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Spooky Adopts 1 [1/5 Open]

This is a smaller file. Original file can be given after payment.
Apologies if it's too small. This scale is 1024 wide

Edit(10/18/21): 3 left still up for grabs!

Spooky adopts.
Posting and I'll reply to any comments in the morning.
Please remember to check my adopt FAQ and Buyer's agreement linked below.

Price: 20USD Each

1. @NoireNambu - Paid
4. Closed - Paid
5. Starryfeathers - Trade Complete

Buyer's Agreement
You automatically agree to these terms after purchase

Adopt FAQ

- Like what you see? -
Commission me yeah?
Gray's Art Shop [Commission Info]

Design and Art by me - Immonia

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I don't feel comfortable selling you anymore designs. Sorry about that.

Stubbornkizer's avatar

Ok no problem I have the money now but ok I guess

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ooohh!!! Can I grab #3 please? :>

Immonia's avatar

Sure can. Can you note me your paypal info so I can send you an invoice?

awrymaw's avatar

Sent you a PM!

NoireNambu's avatar

I'd like to purchase number 1 please!

Immonia's avatar

Righto, please note me your paypal info and I'll send you an invoice!

RaveMunch's avatar

If the other person doesn't end up purchasing #4, I'd love to get them :> I have the money ready to go

Immonia's avatar

Just letting you know #4 sold

Thanks for the interest!

RaveMunch's avatar

Not a problem! Thank you for letting me know :>

Immonia's avatar
Stubbornkizer's avatar

I'd like to buy 3,4 and 5.

This Wednesday I get paid and I'll pay 30 for n04 and come back for the rest the following Wednesday

Immonia's avatar

I don't do holds as it's not fair for people with cash on hand to pay.

All of these adopts are 20USD so no need to send 30 for one of them.

If you're fine with buying #4 now please note me your paypal info so I can send you an invoice.

Stubbornkizer's avatar

Send me a message on chat please

Immonia's avatar

I sent you a note. I prefer notes for organizational purposes

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if 3 isnt snatched in a few days ill be back 👀 (also are you open for commissions or no?)

Immonia's avatar

Nice nice sounds good!

I am not. I open them randomly in the form of a pop-up journal.

Gkcalphawolf's avatar

I am obsessed w number 4! I'll come back in a couple of days if they aren't snatched yet :))

Immonia's avatar

Ahh thanks glad you like the design! Sounds good

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