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The Day God Give Woman a Soul

By immanuel
Is not God kind of like a mad scientist who in his heavenly laboratory created the world - some things with better success than others...

Funny that such a godless person like me is interested in religion.
In a way that title MAKES the piece because a needle in the eye in itself is not very original.

At the beginning of this year I visited Tallinn with a friend and that instrument came home wíth me...have you ever seen anything quite so meanlooking?

Thanks for the models!!!!
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I'll stick with glasses.

NightshadeLies's avatar
I think that's a jet injector. Uses pressurized gas, I think. Ouch.
immanuel's avatar
No gas. Its for animals.
How is this giving women souls? I'm really confused by this pic, please explain.
cave-baby's avatar
I've seen those, moreover I've been injected by those every day for a year when I was 3, although not in the eye. Ah, the good old Soviet days... Love your peace very much!
artyom2013's avatar
Umm... That's a little disturbing...was it a test or a vaccination?
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BlazBlood's avatar
i agree what god
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splatartist's avatar
cool but it kinda makes my eye hurtLOL
Found this hilarious, not sure why, just couldnt stop laughing, nice.
Egg-Salad's avatar
Evil and twisted with a nice touch of fetish. Like! Very much!
Outer frame is silly but the picture is manly enough to handle it.
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AllelujahLOUISE's avatar
Awesome Concept
SirAlucard19's avatar
This stuff sux :-L how many atheists and religion mocker motherfuckers are out there?
TomWilcox's avatar
Over the past 2 months I have had 2 injections with a hypodermic needle straight into my left eyeball, no lie. Sure, they put a gel on the eyeball to deaden the pain but still. :-(

Had to tell you this. :-)
immanuel's avatar
Put why?????????
TomWilcox's avatar
The blood vessels in the back of my eye stopped getting blood and have thickened. My vision from that eye is very distorted. The medicine they inject is also used to shrink tumors in colon cancer patients. They hope it will reduce the raised portion at the back of the eye. :-(

The second injection was really bad, I don't think they waited long enough for the deading gel to work. :-(
immanuel's avatar
Oh no. I hope all works in the end! Sorry for my image :/
TomWilcox's avatar
No, a great image. I enjoyed it. I just had to pass on my story. :-)
DrawerZZ's avatar
Indeed, it's a great image.

Just, good luck in the eye. :)
Fire-Flies's avatar
when i saw this my eye tingled and i started getting a strange twitch in my spine

this picture is powerful
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