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Well first of all thank you DeviantArt!! I still can`t believe I have my first daily deviation… ! I`m so happy thank you everyone for support, comments favs :excited: This is a huge honour for me.. and I`m very proud that my most popular work on deviantart is written in my maternal language, Romanian. I really can`t express my gratitude with words.
Meanwhile, I`ve sort of redesigned my personal site with a random ideea I had. Now it says "me" all over the place.

:iconbumbac100:  Great t-shirt designs!


Haha...remember when there was no "friends widget" and we used to put all our friends icons in our journals? That was cute ^_^

:iconimmah: Curequi says hi! /^._.^
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Just as the title says. They are available only this week so if you want a t-shirt from Bumbac100 well... hurry up!!

Otherwise, I don`t have much to say. My computer makes me wanna pour my milky coffee all over its drunken butt ( I don`t know what he did last night that ne needs a 20 minute startup repair). This bloody cold weather is, by tradition, killing me and making me wish I was somewhere in Guatemala; my freezed brain still does not proceed the idea of Nijikon so I have no merchandise so far and I am stalling.

It was brought to my attention that the eight book of Harry Potter might come out to the light so if anyone has more information about this lease let me know.
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Tombola Bumbac100!

Mon Jul 26, 2010, 1:55 AM

Tricouri gratuite pe Bumbac100 toata lumea!!!! :D Mai sunt doar doua saptamani! Castiga un tricou alb cu orice vrei tu imprimat pe el (yor artwork, a text message, the playboy logo, obama logo, a llama, a picture with you and your sweetheart by the river, monalisa - anything!)…

Poti sa urmaresti update-urile Bumbac100 direct de pe DeviantArt aici -> :iconbumbac100:
Or click and enjoy

Ok, gata cu reclama-llama! :D
Well, I have nothing to declare today, no new stuff, holidays are great and summer almost becomes endurable. I`ve recently rediscovered the magic of acrylic paint (… - that was and still is my old high-school bag, Pintea the Second )
I have many plans left to be done, the most important would be to find a good subject for the license. Does anyone have any idea of what can you make in the final license project in Graphic Design? Any examples maybe? I`m a confused child in this college - ok that`s my share of nonsense for today, hope to have something smarter next time.
Bye bye!

:woohoo:Design-urile mele de pe Bumbac100

Trick and treatWalkin the ostrich
My little cowboyCine d� de b�ut?
One night stand miracleBunners
F�nic� pozândHe said...
Ipostaze ale unui �ofer modernThoughts in the wind
PasaroiWaiting to hatch
How dinosaurs disappearedowlicious!
Steampunk generation

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Fri Jun 18, 2010, 7:35 AM

S-a lansat Bumbac100 primul portal de design cu vanzare din Romania! Cele mai smechere tricouri de la romani pana incoace!
Intra in comunitate si inscrie-ti designurile :D Daca se voteaza il primesti gratuit pe al tau :D, daca se vinde poti castiga pana la 800lei! Bafta!

Poti sa urmaresti update-urile direct de pe DeviantArt aici -> :iconbumbac100:

So click and enjoy

:woohoo:Design-urile mele de pe Bumbac100

Trick and treatWalkin the ostrich
My little cowboyCine d� de b�ut?
One night stand miracleBunners
F�nic� pozândHe said...
Ipostaze ale unui �ofer modernThoughts in the wind
PasaroiWaiting to hatch
How dinosaurs disappearedowlicious!

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Next planet please

Wed May 12, 2010, 1:38 PM

It`s been a long long long busy time since I last updated this journal.
Recently I`ve been participating in a great exchange project called Atelier Tipografic, I got to learn a lot about Graphic design and how other nations look at it. You can read more about it here.
I`m still working and going to college so this is why my schedule is still tight and I don`t have time right now for too many things - but do expect some new stuff!
Also I`m breathlessly waiting for the summer exam session. I`m starting to have a lot of plans for this summer and new perspectives on things - I hope it`s not too late for that.
That`s all for this boring journal!
Yours unconventionally,

Concursul de pe atelier-manga s-a terminat, felicitari Kytana-chan !!

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Concurs cu premii!!!! Super-mega-extra-senzationale premii!
(da, trebuia sa zic asta :aww: )

Concursul este adresat membrilor grupului :iconatelier-manga:
Puteti da join oricand, singurele reguli sunt sa fiti romani (si probabil ca sunteti daca cititi treaba asta) si sa desenati manga ( si mai exact sa aveti macar ceva in stil manga in galerie facut de voi - cosplay ma tem ca nu se pune, trebuie sa fie desenat)

Doritorii sunt rugati sa traga o fuga pe la polul facut de seandreea si anume acesta:… a vota tema concursului!

Cam atat! Voi reveni cu detalii atat aici cat si in grup dupa ce se va alege tema :D
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..and I`m finnaly updating my jurnal.

Been really busy lately, a lot of things happened, I got a job, a camera, a facebook account ( ... ) been to Nijikon, met a lot of new people, made a lot of plans, failed to go to the driver license exam, made the design for my site - then decided to change it,and so on and so forth.
Also I made another dA account only for my photography work: immah-toor

Fresh chibi strips, go check it out, subscribe, etc.

