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Galileo by ImJustDatAwesome Galileo :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 4 1
SPaMG: The Best Way to Start the Day
    The Timebound roared with power as it zoomed through the atmosphere of a crumbling planet. Despite being built from an old Vanguard cruiser, the dual-cannoned ship was surprisingly speedy and agile. Sister sat at the bridge, hands gone as they deformed into their basic tentacle shapes. Across the several screens, her limbs wiped, controlling the ship’s elements with ease. Her eye blanked into a gawk, and was only concerned with the direction forward. Like the ships of old, she was forced to use a glass screen for forward navigation, but it didn’t bother her much. Vaauban relaxed in the background, leaning in one of the Manual chairs for a quiet night of peace. Lasers beamed past the clunker and small pirate-craft scurried around. The fighters and small cruisers were painted with purple and black, then trimmed with white and spikes - a Gothic theme. 
    With a hefty yawn and rub of the eyes, Gallagher woke. “So...did we es
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Hisssss by ImJustDatAwesome Hisssss :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 1 0 Laukus Vale by ImJustDatAwesome Laukus Vale :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 3 0
SPaMG2: Bright Lights
    “Captain!” A Pilot-class droid shouted for his officer. No specifics were needed to relay the obvious message - Asvilry knew exactly what it was.
    “Fire!” shouted the ebony man, cigar in his mouth. His focus was pulled towards the array of floating screens between him and the locked windows. From within the ship, a ballista of force released, which was followed by a barrage of heart-piercers from other Vanguard ships, all focused on the single Amalgam. Despite hope, the Ratio ship was untouched; they had been consumed by an oval of blue hexagons.
    “Damn pillagers.” He scoffed.
    From over the horizon, a slow-moving orb of energy trailed like a comet, which struck the shields with unbelievable force. A hole gaped in the oblong, giving direct access to the armored hulk inside. However, the Vanguard’s rampart of artillery had unveiled all that was available - no bolts wer
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Block Boi by ImJustDatAwesome Block Boi :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 3 0 Pearl! by ImJustDatAwesome Pearl! :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 9 1
SPaMG: The Political Agenda
    Two supermassive fleets loomed overhead, one baring thick armor and shades of crimson along the hulls, while the other was much more sleek and streamline with its cyans and blues. The world below was a gray rock of nothingness - fortified to the teeth with weapons and state-of-the-art defenses. Along the northern pole was a dome: in it - a checkpoint. Citizens of the Old and New worlds would trek through in attempt to have their passports confirmed. In the center was a spire that stabbed its way into space, piercing the stars with militaristic might.
    “I know this will work.” Laukus Vale sat at his end of the meeting table in the heart of the Gateway Line - the border between Vanguard and Harbinger space. Nearby him was Judiciary Hektal - a member of the Harbinger council.
    “Are you sure, Sir? You know how stubborn Samuel is.” The small woman held close to her tablet, and even closer to the array of cha
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Samuel Wike by ImJustDatAwesome Samuel Wike :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 0 0
The Cosmic Atlas Archives: The Old Expanse
This section of the Cosmic Atlas Archives contains information on the Old Expanse.
. . .
The Old Expanse is largely considered irrelevant by humanity, as there is a lack of conflict or interest within the area. Many settlers - those wishing to fly off and live in the openness of lawlessness - journey here to establish a home, both because of the criminal abundance within the New, and because of its military-heavy establishment. While the Old and New Expanses are connected beneath the southern tail of Sallav, they are officially documented as two separate bodies, similar to oceans.
Comparatively, the Old is largely unexplored, making it act as a section of the galaxy for explorers to thrive, especially since the discovery of the Redeemer, as marked by Osmius Ebb. It has been largely wondered if more alien artifacts and spacecraft exist within the galaxy, but nothing else has ever been found. It has also been noticed that the northern edge of the Old Arm has a Vanguard presence, t
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Garnet! by ImJustDatAwesome Garnet! :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 14 3
SPaMG2: Docile Memories
    “I have an idea,” Future-Brother began, sitting against the wall that rimmed their elevated exit. Elo was propped further back against a metal canister, while Nemesis’ feet dangled over the edge of the shipwreck. “If Forerunner-Sister is as powerful as she claims, then she must have a grasp over the timeline, but that doesn’t mean she knows everything. Otherwise...we’d already be dead.” The brightness of the standstill sun above breathed down relentlessly, but the breaths felt like nothing against the time-frozen. There was a noticeable difference between the two halves - the inside was much cooler than its counterpart, cold, even. 
    “What are you getting at?” On the floor were several chunks of hardened steel. Piece by piece, Elo welded them back onto his defensive plating. His eye and actions were out of sync - professionalism.
    “Well, it seems like s
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Melissa Chib by ImJustDatAwesome Melissa Chib :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 2 0 Elo Chib by ImJustDatAwesome Elo Chib :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 1 0 D(iscord)andy! by ImJustDatAwesome D(iscord)andy! :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 1 0 Jessie Chib by ImJustDatAwesome Jessie Chib :iconimjustdatawesome:ImJustDatAwesome 2 0


