeking a few half-body/full-body images of Katja Hoax. Detailed composition of her in her forge. Portrait with her dragonling. Possible smooching with her partners.
  • Seeking Nalorn Flora/Fauna design! Original world that bloomed off of a Warcraft AU I started writing and just kept building on it to the point it's now one of my most advanced original worlds with very little Warcraft influence. Prepare for centaur, naga, more elves, mermaids, and so many others to build on.
  • Seeking Leithi/Xaedryx full-body images. They are the same person, but Xaedryx is Leithi's 'true' form. She is a Forlarren, a half-elf of Kaldorei and Nathrezim blood. Could provide a challenge!
  • Patreon Banner/Icon.
  • Twitch Banner/Icon.
  • Discord Emojis/Icon.
  • ... and more!
I am offering:
  • PayPal or something similar. I am willing to work with an artist if special payment is required, but I will not pay in points or other forum/site-related currency in general. I will cover fees.
  • I do writing trades for art - I've met more than a few artists who want something written for a piece they are doing, and I'm happy to provide. We can discuss in notes if there is interest.
  • Budget: $5 - $150. I tend to tip if I feel that you are underselling yourself, and I really like working with artists who are comfortable with payment plans (because emergencies happen). For certain things, my budget goes a little higher. 
  • Fan art! Oh my god, if you fall in love and get inspired by one of my stories, characters, or worlds and you just feel like scribbling something down, you'll make me cry. It's the biggest compliment ever and is such a boost to my morale when I'm struggling.
  • Vibrant colors! Play with lighting and shadows! Make things pop!
  • EMOTION! If you're an artist who can portray the right emotion for an image, you will have a client for life.
  • Action! 
  • Watching you work! If you're an artist that has streams, I absolutely love watching while I'm working. 
  • Making friends! I'm super supportive of artists and I like when artists support one another. I rub the art of my buddies all over people, so be prepared for a lot of love if we become friends.
There is so much more that I could put here, but this is all great just for a start. Thank you so much for taking the time to look!

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