My site as temporary as it is:

My other accounts:
Stock: :iconimmah-stock:
Photohraphy: :iconimmah-toor:

CLUBS: :icondesenero: :iconunderratedwatch: :iconatelier-manga: :icontwilighters-forever: :iconredclub: :iconthe-fun-group: :iconromanianartistss:
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Summer is coming! and I must get a friggin job. This year - a horribly confusing transition as it was for me - was rather quick. One month and I will officialy end my first year of college. Kinda...scary to reach this time and think I still haven`t got a job, still don`t own a strong portfolio, still just yadda yadda..

Well at least, I got myself a...
STOCK ACCOUNT (add nice victory song here)
I`ll try to submit quality stuff and i`ll hope that my resources will help others to create stuff as other`s helped me.
Likewise, I got myselves a nice domain so I can build there a nice site with nice portfolio and, obviously, stuff.  

See ya!

CLUBS: :icondesenero: :iconunderratedwatch: :iconatelier-manga: :icontwilighters-forever: :iconredclub: :iconthe-fun-group: :iconromanianartistss:
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My own PLZ!!Made by me!
...with a horribly long name ofc

note: if you don`t know what a plz is read here:…

c/p time(yes I have to do this, I know I`m being exhaustive :iconexcitedplz: ):
A few of you might know that I`m one of the ~atelier-manga club admins and founders. As a club admin I`ve experienced a problem that a lot of clubs seem to have: when submitting a piece of one of the members, people fav the club submission instead of the original piece that is linked in the Artist`s Comment along with the request of visiting it - wich they seem to ignore.
If you like something take a look at the Artist`s Comments and if it`s a CLUB SUBMISSION please pay a click to the artist that worked for that. It`s realy frustrating as an admin and a submitter to see that his/her club is not doing his job that is is to aggrandize its members.
So, if you want, you can use this plz anywhere you want but before that, please fav the original…

I made myself a SheezyART account. Be my friend!

Check them out watch fav comment:
:icongravegonecold: :iconwehatearts: :iconjustmeonyx: :icondriq: :iconfrozenstarro: :iconmethyss: :iconcaroline07: :iconkissth3rain: :iconkredy: :iconbadass-barbie: :icongurotesque: :icondrathira: :iconwadj-wer: :iconacday1001: :iconbunananana: :iconlachatrose: :iconyume-thing: :iconreenheart: :iconawai-sama: :iconphlow-djow: :iconcrystalsister: :iconmilkaaddicted: :iconinnocent-dream: :iconsilverglove: :iconcompot25: :iconfreyaddicted: :iconnobrooke: :iconfoxreed: :iconstrawberry-n00b: :iconeien0no0tsubasa: :iconyume-no-hime: :iconeien-no-hime: :iconrainy-afternoon: :iconlliimmee: :iconelafros: :iconseandreea: :icondawn-alexis: :iconshinerain:

:icondesenero: :iconunderratedwatch: :iconatelier-manga: :icontwilighters-forever: :iconredclub: :iconthe-fun-group:

That`s all! Stay tooned :D
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This is the truth about it
You`ll learn to never doubt it.
Yeah, well, someone`s a lot into Lemon Demon music lately. I like it, I really do. It`s just so crazy. Simply my type. If you just have some time and you want to check out to some songs, be my guest, you could listen here…;.
I`ve been quite busy with the college lately, I barely have time to work o my stuff. My tablet seems to get rusty I don`t know what`s happening, it just freezes (friggin wacom wtf). I don`t know where the heck are my refill for the pen and it`s quite stubbed by now..uh.

Here`s a very interesting thing. I ended up on this site (… ) and I just read this article about Creative Myths, I`m gonna quote the part that got my attention:
<<"Constructive criticism will help my colleague improve her idea."
Yeah, and tripping a child when she is learning to walk will help her improve her walking skills. Nonsense! Criticism whether constructive or destructive (as most criticism truly is) squelches creative thinking and teaches your colleague to keep her ideas to herself. Likewise, other colleagues will see what happens when ideas are shared and will also learn to keep their ideas to themselves. Fresh ideas are fragile. They need nurturing, not kicking. Instead of criticizing a colleague's new idea, challenge her to improve the idea by asking her how she could get over the idea's weakness.>>

Reading this I realized I was wrong all along. I really thought this was for real and I bet that 90% of the people think that if they`re gonna criticize really rough, if they`re gonna be really big bitches when commenting your work they`re gonna help you to get better. Well, according to this article, there is no greater good in this. Frankly, the more I thought about it the more it came was right.
The truth is, I get very insecure when I hear and ugly comment about one of my ideas  - even if I i know that the one who said didn`t had anything clever in his mind -, but I thought it was only my nature and only progress would come this way.
All in all, I`m glad I found this, not because I wasn`t aware of this theory about criticism but now the theory is  clearly stated -that „sport" I wasn`t very good at-:  „Criticism, whether constructive or destructive (as most criticism truly is) squelches creative thinking and teaches your colleague to keep her ideas to herself". What is interesting is that I seem to respect this statement when I`m the one who criticizes but I completely forget about it otherwise. This brings me to the conclusion that I let others criticize me too much… and this wouldn`t be so bad if it would not affect my self confidence.
But….what do you thing about this?
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Club nou!!
Special pentru romanii care deseneaza manga!  (T.T hates the "not-uploading-the-avatar" bug)
for one big romanian manga drawing family :3

I had this ideea on the occasion of Nijikon: there are a lot of people in my country who draw manga/anime stuff..(I`ve seen it at the contest we organized there!) so I thought...yea but what if? What if we had our own little club! So.. me and my fellows (seandreea,Eien-no-hime,Elafros) founded this club, I hope it will come through..

