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Animated mac boot skin tut w7



Here is the tutorial on how to apply completely animated mac boot screen for windows 7.... :new:
It's really very easy...
First of all download the tool gif splitter.. :eyes:
GifSplitter can break GIF animation down into individual image frames and the tool we gonna use to apply the boot skin only
accept frames of gif images. So we need to cut down the required logo gif image into several frames. :lol:
Just download the software "gifsplitter" and open it.
Download the "Mac gif images" from the "Download File" link....
Select the gif animation file you want on your boot screen and also select the output directory (Better to select an empty new folder).
And click split now. No need to play with any other options.
Now your image got seperated in different frames.
Now open the folder where your gif frames are located and copy those frames 4-5 times as shown in above sample picture. :#1:
Now download the software name "Win7BootUpdater" from the link
Open the software...
In the drop down animation menu select "Animation"...
Then select the folder where your gif image frames are present.
Then in "Message 1" box type "© Apple Inc." and in "Message 2" box type "Mac OsX".
That's it.... :handshake:
Hit "Apply" and you are done.... :macos:
Now you have your desired mac boot skin in windows 7.... :bye:
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w7 boot updater crashes all time in w7 64 bit