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Winter Sun

Another commissioned piece. I had quite some fun painting in all those details - there's just something about a classic rustic living room. And big windows. And snowy mountain sceneries.
I actually graduated with my final thesis being about European wildcats (Felis silvestris silvestris), so it was pretty nice getting to paint a wildcat character once in a while.
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Beautiful work
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This is absolutely stunning...and, what really REALLY needs to be pointed out...dust particles in the sun rays!! AMAZING~
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Oh yes, now that is the life. That's what I want to be doing right now, just hanging out naked in my own warm cabin in a winter paradise.

...As opposed to reality, living in Tucson and putting out the fire in my hot water heater today.
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Who wouldn't love to? ^^ Well,  there's always room for imagination ... *looks out of window* Guess, winter is over for this year, welcome spring. :3
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Nooo I'm not ready for winter to be over, summer in Tucson sucks!
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Modern furniture could this be a new range from Ikea ?
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I love it. Gorgeous character, and amazing scene. I love the cozy feeling with the obvious chill just outside. 
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Thanks a lot! Kinda makes up for the lack of snow we get around here ... ;3
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I should ship off some of this over to you then.
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Oh wow! I love your taste of realistic sceneries! ^.=.^
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Thanks, glad you like it. :3
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Woah your pictures are amazing.
I really adore the details and the colours of the background, which work so well together with the white outside and the character.
Also the atmosphere in this picture is stunning, because of the beauty and how calm it is.
The shading looks wonderful and i adore every detail in the picture.
The dust which the sunshine made visible, the mountains outside and the pages you see in the book on the table ovo Also the wooden parts of the picture look so well drawn :D Not too much details on the wood so it would be kinda too much and not too less to let it look like normal blocks.
Really wonderful work ^^
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Thank you so much for taking the time and writing this kind feedback, I really appreciate that. :3
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