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WOR Event Writing - The Tranquil 1

Ragnar 16807 - Mega 15611 - Halie 15310 - Vitalus (The Beneath) - 813 Words - Written by @Imcaspar and @Lifora (@LiforneiroaARPG) The Tranquil Draw or write about your Reosean partaking in peaceful measures such as gifting aid to other clans, helping mend injured Reoseans, or negotiating peaceful terms around a rising conflict between two clans. Lifora - 409 Words Mega pulled the sled which was stacked full of goodies. Well, goodies when seen in the eyes of Ragnar and Mega, but not so much Halie. However, Halie knew the last thing the other clans wanted right now was actual candy. Being in this cave was still hard on her. It has been multiple weeks at this point and she wasn't comfortable with the claustrophobia inducing spaces, but the journeying was worth it. Ragnar continued to speak with Mega as Halie ensured the large stack didn't fall. It was tied with rope, and over each bump in the rock below she noticed the stack slightly become less stable. ''We are almost there,' Ragnar


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Reos Event - The Brutes (1/3) Svenja 15456 - Mega 15611 - Halie 15310 - Vitalus (The Beneath) - 1125 Words - Written by @Imcaspar and @Lifora (@LiforneiroaARPG) Draw or write your Reosean partaking in a free-for-all trial of combat. Each contestant is tasked with gathering golden rocks, you may be a warrior to fight tooth and nail for your prizes, or maybe you sneakily take a few from another. The winner will be decided by who has the most golden rocks at the end of the timer. Lifora - 409 Words Mega was thankful for his large size. Most of these newly discovered Haedians were massive. And he just happened to be participating in a competition where they can get quite aggressive. He knew he'd be fine- but as for Svenja and Halie, they weren't so lucky. Perhaps the Haedians would be more careful with them due to their size. Then again... he has seen the small Haedians wrestle with the largest. Perhaps size wouldn't be everything in this


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WOR Event - Equinox

“Isn’t it quite weird that the three of us are on this trip right now?”, Bullet said as they took a smaller path which branched off deeper into the forest. “I have no idea what you mean,” Innesius replied. “We are two Vayrons from Vitalus and one from Roenden foraging for mushrooms deep in Warrenfalls forests, I feel like our talents would be used better in a different way,” Bullet explained. “Oh well,” Florencia spoke. “I think it’s good to do new things, it keeps your mind open. For the next hour, the three were concentrating on the ground next to the small path they were taking and got excited every time a mushroom crossed their sight. Bullet would usually pick it up and then give it to the others, afterwards all three declared they had no idea whether it was edible or poisonous and put it into their bags to later ask their friend in Fullcaster. This routine went on for quite a while, but eventually Florencia convinced the other two to take a break from the exhausting search near a


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Oil Dipped


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Abyssal Creature

“Stop please!” Florencia tries, but the tyrian wooshes past her. “Ugh, I can’t believe we’ve been tasked to do this!” Bullet begins, out of breath after chasing them. “We have to try a bit harder unless we want to resort to violence,” Andromeda growls, also short of breath. “Which we don’t want!” Florencia and Bullet cries out in unison. “Ahaha, I've been dubbed as vicious, no one is saved from my wrath!! What more is there possibly to have?” the tyrian stops for a moment in the air to ask this question, neon blue tail wavering gracefully yet violently with its wings. Just a day ago, the three vayrons has been tasked to stop the tyrian and its tyrant-like actions. For the time being, they weren’t having any luck. “Maybe next time we shouldn’t use the word please?” Bullet drawls, stomping on the ground angrily. “If you thought that asking was an option in the first place,” the tyrian swoops by them again to laugh. Andromeda pounces, as she had been waiting for it to make a landing taunt


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Trapper 14064 + Fae 14719 + Aatu 13398

Trapper 14064 + Fae 14719 + Aatu 13398 - Roenden - QUEST 1: They Called me a Lumberjack - 803 Words Trapper and Fae waited impatiently for Aatu to arrive. The task for today was a tedious one. There was an entire field of corn which must be collected and not long until that task had to be completed. The snowstorm that would shake Roenden and kick off the season of winter was coming extremely soon and it already showed signs of arrival. White speckles were dancing in the sky, falling down as Trapper and Fae walked together to the path that led away from the farm, however no farther. They could finally see Aatu making his way down the path towards them, dashing towards them ready to start the day. Before Aatu could reach the farm, Trapper and Fae started walking to the corn fields. After all, Aatu was running towards them at a quick speed so they had time to walk as it was obvious Aatu saw them. The field wasn't far from the farm and already had multiple wagons set up. Various


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Stage 2 - Alliion

Warrenfall - 1018 Words - Stage 2 - Coordination - Shatter 14348 + Caspian 13614 + Charybdis 12213 ♦ There comes a time in every young Reosean's life where they will have to learn to swim - how did your Reosean feel about the water? Did they take to it like a fish, or were they a bit less graceful? "I really don't understand why we have to travel all the way up into the mountains to go swimming," Shatter complained. "Couldn't we just have gone to a river nearby?" "Well, Charybdis said that we'll have a great opportunity there to actually find something rare in the lake, instead of just fish," Caspian replied. The two of them were getting close to finishing their hike up from one of Warrenfall's large cities into the mountains that were looking down on it. Once at the lake, the Tyrian named Charybdis, who had convinced them to hike all the way, would meet up with them again. While the path was quite rocky and exhausting, it certainly was worth it just for the view, or a least


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