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Edit 8/20/21: In order to balance work and self care because of the virus, art shop coms are restricted to pop up journals from me. My art shop is closed until normality has been returned.

Commissions are always Open
**Will be more selective due to being busy at work
Check in with me on Fridays if interested in Coms

Currently Accepting: [USD]
**No Longer Taking Points**
(I do not take art as partial/full payments for my coms)

Commission Info

- Rules
[x]Ref picture is a must have.
[x]Due to recent events, I now ask for full payment up front before I start.

What I can't do/won't do

Other than that, give it a shot.
If you need a specific example of something, let me know and I'll go look in my gallery.

-Slots- Slots are endless.
(Slots and work status are found on my profile front page)

-Small Pixels - 20USD
(Price may increase depending on complexity of design)
El Cucuy Pixel by Immonia Playing With Sharp Things by Immonia Small Pixel Toxicneon6 by Immonia

-MSP Flat  - $25 USD (US Dollars)(Depends on Difficulty)

-Photoshop Full Body on Abstract Background - 45 USD (US Dollars)(Depends on Difficulty)

Photoshop Character Composite - 50USD
-Price may increase depending on the complexity of the character.
-Photos provided need to be either free-use/public domain or preferably photos you've taken yourselves.
-If found image. Photographer's name must be provided and it can't be under a non-commercial license. If both are not provided or within guidelines, I can not use the photo.
Melena in her Element by Immonia DEC Month: Froebelstar Challenge by Immonia Thorin Tri Enviro by Immonia Rigghhttt... by Immonia

MSP - $80 USD (US Dollars)
-MSP/color- Full Illustration [Limited to Wildlife Landscapes]
Planting Trees by Immonia Around the Mountain by Immonia Fan art Widdershins-Works by Immonia Ghost Town Bluebells by Immonia

PS/Human - $45 USD (US Dollars) - All Full Body humans will be done in this style only

Pokemon Additions - Per Pokemon
+(Small) Basic First Stages  - 8USD
+(Medium) Second Stages  - 15USD
+(Large) Third Stages/Ledgendaries - 20-25USD

Design Sheets $55 USD (US Dollars)
Sheets of 6 random adoptables. Please mention if you would like a certain species. You may lists dos and don'ts.
If paying in points: An additional 500pts are required to make up for the 2 week DA clearance period that I have to wait to access those funds.

Buyer's Agreement
You automatically agree to these terms after purchase

Adopt FAQ

Evolved Design $20 USD (USD Dollars)
Redrawing of a design created by me that may have slight design changes to it's original version.
Overall outcome of the design can not be determined by commissioner.
Designs that qualify are ones produced on bulk adopt sheets from my adoptable account or adopts made on my design sheet commissions
Dos and Don'ts on design aspects may be given(ex. don't like the color purple etc).
Design does not have to be used but must remained tethered to the original design it was based after.
This design can not be sold on it's own due to it possibly getting "you copied my design" issues. This value can be added to it's overall total worth(ex. purchased for 11USD is now 31USD) however please read my FAQ about resales otherwise.

Buyer's Agreement
You automatically agree to these terms after purchase

Adopt FAQ

Designs $45-70 USD (US Dollars)
This type I work with you to make a design. There is a 4 revision limit until additional payment is required. Extra work and payment will be discussed at the time of additional changes. Price will differ depending on the work wanted.
An additional 500pts are required to make up for the 2 week DA clearance period that I have to wait to access those funds if you pay in points.

- $45 Package - 1 Design (1 Direction Draft + Three Drafts and then +1USD for further edits)
- $55 Package - 1 Design and a Ref Sheet
- $70 Package(Depends on the difficulty) - 1 Design, Ref and a amall shaded art piece)

Buyer's Agreement
You automatically agree to these terms after purchase

Adopt FAQ


Warrior Heart [CLOSED] by Immonia Cheeky Thing [CLOSED] by Immonia Blacken Beast [CLOSED] by Immonia
Solar Fire [CLOSED] by Immonia Full-O-Stars [CLOSED] by Immonia Wonder Wolf Skulls [CLOSED] by Immonia
You Must Be Joking by Immonia Jesters [CLOSED] by Immonia Roq's Reference by Immonia

More Designs

Photoshop Drawing in Environment Background - $80 USD (US Dollars)
Friends? by Immonia Intruders on the Horizon by Immonia What Remains by Immonia On Frosted Legs by Immonia
© 2011 - 2022 Immonia
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oxyoxyoxygen's avatar

Great work! do you still accept commission? i checked the Commission info, it's not updated for a really long time ;-;

Immonia's avatar

The last update is still accurate. Coms have been limited to pop up journals.

lumiinescence's avatar
ahh hi just a question!! i absolutely loved this animal crossing-like piece you did recently and was wondering if you had a price for them? i dont have enough currently but id definitely be interested in the future (it doesnt have to be w the bounce, i just love this lineless style ;o; )
  AC Bouncer Uno [Animated] by Immonia
Immonia's avatar
So these were 15USD when I was selling them. It comes with the bounce.
Most likely will be opening more at some point.
lumiinescence's avatar
oh cool, ill keep my eye out! would you be able to do a feral dragon (and would you be making them anthro :o )
Immonia's avatar
I would indeed.
I think two of the ones I did in this style were quads originally.
Sparkling-Skies's avatar
can i get a 55$ design package?
Immonia's avatar

Sure can. I'll send you an invoice.

What were you after this time?

Sparkling-Skies's avatar
paid, will note you in a bit
Immonia's avatar

Payment received.

Sounds good.

CityVampire's avatar
can i commission a chitter custom design : D
Immonia's avatar

Sure can. What kind of MYO slot do you have?

The normal 45USD custom right?

CityVampire's avatar
yup! its just a uncommon+1rare ! 
Immonia's avatar

Neat. I'll send you an invoice.

Whatcha after this go around?

CityVampire's avatar
invoice paid! ive sent over a note :D
Immonia's avatar

Great, payment received. I'll go update my work list. I see tour note!

Sparkling-Skies's avatar
can i get a $55 design package
Immonia's avatar

Sure can! Can you note me your PayPal info so I can send you an invoice? Also what kind of design are you after this time?

Fevvred's avatar
Sent a note to your adopt account about a commission but we can talk on your main if easier!
Immonia's avatar

Yeah note me here -thumbs up

CursedGraveDigger's avatar
Would you perhaps do Chitter myo design customs and if so how much would it be?
Immonia's avatar

I would. My customs are 45USD and I work with you to get a final product.

Design comes come with 1 Directional draft and 3 back and forth edits. 1 back and forth edit is I show you a draft and if it needs changes I add them.

CityVampire's avatar

would i be able to commish an MSP flat? :0
Immonia's avatar
Sure can.

I'll send you an invoice when I get home.

Who did you want done?
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