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Reptillian Saber [OTA] by Immonia Reptillian Saber [OTA] by Immonia

Another one off.
I went with more of a Monster Hunter Style in design. I absolutely adore the monsters in that game. I've been playing the monster hunter stories game non stop. It's a great little intro to some of the monsters in the original game. I've always been somewhat interested in the games but never played any of them because you have to kill the monsters ahah. I might get the new one coming if you can ride them.

This is not an auction
- There is no set deadline.
- This will only close when I find an offer I like or someone does the autobuy.
- Please do not link me large stashes/toyhouses that I need to sift through if it's 50% stuff I don't want as listed under the price category for HQ one-offs

Buyer's Agreement
On purchase you automatically agree to the terms and that you have read and understand them
-> <-

My Adopt FAQ

-++ Price ++-

Mainly looking for cash
(At least half of AB if cash only)(May not guarantee accepted if it's minimum cash requirement alone)

HQ One-offs - ( Highly Picky )
No generic(emo/sparkle/hipster)dogs/wolves - No ponies - No generic animal - No humans in main body form - No under 5USD adopts - No Traditionally Drawn Designs - No fandom adopts

ONLY Looking at HQ-One offs or Chitters
(Higher tier CS - CCCats or Grems are the only other CS I will look at. Otherwise please do not link me CS)

Weakness for Chittercidas

AutoBuy: 50USD Paypal Only

Commission Info
Like what you see? Commission me, yeah?

Art and design by me/Gray
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December 25, 2017
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