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Eros and Thanatos

By immanuel
Sex and death is not that what life and art is all about?

If the lips look familiar, they belong to Jenni (suzie9mm). It´s funny that this is the first picture of her in my gallery concidering that she was the one who asked me to join deviantart ;) Thanks for your lips dear!
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When the pistol returns to the holster, the holster is sure to notice the lipstick stains.  
But she already had her suspicions when the gunsight was filed down.  For easy insertion or removal. 
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Those who flirt with death...
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her aim got better
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Making suicide sexy.
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Great concept, like in so much of your work.
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Oddly arousing. Everything already said.
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Reminds me of a shoot in the 70's featuring Erica gavin. Very nice!
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Nice pic btw in greek eros means love and thanatos means death wich brings this picture tohether :D
i used to work with a group of magicians called the illuminates of thanateros. i really admire your work
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oh,and i forgot,eros doesn't mean sex,well,not in that way(you can call eros the act of making love to someone,not sex),it is like passionate love,but only for romantic love,not love like,say,to my dog :XD:
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lovely lips:giggle:
and it has a greek name yeee
i like this picture, i used this picture in a wallpaper i made, i hope that is ok, if not let me know. here is the link [link]
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Very well done. One little error and the whole picture would have folded into parody. This is stark, disturbing, and ultimately a beautiful work of art.
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you have great gallery and this is one of your best shot :)
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