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Refresh Red Cacoxenite by Undergaster Refresh Red Cacoxenite :iconundergaster:Undergaster 4 0 Prism Ref sheet by A-RandomScrub Prism Ref sheet :icona-randomscrub:A-RandomScrub 6 7 Arranged Marriage!AU: Exchanging Vows by Earthsong9405 Arranged Marriage!AU: Exchanging Vows :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 3,248 180 All about color picking 101.voice by sakimichan All about color picking 101.voice :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,795 26
About Male Presenting Gems
Alright, this is an issue that bothers me deeply and y'all gonna listen here.
Some (actually many) people, including myself, make male, male presenting, and neutral presenting gem OCs. In a show where all gems are female presenting, save for Steven, why do we do this? Well, here's some talking points.
Ian JQ is someone who used to work on SU. His word here is as good as anything.
But I won't stop there, here's some other reasons why this stuff is OK and people really should not get their panties in a bunch over male/neutral gems.
Consider this, many of the fans of SU are people in the LGBT community. Many of the fans are trans males and non-binary people, they should be allowed to portray themselves on their OCs. If you say that gems can only be female/female presenting, it is harmful to them. 
People like to say things like "well most other shows have a mostly male cast, why can't girls just have this?" But
:icondeer-head:Deer-Head 99 58
champagne Citrine by SleepyGrim champagne Citrine :iconsleepygrim:SleepyGrim 140 12 Gemsona: Yellow Agate by Romtes Gemsona: Yellow Agate :iconromtes:Romtes 11 1 I don't like people who don't like male gemsonas by Bowtiewashere I don't like people who don't like male gemsonas :iconbowtiewashere:Bowtiewashere 4 0 Love me like you. (gemsona) by neonUFO Love me like you. (gemsona) :iconneonufo:neonUFO 585 135 Rhodonite Fusion by Koncreates Rhodonite Fusion :iconkoncreates:Koncreates 32 9 Sunset Song x Neon Trance Foal CLOSED by Mischiefs-Puppies Sunset Song x Neon Trance Foal CLOSED :iconmischiefs-puppies:Mischiefs-Puppies 2 3 The Mane 6 by Earthsong9405 The Mane 6 :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 3,676 452
Inevitable -Parapines oneshot-
They met when they were young, full of that reckless energy, eyes wide and minds even wider. It was an awkward first meeting, filled with long silences that only got longer until Mabel stepped in.
But, eventually they realized they had more in common than they would've believed. It was crazy how fast Norman found himself running along with them through the trees, hunting some sort of creature. It was a blur of sleep overs, pillow fights, sticky ice cream, laughter that hurt and adrenaline.
Sometimes Dipper caught Norman looking at him with those big blue eyes. And sometimes Norman would wake up with his friend curled around his waist.
When Mabel and Dipper found out about his gift, he expected them to run since about 80% of the people he'd ever met had. But, as he waited with baited breath for them to…scream? Run? Call him a freak? They exchanged a glance that only twins could pull off and in unison smiled. Mabel launched immediately into asking him questions and Norman looked bac
:icongayliens:Gayliens 104 14
The magical fox by Ravoilie The magical fox :iconravoilie:Ravoilie 39 1 Mikuo Scribble by pandapia Mikuo Scribble :iconpandapia:pandapia 5 4 Soul Buttons [Regular Pack vol.4] by Fleki Soul Buttons [Regular Pack vol.4] :iconfleki:Fleki 9 0



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Magical Harmony Boy- Ishikawa Yamato
Ishikawa Yamato is a very shy teenage boy. He lacks confidence because he is insecure about his feminine appearance. Due to this humility, Yamato doesn't really stand out as someone special. Oftentimes people either forget about him or think he's a girl wearing boy clothes.

When Yamato transforms into Magical Harmony Boy with his necklace, he becomes extremely confident and charismatic from the power. He no longer feels insecure about trivial things, because he is focused on the job at hand. With his new role as the hero of Hisakawa High, Yamato made a vow to protect the very people who never noticed him.
Species: Figrai
Homeworld: Meinah
Language(s): Igahri, English
Special Traits: Figrai are a faun-like species complete with hooves and horns. Calfs are born with the same small horns, but as the grow individuals develop uniquely shaped horns.
Behavior: The Pelnirei Figrai are extremely trusting, while the Gadnirei Figrai never trust even their own family. Both of these behaviors have obvious setbacks, so the current millennials have developed the mindset of moderation. The Reinirei decide whether or not to trust someone, based solely on that individual's actions.
Culture(s): There are two separate political parties that are on the verge of reform. The passive Pelnirei that believe in trusting all people, and the agressive Gadnirei that believe in trusting nobody. The current generation has created a new party called the Reinirei that want to unite their race. Regardless of their party all Figrai celebrate Naimelnizai, the celebration of when adolescent's horns begin to grow into their unique shape, and also when older Figrai horns change direction. This celebration takes place over the span of a month, with lavish feasts and joyful music. The Pelnirei share these things with their entire town, while the Gadnirei celebrate in the privacy of their own homes.
Religion(s): The Figrai believe in two brothers born from a light. Peldai and Gadlai were raised by an old woman farmer who could not bear children, named Reiti. When they grew to be teenagers, their adoptive mother passsed due to an unknown illness. She left Gadlai an old necklace that belonged to her own mother, and she left Peldai a cracked ring that belonged to her grandmother. The brothers soon became infatuated with the same young woman named Ennaelei. Peldai heard that Ennaelei loved necklaces, so he tricked Gadlai into letting him "borrow the necklace to get it cleaned". He gave Gadlai the ring to hold until the necklace was clean. Peldai gifted his brother's necklace to Ennaelei, and she promised to always be his if he would bring her a ring to marry her. Peldai convinced Gadlai to return his ring so it could be cleaned as well. Peldai and Ennaelei were married, and Gadlai vowed never to trust anyone again.
Juney Blakeson
Juney Blakeson is a teen from the future. While he seems very feminine because of his love for fashion, he can hold his own in a fight due to a black belt in Karate. Juney is also a huge fan of rock music, and even plays an instrument or two.


Paulie Reed Stetser
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I have a Facebook account (Paulie Reed Stetser) and a Youtube account (Superkul95).


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