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Rare Variation by Immonia Rare Variation by Immonia

Aveleon are a closed/personal species
(Please do not make your own)

For this test I wanted to experiment with some rare traits they might have. I may keep the last one as an official thing and maybe the "blind" horn eye one. These are not adopts.

1. Tried a whisp/fire variant. I don't think this would work ahah it looks cool though
2. I tried something where the eye would be magic and pops up on horns. Multiple eyes can spawn. I like the idea of this one because they could be ancient ones or something.
3. Horns sprouting out of the eye sockets. I could mesh 2 and 3 together but I don't know
4. I wanted to play with some luminescent markings. This one was more probable for me.
5. This one was another no eyes thing. The hair grows rampant over the face. I like the thought but probably won't use it.
6. The last one has a mix between a wing variant that is very rare and is already a trait. The new thing I tried was a reclaimed trait with nature growing out of the body. I may use this design as official but would probably only give this reclaimed trait to the ones with the mythical dead wings.

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Character, art and design by me/Gray
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