Sharp 'n' Clean!
Want some snazzy clean lines and color blobs? Something a little bit more unified and simplistic? You'd probably like these commissions!

- Can be ordered in custom sizes (so long as my weak little tablet can handle it).

- Can feature up to two characters.

- Simple backgrounds only.
If you want something a bit weirder, yet still looks cool, then you'd probably like a scribbly! 

- Also comes in any custom size.

- Can feature up to two characters.

- Willing to do more complicated backgrounds!
Cool Splashes!
When you want something a little more soft and abstract, just get 'chaself a nice, cool splash!

- As with the rest, comes in custom sizes.

- Features up to four characters!

- Complicated backgrounds are welcome.


Elysium Fields by Ellysiumn Elysium Fields :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,982 162 pearl (original: sakimichan) by IMayl pearl (original: sakimichan) :iconimayl:IMayl 209 74 Daily Paint 2320. Bananaconda by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2320. Bananaconda :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 7,094 291 Little Tree by crazycolleeny Little Tree :iconcrazycolleeny:crazycolleeny 154 17 misc. scifi head doodle-farts by thomaswievegg misc. scifi head doodle-farts :iconthomaswievegg:thomaswievegg 143 3 Tank and Trinket by thomaswievegg Tank and Trinket :iconthomaswievegg:thomaswievegg 319 5 Dreaming in colors by Ellysiumn Dreaming in colors :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 2,406 150 Chipped Paint by MegEnder Chipped Paint :iconmegender:MegEnder 10 0 Eclipse by Ellysiumn Eclipse :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,227 100 Light of dawn by Ellysiumn Light of dawn :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,097 85 Waiting for the sun by Ellysiumn Waiting for the sun :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,615 125 A sky full of stars by Ellysiumn A sky full of stars :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,404 136 Intergalactic Gate by Ellysiumn Intergalactic Gate :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,511 145 Ash rain by Ellysiumn Ash rain :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 2,748 206 Jupiter From Io (original version) by AlanGutierrezArt Jupiter From Io (original version) :iconalangutierrezart:AlanGutierrezArt 615 0 Travel through time by Ellysiumn Travel through time :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,066 101


:icongamaworld: :icontactical-space: :iconlil-mag: :iconmarjhony13: :icon1specialchicken: :iconsuperryuko: :iconmaddie-laddie: :iconmits-giotix: :icontricity-craft: :iconcanonfire200: :iconmc-rayz: :icontylyngaming: :iconafictionado:



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Simplest Divider by limitless--wings
I see you've made your way onto this diddly darn dank meme that is my Deviantart! That part's pretty obvious, but what isn't as obvious is the kinds of art I make! Most of my stuff is either some kind of digital drawing, whether it's just a doodle or a polished thing, or it could be something I wrote. Taking a look through my gallery will show off the fact that I have a bit of an obsession with writing for my main series "Tales from the Cosmic Sea." However, even though that's most original and scheduled thingymabob, I still occasionally to write a fan-fiction here or there at random, and no I don't make "Reader x Character" shippings or anything. Anyways, I really hope that you enjoy my artwork and have a fan-diddily-tastic time!
Simplest Divider by limitless--wings

Ps: There's a donation pool on the bottom left of the page. .o.


I'm taking a small break from SPaMG - no new chapter this week. I've been writing a lot lately an need a little bit of time to chill.


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