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Esk Only!
(These are not part of my normal commission offers)

Esk Examples!

How to Order

1. Post below with Esk you would like. Up to 3 under horse/bear sized Esk.
(Please mention their relative size to a real world object/animal so I know how to size them in the enviro)
Larger will differ in price depending on complexity and size

Any additional(under horse/bear sized) 1 up to 2 Esk will be +5USD - max is 20

2. Please mention what environment you would like.
(Only small man made objects that are less than 30% of the environment no full cities/etc)

 Ex: Abandon car(not fully visible) in the middle of the woods is ok. Scattered broken walls or pots are ok.

Terms of Use
All of my work is protected under a creative commons license. Please check the link below

Price: 20USD
(Paypal Only)

Payment must be paid in full upfront!

1. Missdevichi - Paid - Complete - Missdevichi PixelWorld
2. flyingwaysofducks - Paid - Complete - Flyingwaysofducks PixelWorld
3. Zoomutt - Paid - Complete - Zoomutt PixelWorld
4. Blueberrygoblin - Paid - Complete - Blueberrygoblin PixelWorld
5. Littlewerevamp - Paid - Complete - Littlewerevamp PixelWorld
6. Open

(Please let me know if you'd like to be contacted for open slots)

1. Mapleegg

Animated Pixel   Immonia  Comm  By Tvcranium-d9awr by Immonia
Bouncer by Tvcranium

- Like what you see? -

Edit: (6/30) and the random picker winner is 13brokenheart13! I'll note the winner! 
Hopefully I can do this next month too. 

I like to see what people have bought from me sooo rewards time.

How to Enter

Post below your initial comment as "Return Buyer Library" and I will feature it.
Reply to your own featured post with all of the commissions or adopts you have ever bought from me.

At the end of every month you will be put into a drawing and the winner gets a free piece of art from me.
(The style will be random depending on my time or interest.)


1. You need to have bought at least 3 things from me to count as a return buyer. (Adopts, Commissions, etc.)
2. If you win the raffle you can't be in the raffle pool again until you buy something new from me. I want to give other people a chance (Testing this)
3. (New) Buyers with previous long history stay in the drawing pool (even if they win) for every 3 purchases.
4. I reserve the right to cancel the month's raffle drawing if my schedule is too hectic.
5. I will note you if you have won the raffle.
6. You can link pieces from my gallery. If from an adopt sheet also include which one ahah
7. Adopts from my Adopt-Monstar account count!

Edit/ I may adjust guidelines to further reward frequent/larger re-buyers but I don't know how this will play out.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Animated Pixel   Immonia  Comm  By Tvcranium-d9awr by Immonia
Bouncer by Tvcranium

- Like what you see? -
Completed Works

[ Full/Closed ]

Offering for a Limited Time
CCCats/Esk/Chitters (Only)

You'll get something like this:
(None tile-able diamond base)

Enviro Example

Please give me an example of their size
State their environment(Can be unspecific like desert or tundra)
Small man made objects can be incorporated
No full cityscapes/man made places this time around(sorry)

Price is a sliding scale


1. AltoCaramel [ Paid - Completed ]
2. BlazingBlackMage [ Paid - Completed ]
3. MinxyBaskerville [ Paid - Completed ]

Check out my other YCH

- Like what you see? -

Finished Work

Seeking a small bouncing pixel or something smaller than 100 x 100 of my Esk Melena. I want to put it in my Esk Player Tracker - TWWM next to or above her link to her character tracker.

Melena Reference by Immonia

I'd be offering an art trade of something like this. Small with some shading.
Please post examples below if you're interested.

Gift 983 Zerucune by Immonia

I can do a small thing myself but I want to see what's out there.

- Like what you see? -
Commission me yeah?
Gray's Art Shop [Commission Info]

Completed Work

Gift 983 Zerucune by Immonia

Edit (5/14): will close requests after this journal has been in the esk group for at least a day. To my watchers thanks for being patient!


Giving away free art.
Drawing small Esk art.

