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CCCP by immanuel CCCP by immanuel
Here's a picture i took today... I think it's one of my best portraits.

To those idiots whom think i'm nazi 'cause i posted ss uniform pics. to my gallery. I have to say i'm not a communist either! Sorry ;)
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StyleLessClown Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Despite the fact that i'm russian, i don't like our uniform, but i really like ss uniform.

Don't you speak russian a little?
Gullscream Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
Nice !
AtheosEmanon Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Very beautiful comrade.
synthase Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
I want that hat.
TheBrokenToast Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009  Student General Artist
can i use this picture?
ill link it back and credit you >.<
immanuel Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009
No, sorry.
Asparges Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
i love soviet uniform .3
good shot!
KeremGo Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
beautiful shot!
rotefahne Featured By Owner May 18, 2009
Very beautiful portrait!

I wouldn't mind living under the USSR if all the girls were as beautiful as that... haha
KSLM Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
This is perfect! :omg:
titanlordx Featured By Owner May 24, 2008
not a commie!! you would make a very beautiful comrade:)
immanuel Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2008
I am an anti-communist.
My granfather fight 3 wars against that ideology :(
titanlordx Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
oh, that stinks. well your still really pretty.
GoD-Soviet Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2007
wow, how cute Soviet Soldier :D
MrHellz Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2007  Professional General Artist
yes.. it is the best! .. nice shot! pretty smile captured
EmptySpiral1283 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2007
Pretty picture
Chhaya-Moon Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2006  Student
Very nice. I'd love to know where you got the uniform. I want one.
Ivonin Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Great pic, I actually added it to my favs.

Just out of interest, where did you manage to get the uniform from?
The-Necromancer Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
a most lovely picture. I've been trying to get one of those hats for a long time now. Alas, I have had to divert money to more pressing things...

you have beautiful eyes.
AN602ZAR Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I found the same hat on a flea market a few months ago
20171206 182914
jeylina Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2005  Professional General Artist
fav for my love of communism, the pretty smile and green eyes!!!! :kiss:
M-Thomson Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2005
Communist or not, it's a very charming photograph. The tipping of your hat makes it look all the more interesting.
UndeadWolf Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2005
sweet photo!
RedRising Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
awesome picture, cute girl, i like the contrast between the aged looking background and the person herself. Don't let the people knock you for your pictures. Who cares if theres a picture of a person in an SS uniform or a CCCP uniform. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Americans and Canadians are guilty for many of the things the SS was gulity for. We called theirs Death Camps while we called ours Internment Camps. The Americans also destroyed 2 cities with Nuclear weapons. Just cause we won the war doesnt mean our indescretions should be hidden under the carpet. A Nazi is just a man doing his job. I bet a lot of Allied soldiers could have been good friends with German/Japanese soldiers under different conditions so lets not degrade them just because they were the enemy.
ddxt301 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2004  Student Interface Designer
I love the fact that communist armies have alot of mixed sexes , keeps the morale up doesnt it ;)
immanuel Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004
Nazis love my ss uniform pictures and communist love my cccp pictures and i hate nazis and communits ;)
Thanks for the comments and sorry my bad english!
BlueAle Featured By Owner May 25, 2004
Convert to communism.. :)

nah, that's cute, where did you get the uniform, though? :/
Von-Richthofen Featured By Owner May 24, 2004
God, I hate communism.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -----------------------"Lucha por la supervivencia de la raza Aria"
immanuel Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009
And I hate nazis and Communism :(
Tawnya Featured By Owner May 16, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nyet, she is Russian looking enough. ;)

She is cute! Probably a Muskovite no? She is awailable for date no? ;)

Well, if you like "Russian vimmen"... [link] [link]

There are some *ahem* "Adult" 100% Ruski links I can give however I do not think DA would appreciate that. ;) You can email me for addresses of some 100% Russian adult sites and see for yourself if this young lady is "Russian Enough". *smirks*

Sign this Podpolkovnik Tawnya Cherininko
Sovietski Spetsialnoe Naznachenie (Ret), Kommander v CCCP Valentina Tereshkova NCC-1840
jestercat Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2004  Student
how can u look or not look russian? :wtf: i dun get it..russian men wear red lipstick?? haha jk.

i liek the colors.. and how deh eyes match the uniform, very nice :3
communism Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2004
This is a very nice portrait that reflects the beauty of Communism and equality. I would like to give you an honorary membership to ~communism even if you do not support Communism. Your work shows great clarity and beauty and I feel it would be best to do this for you, however, you are free to decline my offer.

I do feel that this piece deserves to be displayed on the ~communism DeviantART website via a favourite. I would also like to ask your permission to use this work in an upcoming website that is located off of DeviantART as well. Please reply with a confirmation. :)
orleck Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2004   Photographer
Wow, this really caught my attention, beautifully done!
devillo Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
She looks lovely. Call me weird, but I love attractive (well, not just supermodels, normal gals etc) ladies in military gear. She contrasts the cold militarian force of the uniform by cocking the hat, looking incredibly cute and sweet, and she has a playful nature while wearing garb of opression and horror. Not that Im getting at the USSR or anything.... *sarcastic look*
elvishame Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2003
hey forget about "you dont look russian" comments. i was born in ussr, and i live in Russia now. and i can tell you one thing: you looks very sovietish on this portrait. your pose gives atmosphere of 80-th in ussr. nice. :)
munki Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2003
a nazi comunist... weeeee Soviesky Sayous ... kewl me digs this.... I like yer stuff.. keep it coming
lord-zany Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2003
i agree with the first comment though, you dont look much russion.
but the portrait is actually pretty good. and whoever it is is kind of hot. O_o
paindrop Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2003   Photographer
I do think she has the russian look. or maybe the sovjet look.

great portrait anyway. you made it look very genuine.
yuenqi Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2003
I like your collection :) It's great to use them in photography.

Anyway, this is a sweet portrait. Her smile is so warm.
drsmith Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003
I am not a communist ;)
LadyGhostDuchess Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Honey this turned out really great, very nice. I think you should go with the red l,ipstick like it was said eariler. I think it would bring it out alot. I like this though
ahrinem Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, lovely description. =p
Gorgeous photo anyway. ;)
sfmoe Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003  Professional Photographer
womder if i can get uniforms like that over here.... hmmm ... this is an awesome portrait ..kind of an invitation feeling to it ... come have a drink with me
kapellan Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003   Photographer
great! :)
craniac Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003   Photographer
"You vish to come up and see my samovar, comrade?"

Lovely portrait. Nice composition and pose. The top/shirt she is wearing doesn't quite fit with the hat though. Still a cool photo though.
xandershanks Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003
niiice portrait...good comp and wonderful focus..
mr-morgue Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003   Traditional Artist


great portrait.i like her somewhat old fashioned look in the eye and good work as always!

arwenita Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
wow :D gorgeous, beautiful, splendid :love:
dont pay attention, art doesnt need justification :heart:
Pixelcoma Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003

Like the description... ;)

Looking forward to more...

Cheers, Cliff :jester:
willowy Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2003
A good portrait, she's really pretty and you captured that very well!
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