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Taring Out

I'm ruined guys. I think this is how I'm going to be drawing when I draw for fun/myself. OTL I'll never be able to draw cleanly again. Maybe I'll be able to tie in clean drawing and this free draw style at some point. However, just now..I'm ruined(We'll see if it's for the better or not).

Short hair is a go for Rosh! -thumbs up-
Cue cliche alien thing XD

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Like what you see? Commission me, yeah?…

This is a closed species
Character, species and Art by me! - [Gray]
Microsoft paint and tablet
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Omg, you drew this in MS Paint?!
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Haha yeah. Most of my gallery are MSP works.
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I don't mind, I like this style of yours, makes it look extra dynamic. And yay for the short hair version! /o/
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It does doesn't it -contemplates- Thanks Tom e ue
YEAH! / e Ie/
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the fact you do this all in MS paint is like holy shit and amazing It's so breathtaking and your scenes great <3
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Aww thanks man :) Really appreciate it!
Glad you like the MSP
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