Post below with their ref sheet.
Please no Esk I've drawn before.
Picking these by what I determine to be fun to draw.
Please do not get upset if you are not chosen.

Possibly drawing 3
Definitely at least 1

Post and run!
I'll bold a comment when I'm no longer taking requests.

- Like what you see? -
Commission me yeah?
Gray's Art Shop [Commission Info]

- { Melena } -

Melena Chib by Immonia
Master list: 1007

Forest Biome by Esk-Masterlist

Origin Traveler
Nature Generous
Boundary Laurel forest
Size Considerable

Species Esk
Collection Nursery MYO
Designer Immonia

Alder Buckthorn from Wiki by Immonia

Uncommon traits
Rare traits None
Nature features Alder buckthorn (Frangula alnus)

- { Reference } -

Melena Reference by Immonia

- { Total Growth Points } -

Balance 81 GP
Overall Growth 81 GP

- { Achivements } -

- { Log } -

16 July 2018 - 14 GP
8 July 2018 Bed of Leaves - 12GP
19 May 2018 Melena Pixel World - 10 GP
18 May 2018 Planting Trees - 12 GP
18 May 2018 - (Trade) - 3 GP
14 May 2018 Melena Chib - 4 GP
13 May 2018 Melena in her Element - 8 GP
12 May 2018 Friends? - 12 GP
11 May 2018 (Master list) Melena Reference - 6 GP


Alder Buckthorn image from Wiki

This is a compiled list of my YCH. Prices and more information on their individual submissions.

1. YCH: River Side [ Open ]
Esk YCH: River Side [Open] by Immonia

1. YCH: Small Wonder [ Open ]
Grem YCH: Small Wonder [Open] by Immonia

2. YCH: I'm Flying [ Open ]
Grem YCH: I'm Flying [Open] by Immonia

1. YCH: Log Sitting [ Open ]
CCCat YCH: Log Sitting  [Open] by Immonia

2. Miniaturizing Commission [ Open ]
Miniaturizing Commissions [Open] by Immonia

3. All Seeing Eye [ Open ]
CCCat YCH: All Seeing Eye [Open] by Immonia

1. YCH: Dominate [ Open ]
YCH Dominate [Open] by Immonia

2. YCH: Squawk! [ Open ]
Chitter YCH: Squawk [ Open ] by Immonia

- Like what you see? -
Commission me yeah?
Gray's Art Shop [Commission Info]
PlayerProfile Smaller by Immonia

★Player Profile★

★ Immonia(Gray) ★

Player Level
Bud (Level 5)

Aura Points
1015 AP


Melena by trieveradopts-dcbu8yy by Immonia


Seedling by Esk-Masterlist Wobble plant by Esk-Masterlist Forest friend by Esk-Masterlist Paper crane by Esk-Masterlist Branchantler Ssharp by witherlings

Forest Biome Event Participation Badge by Esk-Masterlist

★ History ★

16 July 2018: - 65 AP
16 July 2018: Littlewerevamp PixelWorld - 45 AP
13 July 2018: Blueberrygoblin PixelWorld - 75 AP
12 July 2018: Zoomutt PixelWorld - 75 AP
9 July 2018: Flyingwaysofducks PixelWorld - 75 AP
8 July 2018: Missdevichi PixelWorld - 47 AP
8 July 2018: Bed of Leaves - 35 AP
4 June 2018: AltoCaramel Pixel World - 71 AP
2 June 2018: BlazingBlackMage Pixel World - 71 AP
19 May 2018: Melena Pixel World - 36 AP
18 May 2018: Planting Trees  - 40 AP
16 May 2018: Gift 983 Zerucune - 40 AP
14 May 2018: Melena Chib - 15 AP
13 May 2018: Melena in her Element - 25 AP
12 May 2018: Friends? - 40 AP
11 May 2018: Melena Reference - 20 AP
7 May 2018: - 20 AP
7 May 2018: - 20 AP
7 May 2018: YCH Water Covered Rocks: Missdevichi - 30 AP
7 May 2018: - 20 AP
6 May 2018: - 20 AP
6 May 2018: Ghost Town Bluebells - 50 AP
4 May 2018: Around the Mountain - 50 AP
3 May 2018 : Esk YCH: River Side [Open] - 30 AP


Profile Template by @ UniverseDeer
Melena Bouncer by @ TrieverAdopts

Aveleon Masterlist
Aveleon are a closed/personal species
(Please do not make your own)

- A personal master list to keep track.
- Variants are semi-expensive to keep them with me and to sell fewer of them.
- In no rush to sell them. They are not official adopt sheets.
- Willing to sell them to contribute to paying school loans.
- All regular variants are 20USD a piece. Please ask me about them if interested.


