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[S-T3] Kraken 14151 + Hauke 14668 + Aatu 13398 - Vitalus - Monthly Prompt - May: Yuletide Gingerbread Housing Plan - 802 Words

Hauke checked with Aatu to ensure he was alright with canceling their plans from earlier today to assist Kraken. They originally planned to collect numerous crystals to later on sell. Aatu nodded, a bit wary of the odd vayron. Kraken didn't look like many others- instead he had spikes sticking out from his body outwards and markings they almost haven't seen before. Hauke was the first to come up with ideas on how to make Kraken cheer up, which was normal for Hauke as he was always happy.

''What about clearing out debris? Wouldn't that make you feel better? After all, you just want to help the ocean right?'' Hauke asked.

Kraken frowned, ''I want to actually be in the water. I usually clean up around nighttime. I've been doing it so much that I am tired anyways,'' he finished.

Aatu thought for a moment before sitting next to Kraken. The shore here was quite beautiful, and it certainly was clean. Crystals poked from the sand around the trunks of palm trees holding them in place. Tyrians could be seen in the distance flying and landing on cliffsides, far above the surface of the ocean. Aatu looked to Kraken, ''Then... uh.... swimming?''

Hauke frowned, ''I'm sure they already do that a lot. I think a better idea would be to see who could collect the most shells. Those are quite common here, aren't they?''

Kraken turned his head, suddenly more interested in the conversation,''That does sound a bit like fun....''

Aatu interrupted him, ''Then let's start, I will go with hauke as you have far more experience doing this than we do,'' he said. The green vayron nodded, getting up and disappearing into the water. Aatu and Hauke didn't waste time and started searching instantly. There was a lot to go through with so little time left in the day but there was only one way to start, and that was to search the shores. Hauke and Aatu made their way further down the hill and onto the shore and began to search amongst the rocks for any hidden treasures such as metal that they could keep for themselves, or for their main goal.

Aatu was the first to begin their pile, which was on top of a flat stone near where Krakens was, by grabbing a small white broken shell. It was still a shell as they didn't declare any rules. Hauke struggled to find anything amongst the sand and went into the water. The water got up to his knees before he started taking breaths and dumping his head into the water and opening his eyes to find anything. All he saw was dirt until he stopped moving so it could settle. He then saw glints of rocks and glass, but most importantly.... shells! Kraken could be seen in the distance with multiple shells in his mouth as he swam back to shore to place atop his rock.

Aatu was succeeding quite well in his hunt, gathering more shells than Hauke had so far however his shells were nearly always broken. Aatu knew that underwater there was a higher chance of whole ones- but as long as he got half of one he felt happy about it. The shells usually came in the same shape and color, mostly varying in size. Hauke returned to the shore with his mouth full of a few shells and dropped them onto the rock carefully, growing to their pile. Kraken was doing far better, they noticed as they saw the shining pearls and shells he brought in. None of them looked lived in, but that was no surprise as they knew Kraken wouldn't want to bring them out live. Moss grew on all of their shells, except for the ones Aatu grabbed.

Haukes shells had swirls of pink and a grayish blue on them, their shape having dull spikes unlike what Aatu had. Hauke and Aatu went back to the water together this time, attempting to see any hint of shining shells they could find beneath the water. It wasn't long before Kraken urged them to come back, saying he wanted to stop doing this as there were no more which were empty. Hauke and Aatu returned back to the group and the trio examined the rocks. Hauke tried to hint that they had more, however Kraken knew that he had in fact won.

''There.'' Kraken spoke.

Hauke huffed, ''Fine, we get it! You only won because you swim a lot.'' Hauke was glared at by Aatu, who then corrected himself and stated he was simply bad at finding such things. The day was nearly at an end and it was time for Aatu and Hauke to leave Kraken behind, as they didn't like staying out near the waters so late at night.

Personal work + 3
Added Reos + 2 ([S-T3] Kraken 14151)
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802 words + 8
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Personal work + 3
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Added Reos + 2 ([S-T3] Kraken 14151)
Monthly Prompt + 1
802 words + 8
Total = 15

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