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Erato VS updated


100+ favorites, this is oh so sweet! Thanks to all of you!

2011-09-03 ~minor update and extra VS style~

- changed the expand buttons again, because they were not to my likings :(
- added extra VS style choice Erato VS2, this second Erato VS uses the Calibri font.

2011-08-31 ~Updated~

- adjusted contentmargins: TaskItemButton to change taskbar height (smaller).
- adjusted some theme fontsizes: 8 -> 9 points.
- changed window shadows to fix bug on frame corners.
- added folders containing startbutton, navigation buttons etc....
- new expand buttons.
- changed spacing between taskbar group buttons default and hot.

added a tool folder containing : add take ownership, ux theme patcher, windows start orb changer.

Erato is the first VS created by me.
It was my purpose to create a fresh and concrete looking VS.

Included .dll's and explorer.exe files only for Windows 7 SP1 x86 and Windows 7 SP1 x64

The Erato Vs is based on works like:

Adagio Theme by RajTheeban95

and Darwin VS by Nitnerolf.

Many credits go to these inspiring artists.

Credits to for Seahorsepip's originals .

I'd also love to credit the stock author of the wallpaper Fisches .

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Many Thanks.
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nice :) can I use your caption buttons for my shine VS ?
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sure no problem, go ahead and be my guest.
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Thanks, it works!
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your welcome, enjoy :-)
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I can't download the rar. : (
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no problems here with downloading.
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Thanks m8, I love all these responses.
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Could you make a version with Calibri font?
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added Erato VS2 which uses the Calibri font, cheers.
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sure! no problem.
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Thanks for the compliment, I'm glad so many people like the Erato VS. :-)
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Okay, I great, but why the crouchy face?
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:-) thanks very much.
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Nice theme bro!!!
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