+ Color Variant 1 +

[(All Still belong to Immonia(me)]


+ Color Variant 2 +

1. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
2. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
3. RaptorBarry


+ Color Variant 3 +

[(All Still belong to Immonia(me)]


Color Variant 4 +

[(All Still belong to Immonia(me)]


+ Color Variant 5 +

1. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
2. Still belongs to Immonia(me) NFS (Personal Character)
3. ClassicHeroine
4. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
5. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
6. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
7. Still belongs to Immonia(me) NFS (Personal Character)
8. Still belongs to Immonia(me)


+ Color Variant 6 +

1. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
2. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
3. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
4. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
5. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
6. Skelaris
7. Still belongs to Immonia(me)
8. Still belongs to Immonia(me)


+ Color Variant 7 +

[(All Still belong to Immonia(me)]


+ MYOs +

1. missDevichi - 25USD Slot
- No link to MYO/Undesigned
2. AmethystSpine - 25USD Slot
- No link to MYO/Undesigned
Over the life span of my time on DA, I've seen people with huge work lists that have wait times that span from weeks to several months. I've never had that issue so I've always been left wondering. My only thought would be that the need to intake cash for expenses was greater than their ability to produce work with the limited free time people have. I can only speculate however. ahah.

This is just my work flow in case people were looking for a new way to handle their work list.

1. I do them as soon as I get them...
- This sounds like a no brainer but here me out. Stuff pops up that will be unexpected which will stall or prolong the completed piece. When I take on a commission I know for the most part I have time in that instance and I work on it as much as I can before a break. This is instead of logging off and walking away to do something miscellaneous because eventually life happens.

2. I never take on more than 2-3 things at any given time.
- This is work overall from trades to commissions to free work. If my work list is always small I'm more enticed to finish my list. I'm not mentally overwhelmed with a huge list floating over my head. 

3. I don't immediately take on another commission if a spot opens up
- While it's still within my 2-3 cap. Being totally overworked is not good either. It doesn't feel like I'm ever done/complete so I wait until my list is 100% clear before I add something new to my list. This gives me the flexibility to offer something new or devote my time to another project or an unexpected life situation.

4. I never start a new project if one is already partially done.
- Mentally, I'll feel less likely to come back to something old. I want to do the newest thing when it's still fresh in my mind in excitement. Unless it's a design commission ahah I send drafts so I sometimes have to wait for edits. However, so I'm not twiddling my thumbs I'm working on another piece but anyways...I'm not good at juggling too many projects at one time. I can do it but I'm more efficient if I plow through one at a time.

5. I offer commissions that I know I can finish quickly.
- Microsoft Paint for the most part allows me to finish work within a few hours or so without breaks. I always give myself a safety net of 3 days after I start a piece to a commissioner. I normally finish within the same day I start but life sometimes happens. Any deadline you think it takes to complete, multiply it by two or three to give you break room in case something goes wrong. Then when you finish it exactly when you say it seems like you did something quickly.
6. I Finish as quick as I can.
- Thankfully I always have a self motivation to draw so I don't worry about the laziness setting in. The longer I hold a project the more likely procrastination might step in. Which is a NIGHTMARE for your work list. This mostly happens to me for self projects since no one is waiting for them and it's not paid work.

7. I price my commissions for what I think is worth my time.
- I'm less likely to draw anything that will swamp me for time if I'm not getting at least minimum wage or a starting job per/hr rate. The reward for me is cash I can pay directly to school loans or miscellaneous fees so I need to make it worth my time. If I know something is going to take me at least 3hrs to do, I'm not going to price it at 8USD. I'm better off working at a steady job at least then I'm guaranteed $$/hr = Between 24USD-30USD (For a 3hr shift).

