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After listening to TTL Deep Shadow for a few hours, I produced this. I don't know if I quite got the effect I wanted. Plus I'm not sure if I like the split where the text is. It makes the torso look super long when I only cut it and moved the body parts in different directions. It's not nearly as epic as I pictured it in my head. Every artists life story. You can never draw what you see in your head.

Anyways. This is a concept for my Tainted Adarah species(Armor Beasts)
These are super rare and a super closed species. Sorry guys but I'm keeping the power player to myself because they'll get abused in so many ways. I'm not entirely sold on the base armor quite yet. However, this person's armor changes each time it comes out so it doesn't really matter.

Alrighty, let's explain what a Tainted Adarah is or Rosh as they're named. Developed and bred by scientist Emmit Rosh they were made in order to not have to spend hundreds of credits on armor and material. The sister species of Adarah that are anthro, also rebel too much so they wanted a species that did what they were told without question. Efficient killers, body gaurds and fighters. They're expensive to make and are very hard to come by. This is the only Rosh in existence right now as they are testing out the proto type. So far it's filled out everything that was required of it and then some.

Rosh has no name and no gender. Which means no gender defining anything. However, their build looks male. They age at a normal rate, physically, until they hit 24 and stop. They can not reproduce on their own and live for eternity. They can however die but not by natural means. They have to be killed fighting or by murder(however, they are not considered real people so it doesn't count as murder).

Like mentioned above, Rosh can develop their own armor. It comes from within so it feels like the equivalent to something exploding from your skin all over your body. So think ripping and tearing like the hulk and his shirts. Just faster and Rosh can feel everything. With armor producing, they don't need to phase their whole body. They can control which body parts receive the armor so if they want to strangle someone with an armored hand, they'll do it. Since they produce their armor for everything/so frequently, they are not phased by death and pain. It still hurts like a living hell but they are not concerned by torture threats or anything that threatens their lives..That being said, they'll rush in recklessly unfearing and ready to crunch some skulls in. This intimidates a lot of people because the eyes are angry, soulless and lifeless.

This species is the perfect killer. They'll do their job and they'll do it right, no matter the cost or what they did to get there. If you don't specify and be super specific on what you want/don't want, they'll sacrifice an entire town if it means goal met. They don't care who they're talking to or who gets in their way. If the owner never said to respect said person or people, they will do no such thing. A Rosh has an intense stare and will make direct eye contact when speaking. This unnerves, so a lot of people tell them to advert their eyes or keep their head down. They have no pride or feel shame so this just comes off as a normal thing or an odd thing to the Rosh that doesn't get humans.

Unlike their anthro counterparts, Rosh can switch to beast mood. They go completely quad and are the color of what ever their bodies are. This Rosh is blue so that's the form color it will take. This also hurts like oblivion and is only used when raw power or speed is needed.

Like I said earlier, this will probably be the only Rosh in existence and if I do make any more, they'll most likely stay with me because I don't trust a lot of people to handle these bad boys in an appropriate manner, draw them or generally want so many floating around unchecked. All Rosh are named Rosh so no names are required.

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This is a closed species
Character, species and Art by me! - [Gray]
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