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Actually really proud of this digital drawing and the design! Rules are below!


Please do draw him/her.
You can change the design once you own him/her but don't change it too much
Send the points once I say so
In your first artwork of him/her please credit me but the rest don't worry!
do not sell this for a higher price, if you'll like to sell this, sell it for the price you have bought it for.


SB - 20 points
AB - 300 points
Minimum increase of points per bid - 5 points

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3000x2648px 12.96 MB
© 2015 - 2021 imdonedreaming
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I doubt anyone else will bid apart from you XD . Send the points and he/she is yours! Thank you :)
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Points have been sent! I don't know why no one else has been all over this, it's such a beautiful and creative design, and it's so unique!
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Thank you! Your points have been received but somehow they are not showing on my page but in my transaction history! I'll notify you if it shows up! Thank you again
How-You-Remind-Me's avatar
No problem <3

I think with points they only show up in messages and transactions. Oh unless I was meant to give them to you through the donations widgit?
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I though they show up whichever way oops. Don't worry about it!
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