This is just how I work. I'm not making this a guideline for people. I just wanted to show you guys in case any of this helps for your own work flows.

Animated Pixel   Immonia  Comm  By Tvcranium-d9awr by Immonia

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Check out my art journal!

Bouncer by tvcranium

Edit: 3/2 - CLOSED

Taking these until the month is over. All are 12USD per commission.

PSD Headshot
Art Trade IAmTheSTIG101 by Immonia Headshot TDLBallistic by Immonia Taste of Summer by Immonia

MSP Mini Flat
(May come with a little shading)

Chubby Grubber by Immonia Art Trade Protazky by Immonia Art Trade Iisande by Immonia

1 Random Adopt
I design you a random adopt based on your do's and/or don'ts

Buyer's Agreement
(You automatically agree to these terms after purchase regarding my adopts)
Adopts FAQ
(Questions regarding my adopts)

12USD for 1
(Buy 3 for 30USD)
(Buy 6 for 50USD)

Design Sheet Commish Mels by Immonia Design Sheet Commish FR Valka by Immonia Design Sheet Commish Ghoul-bat by Immonia

Animated Pixel   Immonia  Comm  By Tvcranium-d9awr by Immonia

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Bouncer by tvcranium

Forever seeking art of my Chitters. Anyone want to art trade?
Mostly seeking art of Kolune and Century but eh

Looking for art of these guys.
Kolune Ref by Immonia Thorin's Reference by Immonia Century's Reference by Immonia Nori Reference by Immonia

Offering PSD headshots around this size.
Headshot TDLBallistic by Immonia Taste of Summer by Immonia Headshot MinxyBaskerville by Immonia

Trades in Process
1. Closed
2. Closed

Trades Completed
1. IAmTheSTIG101 - My Half Complete - Art Trade IAmTheSTIG101
Their Half - Thorin - Immonia AT

2. StrawberryOverlord - My Half Complete - Art Trade StrawberryOverlord
Their half - .:TRADE:. Fearful Chitter

3. Pathogenss - My Half Complete - Art Trade Pathogenss
Their Half - Luck?

4. TrieverAdopts - My Half Complete - Art Trade TrieverAdopts
Their Half -……

Animated Pixel   Immonia  Comm  By Tvcranium-d9awr by Immonia

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Bouncer by tvcranium

"mid-life" Not really a "crisis"

I'm starting to not enjoy the style I do in MSP. I need to figure out something new. It's still good for my adopt account because it's fast but in my overall gallery I'm not happy with the work that's being produced. I feel like I hit a wall that I can't pass. It's definitely how it's being drawn and I don't know what to try.

I still like how I do environments but something in my general character work is lacking. Maybe show me other pixel art styles? I want A - LOT. Help me?

It can be from games, DA artist, outside DA artists...anything...

I'm super familar with koolaid-girl. ahah so don't show me their work. If you don't know them already definitely give them a look.

Animated Pixel   Immonia  Comm  By Tvcranium-d9awr by Immonia

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Bouncer by tvcranium

Name brand = designer deviant's names you always see on people's wishlists haha

I've been designing for years and I still haven't gotten on the "designs by these artists" lists

I do a lot of lower quick designs on my adopt account so I think that might dilute my credibility? Haha while these designs are not meant to be HQ I do make it a priority for them to be unique, presentable, baseless and affordable for the average consumer. Adopt-Monstar

I think my new year's resolution will be to get on people's sought after designer's lists.
It's something to shoot for personally. ahah More HQ one-offs are going to become a thing on this account.


Animated Pixel   Immonia  Comm  By Tvcranium-d9awr by Immonia

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Bouncer by tvcranium

Edit: I was planning on deleting this but weighing the pros and cons, I've decided to leave this up. This is to minimize future journals similar to this and there is a lot of good feedback in the comments section. Very proud of my watchers for not throwing shade around.

