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Reclaimed Gene by Immonia Reclaimed Gene by Immonia

Aveleon are a closed/personal species
(Please do not make your own)

I wanted to expand the Reclaimed gene. This gene is dominate on Aveleon who have the myth sized wings. Only 10 ever exist with wings longer than the torso.

The reclaimed gene is a disease that appears as hardened scales all over the body and small growths on horns. They are heavy when fully developed and can be very uncomfortable and painful to the host. They can tighten affected skin under the scales and restrict movement if grown in bad locations on the body. The growths start light over the original scales and can be peeled off without damaging original scales. After a second stage affected scales need to be removed. Once they are a decent size they must be surgically removed. Extensive coverings of the disease are deemed too dangerous to remove.

Another strain of the disease effects the host's horns. If left too long on the body, it restricts the horn growth and can make them grow thin and twisted like tree branches. It can split horns and sometimes make horns grow out from odd or multiple locations.

Growth can be maintained with careful grooming and constant movement to flake them off. Most of the Aveleon who have them can't do much movement because they don't want to damage their wings(No they can't fly on these wings). Long winged Aveleon are treated like celebrities so it would be social suicide to ruin them. Assisted grooming is normally the option for them. Some have turned it into a style to selectively let some areas grow. They can't get too carried away with style because extensive growth can imprison them in heavy and painful scales (Full time assisted living.)

The reclaimed gene is a centuries old disease which effected all Aveleon in old times. Aveleon were nomadic winged creatures that were considered magical fairy folk. Eventually they picked up a sickness which made many Aveleon settle. It targeted the wings and spread throughout the body. Flight made the sickness spread faster so it grounded both the healthy and the sick. In dramatic situations, wings were clipped to prevent being infected and to curb the disease. Modern day Aveleon don't need to worry about this disease spreading.

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Character, art and design by me/Gray
Elyzalea Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really interesting :)
Immonia Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Student General Artist
Thanks. I got a lot of inspiration after I drew the first one that I had to flesh it out.
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