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The Reunion (3/3)

By imdrunkonTea
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It's finally finished! >>>>> READ PART 1 FIRST!!!

Sunset finally gathers the courage to return to Canterlot and make amends with her former mentor.

Part 1: The Reunion (1/3) by imDRUNKonTEA Part 2: The Reunion (2/3) by imDRUNKonTEA

As awesome as Sunset is in human form, I really, really hope that Sunset eventually makes it back to Equestria. Until that officially happens, this is how I think it might go.

Not so loosely based on a certain scene in Avatar:TLA (being vague to avoid spoilers...but you know the one). Also my first time making a comic ^^
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Agh my heart.
This is an amazing comic, I love the way you told this story
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This sweet story is almost spot-on with what officially happened in "Forgotten Friendship". Except Hasbro's version was squeezed for time and was told in less than a minute.

Yours is much, much better.

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Okay, as I seen from part 1, Twilight wanted Sunset to apologize to Twilight, that is cool!

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I'm not sure how I never found these before. But you did an even better job than Hasbro did. Very moving and touching. Made my eyes misty. In fact, it kinda reminded me of Zuko's reunion with his Uncle Iroh from "Avatar - the Last Airbender". Very touching. :tears: I fav'd all three parts. :)

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Aw thanks! It was indeed inspired heavily by Zuki'soreunion. I'm just glad it made it into the show in some form lol

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I dubbed all three parts together
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wow, great job! thank you for the feature :)
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No problem. It was fun to do
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It's canon now :D
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If only...but NOOOO we had to get Sunset Glimmer as Twilight's student instead. Fucking hated that.
TheDnDking's avatar
I mean Starlight Glimmer. Why do I keep doing that?
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I bet they made their names so similar on purpose as a troll
TheDnDking's avatar
Or so they could give Starlight the role that is rightfully Sunshine's! Sorry, still not over that.
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This was super sweet, and to think this has actually happened recently. Good work with the comic.
imdrunkonTea's avatar
Thank you! Yes, I'm really happy to see it happen officially now :)
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But definitely not in a way that ripped off or paid homage to Zuko's reunion with Iroh, I'm sure.  Still, the homage you did is a nice touch.
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Was it too much to ask that we WATCH THIS ... instead of what we saw in "Forgotten Friendship" ..., apparently, yes ...

No, I disagree! No, I disagree! No, I disagree! No, I disagree!
No, I disagree! No, I disagree! No, I disagree! No, I disagree!

 Sometimes I think Hasbro sees us as idiots ...

Rage Rage Rage Rage 

(Do not forget to see my works, include a nice comment)

Huggle! Huggle! Heart 
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Thanks! I'm just glad it happened, one way or another.
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Yes, I also expected something like that, but I insist that if it had stayed the way you did, it would be unbeatable ...  Clap Clap 
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Awwwwwww... my Heart :333

Very very beautiful, forgiveness is beautiful :3 
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