If you still support Trump. Stop watching me. Stop watching me now. His unprofessional, bully like, and immature speech is completely disrespectful and a bad representation of us as a country.

He encourages people to harass and bully others on a state wide/Country scale. He brings out the most violent and toxic people and then says "Whatabout" without talking about the topic at hand. He encourages our youth and people to do middle school/immature level bullying that they cover with freedom of speech.

This man is dangerous still calling all news fake. He's getting us close to nuclear war with north Korea by calling their leader immature names.

I do not see any reason to be surrounded by watchers who support his "insult" and "dodge" tactics and can't answer any question with a straight answer without going "what about."

Overall he's bringing out the worst in people. Who only like him in office because he makes people mad and you get to gloat? That's not the kind of president that brings people together if you like to rub stuff in people's faces?

He is a danger to me. To my friends. Stop watching me if you still love this president.

Animated Pixel   Immonia  Comm  By Tvcranium-d9awr by Immonia

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Bouncer by tvcranium

Edit (12/23): Both winner's prizes have been loaded into the DA scheduled submitter. Hopefully it uploads them properly. For the main winner all of the prizes will trickle out from 7am - 9am PST on the 25th. The schedule submitter had some weird 3 pieces cap for the same day in the same hour. I wasn't able to give out random additional prizes due to my lack of free time to sit and draw. However, thank you so much to everyone who entered!

Giving away art. Christmas special.
All you've got to do is post up to 3 characters max and on Christmas morning 25th Dec one lucky person will receive a bunch of art on Christmas of the character(s) they posted. I'll be closing this on the 15th.

For the winner: I might draw just one of the same character that was posted or all of the ones you posted in a random amount. You'll at least get one piece of art. I'll be picking by which character(s) will be fun to draw. Less complex designs are favored.

I've got the timer thing on DA so I won't have to physically post them on December 25th morning.

Share the journal to enter for a chance to win a mini flat.
You can enter both but you can only win once.

Animated Pixel   Immonia  Comm  By Tvcranium-d9awr by Immonia

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Bouncer by tvcranium

Anyone want one of these? 12USD a pop. I'm fast with these so they'd be great for that random art winter gift. I need to fill the holes in my pockets I spent on family gifts OTL
Art Trade Iisande by Immonia Art Trade CandyChameleon by Immonia Mini Flat MinxyBaskerville by Immonia

15USD for more high detail/marking characters like this
MSP Mini Flat Klaxxi-va by Immonia Fabulous Squatter by Immonia Mini Flat Wandrojan by Immonia Art Trade Protazky by Immonia

Feel free to note me if it's a gift.

1. wandrojan [Finished: Paid]
2. MinxyBaskerville [Finished: Paid]
3. Open
4. Endless slots Until the end of DEC

Animated Pixel   Immonia  Comm  By Tvcranium-d9awr by Immonia

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Bouncer by tvcranium

Important for guys.
I stumbled across an old journal while attempting to clean up my old ones. This is still relevant today so I thought I'd share it again for new followers. It's a very well written and though out journal from a women's perspective how to best approach a woman in public. As the title explains "Guide to Approaching Strange Woman Without Being Maced"

Here is the direct article Link…

My Original Journal with my experience with guys approaching me…


MORE STories

So recently I've had two encounters with odd guys. I normally hate going out unless I'm with other people. When I go out alone, I get hit on and I HATE IT. Lots of random instances over my lifetime. Not to mention I'm already in a stable/safe/happy relationship. I hate having to have the feeling to tether my boyfriend to me.

I went to a kid friendly bar/bowling alley/arcade/restaurant (Yeah the place is pretty darn awesome) with my visiting relatives and family. Kid friendly but lots of adults and people around the "bar." I was with my aunt waiting for my other aunt to return from the bathroom. We were around the bar area and I was face first in my phone. Out of my peripherals I see this guy. He literally stops in front of me and my aunt, looks at me and walks past. THEN comes back to look two seconds later and then walks away.

