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Scania by nature

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Scania is a part of Sweden also called Skåne who used to belong to Denmark for a long time. They speak Swedish with a Danish accent and their habits and words are sometimes very similar to Danish habits and words.

This means, at least in my head, that he is Denmark and Sweden’s son. He has a brother too who's called Bornholm that also used to belong to Denmark, got taken from him by Sweden but then went back to Denmark which Scania didn’t.

I made Scania a typical teenager (he's sixteen). You know with divorced parents and all and sometimes you just get so angry with one parent you just want to go live with the other. And after that you're all sorry couse you're okay living there after all. Sometimes you just want to move and live by yourself. Well, that's Scania for you.
He's a little shy but when he's with his brother Bornholm he's a wild one. He speaks rather clean but when he gets nervous or sad he starts to mumble like Sweden.

Some Scanian people want to become Danish again but some are pretty okay with being Swedish. Some wants to be independent. Other Swedes sometimes see them as strangers, and not Swedish etc and every year a group of people, some from Scania itself and some from other places gather to dig Scania from Sweden xD

The referred dad is Denmark if you didn't get it xD
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So cute^^
I am from scania/skåne ^^
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teehee, thanks ^^
Jag ska faktiskt dit imorgon! Ska hälsa på en vän.

And thanks for the watch :hug:
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Awww!!! Tis adorable! :heart:
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dawww this is so cute
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Thank you! I'm glad you think so ^^
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