(luv this icon)

All in all Nijikon was a nice experience, I had a lot of fun and got to meet a lot of people, some of them I haven`t seen in a long time, some never meet live before and so on. I`ve seen a lot of remarkable artists and I`m verry determined to improve my work.

Currently I`m working on some characters maybe a story or two... I`m trying to work on photorealism but I still wanna draw a nice manga... More plans less coherence I say >.<

By the way, check this out: &nb… nice video made by a friend at Nijikon, just for the record)  

...and don`t forget!!
Open Comissions! Free pencil or ink sketches!! For any colouring (digital or traditional - watercolor for trad work) you must pay in subscription....oooor nature (KIDDING), depends on the drawing compelxity - negotiable ( Unfortunately, I don`t have any paypal account or a credit card of my own so ~ subscription donations must be it)

If anyone would want a Art Trade or something I`m in for something like that too! :D (no more laziness for me!)

I`m verry sleepy. I must go now. I can has needz sleep. Join the atelier-manga. Share cookies with curequi. /falls unconsciously on the keyboard.

don`t forget.
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Start wearing purple

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2008, 9:09 AM



Happy Halloween everyone! Be sure you come tomorow and the day after to Nijikon. Me is gonna feauture some of my art there, curequi included!!

Fav and Run by Fractoid
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Slowpoke in slowmotion

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 26, 2008, 4:07 AM

Fav and Run by Fractoid


Azi am pofta de patriotism si scriu pi romaneste. (trece cat ai clipi, just add hot cofee - a se citi: "trezirea"). Bah. Brusc vreau sa realizez ceva. Mereu visez sa fac lucruri mari, dar pentru asta iti trebuie curaj iar mie imi lipseste cu desavarsire. Fara siguranta, creativitatea se inhiba iar eu ma resemnez sprijinindu-ma pe ideea ca oricum tot ce ma inconjoara ma supune limitelor. Limite pe care daca ma voi stradui sa le depasesc voi da automat de altele. Asta e, sunt un om comod la urma urmei. Nu ma chinui sa schimb lucrurile. Nu incerc niciodata sa evadez.
Am o mare admiratie pentru oamenenii cu talent si pricepere oratorica. Da, eu sunt genu de om pe care daca ai ghinionul sa il intrebi pe strada unde vine strada cutare va fi mai degraba dispus sa scoata o foaie deseneze decat sa iti explice prin vorbe: in al doilea caz ai risca sa sfarsesti uitand de unde ai venit si ce cauti, eventual si cum te cheama si oricum totul o sa se termine cu un calduros "mai intrebati si pe altcineva". Fiecare cu ce are. E trist cand ma gandesc ca as da toate talentele, abilitatile mele (care or fi) in desen si altele doar ca sa pot manevra o mana de cuvinte. Mda. Oamenii si complexele lor.
Gata...mi-am facut damblaua. Filolololozofica pe ziua de azi.

(Intotdeauna mi-am dorit sa fac asta)


never done this before so I hope I`m doin it right. I didn`t know what exacly to feature so...I went for my favourite piece of the gallery of my every watchers.

:iconrainy-afternoon: embrace II by rainy-afternoon
:iconshinerain: One Year of dA by shinerain
:iconeien0no0tsubasa: Broken by eien0no0tsubasa
:iconeien-no-hime: ::Take me home:: by Eien-no-hime
:iconlliimmee: :thumb77927274:
:iconseandreea: Things I love by seandreea
:icondawn-alexis: Kiseki by dawn-alexis
:iconyume-no-hime: :thumb60968564:
:iconfoxreed: Play on by FoxReed
:iconstrawberry-n00b: Watch over my insanity by strawberry-n00b
:iconelafros: FanArt:Full Metal Panic Poster by Elafros

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This thing

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2008, 3:39 PM

Oh boy, oh boy! This is my first subscription ever ergo my first "tuned" journal! I don`t really know what to say, I always have issues when it comes to wording n____n

Uh. Boring.
I want to learn how to make good flash animations!!

out of things to say.

Free Comissions!!

Yah...I figured it would be a good ideea to make free sketches to improove my drawing skills. Yes, only sketches on A4 paper. If you want it digitally coloured you must donate subscription (one month for a simple cell-shaded, 3 for a photorealistic, 2 for anything in between). So if u`re intersted just note me or leave a comment or anything.
Also if anyone would want a colab or an art trade I would be delighted!

Advertising! Check out their pages!

[I hope I haven`t forgotten anyone]

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