I think this guy is gone so I put my phone away. SURPRISE! He comes back. He's standing super close to my aunt and he's holding out his hand to me palm out like "Give me cash" He doesn't say ANYTHING. Both my aunt and me stare at him waiting for him to say something. After a few painful seconds he moves closer, hand still out, still saying nothing and smiling. Fricken what?

I want this guys to leave or say something. I finally take his hand and shake it. He mumbles "hello" and then leaves. I still think he was trying to get cash. He was dressed like a hipster and he didn't smell bad so I don't think he was homeless...but what?


Separate incident. Went to a healthy market with my mother. A guy shoots past us in the isle. Not really looking at anything. I browse the snack isle without parental unit and up pops the guy. Instantly makes me feel uncomfortable because he's behind my back in the narrow isle supposedly looking at the shelf on the other side. I immediately leave the isle to hover around my mom. A few seconds later he pops up in the isle and goes "Just looking at the chips!" He didn't seem to be buying anything or taking anything from the shelves. I give the word to leave to my mom and we go. People are weird.

TLDR; Read that article.

Monstar by tvcranium by Immonia

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Bouncer by tvcranium

This year I've been getting random notes from people to work on concept arts for games. Quite a few that I've had to turn down. Anyone else notice this?

I'm really going to have to set some ground rules and use some sort of actual contract to hold them by. While this is flattering I've had poor experience with this overall in my career as an artist and rigger. This is in regards to artwork not rigging though.

1. If you want my assistance it needs to be a paid gig only
-I can't afford free work + the time it takes to devote to it.
-This will compensate me if troubles or canceled projects arise(I had a handful of these in my field)
-I expect to be paid the full amount and upfront. I can't be limited to a new developer's budget. If you want my help, my fees must be part of your budget.

2. I can't take a promise of portfolio work as payment
-Early develop - Almost never finished
-LONG developing times
-Projects get stalled for a lengthy time and then canceled
-None of my work gets used because canceled = thus can't use for portfolio or work example

3. I don't know you. I don't know if you'll take off and steal my work.
- Contract will be set in motion. People are going to need to sign a real digital document. Will need to find a good one.
- Thankfully I've taken only one project that was through DA over the handful I've gotten. It was a paid gig.
-The others were from legit places or people I know in person.

4. Use proper grammar, punctuation, and watch your tone. If all they get is one note, the way you present yourself is very important.
-Poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling reads as = you are not mature enough, not serious about the work and you are sloppy.
-Red flag right away

5. Overall. Be polite and don't be rude.
-In this industry, you can have all the talent in the world but if you have a poor attitude and personality: you will not work in it long, people will avoid you, and make mental notes to not want to work with you.
-You work on projects for a long period of time. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a nasty person for months at a time. Like being: trapped on a night flight with a screaming toddler the whole way

I normally let people know if they have offended me or have been rude to me. They can't learn if they don't know why. Some people need an explanation. I just make sure I'm still polite about it.
I don't ignore most comments.

Monstar by tvcranium by Immonia

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Bouncer by tvcranium

Edit: 12/2

Winner of the design custom is: TrieverAdopts
I had a really hard time choosing among 3 entries.

I'll be drawing up a draft for your concept either later today or tomorrow.
You get a standard design custom that comes in a format with a plain background, side view and profile face drawing. Similar to this without the name.

Alerox Reference by Immonia

Winner of the mini MSP flat is: Klaxxi-va
As chosen by randomizer ->

Please contact me in a note with who you want done.

Thanks to all who entered!


I need creative things to do.
November seems to be the month people don't want to buy art haha. Saving for the Holidays.

So I'm giving away 1 free design custom from me.

Here is how to enter:
1. Comment below with your design aesthetics/design idea
2. I choose someone next Saturday 2nd Dec
3. There must be at least 3 people entered OTL Because it's not much of a contest with 1-2 people

1. Share this journal and enter to win a free small MSP flat
2. You can enter in both raffles but you can only win once
3. At least 2 people must share this journal for this to qualify

:iconcryforeverplz: I don't have much luck with raffles/contests ahaha

Monstar by tvcranium by Immonia

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Bouncer by tvcranium