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Double Standards

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Poor girl. I just hope she doesn’t commit suicide because of all the bullying aimed towards her.:( :(

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This makes me so sad,  I just want to hug, like, doesn't deserve that shit. :c 
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now that i think about it, the worst part is that the only people who don't think this think that he's a "typical male pig" and she's a "sexually liberated female"
Am I the only one who thinks it's the girls that are slut-shaming her?
KaiyaSilverthorn's avatar
The guy seems to get that there's a double-standard. He seems like he's just playing along and is internally thinking "um, guys, why are you all acting this way, this is weird, stop", but maybe that's just my reading of his facial expression.

I want to hug the girl, though. Poor dear. :(
Dragonrider1227's avatar
Accurate. To take this another step further, had she said no, everyone would then call her a "prude" so, she couldn't win
ImdaBatman's avatar
The human race never fails to disgust me. I for one would congratulate a girl for getting laid just as much as I would congratulate a guy.
Powerhouse411's avatar
Depressingly true. Someone needs to give the poor girl a hug! >_<
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This is the funniest thing I've seen all day XD
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I'm loving the fist bump.
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Hit the nail on the head, there.
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wow, sad but very true.
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