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too good to be great

By imlineking
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Art name: too good to be great
100% vector
USB mouse (Logitech G 502)
Details: 5726 hand drawn shapes in total
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8

Image size
10000x14286px 13.8 MB
Date Taken
Jun 8, 2017, 10:28:45 AM
© 2017 - 2020 imlineking
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This is getting boring, I was promised more nukes.
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If they ever find out that Bill Clinton enticed Mr. Trump to run to sway the final vote in Hillary's favor, but the plan backfired, things could get really intense. He was a registered Democrat until very recently.     the Madman
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there are no mistakes in politics - what happens today was planned long before the current elected leaders were even elected.

it's unfortunate that the people still grasp onto a rigged to fail system of democracy, for the only way for democracy to actually work is to remove all secrecy which of course people somehow think not knowing will keep them safe.
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been an interesting year, at least they brought in John Kelley, so you can figure that there is someone there that might actually care about the foot soldier and possibly make wiser choices on allies...........I do admit that I like to go off on conspiracy theories from time to time; especially when you are fed so much material for one....
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actually the the sheer volume of material which raises the flag.

once you understand the ideas behind programmed rhetoric, applied communication syntax, the understanding and are able to apply that knowledge onto history; it becomes painfully clear choices for the public just don't exist. been that way for thousands of years but the people of the day will point fingers at who they are told to point fingers at..................

you go ahead and play the game, i don't play fixed games.
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something to do while drinking the morning coffee; you are right, there was no possible chance that the Democratic machine would actually let Bernie Sanders run; what he did do was knock out all the competition to pave the way for the Clinton organization to grab up more oil rights. Hilary just couldn't complete her part of the plan.    Democracy is a fun thing to talk about, but does it exist?
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and now he wants to rattle swords with North Korea; while all domestic programs seem to cater only to the wealthiest. all from an election with one of the lowest voter turnouts in decades. can't say that I am all that shocked, but it certainly wasn't what I was hoping for
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Following the election rather closely; when I think back, I keep coming to this one picture almost immediately after the election results. He was seated in the midst of a group and giving the OK sign. I have to wonder if they were already in the process of sitting him down right there. After that, there was the strange remark about the size of the inauguration crowds. 
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