Reos Event - The Brutes (1/3)

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Svenja 15456 - Mega 15611 - Halie 15310 - Vitalus (The Beneath) - 1125 Words - Written by @Imcaspar and @Lifora (@LiforneiroaARPG)

Draw or write your Reosean partaking in a free-for-all trial of combat. Each contestant is tasked with gathering golden rocks, you may be a warrior to fight tooth and nail for your prizes, or maybe you sneakily take a few from another. The winner will be decided by who has the most golden rocks at the end of the timer.

Lifora - 409 Words

Mega was thankful for his large size. Most of these newly discovered Haedians were massive. And he just happened to be participating in a competition where they can get quite aggressive. He knew he'd be fine- but as for Svenja and Halie, they weren't so lucky. Perhaps the Haedians would be more careful with them due to their size. Then again... he has seen the small Haedians wrestle with the largest. Perhaps size wouldn't be everything in this competition. Both Halie and Svenja actually blended fairly well into the walls. Blue ripples of crystal would sprawl out across the stone- small for large Haedians, but quite large for smaller Haedians and vayrons alike, meaning those small could easily blend in. They just had to match the color somewhat. As for Svenja, she'd have to stay near darker stone in order to blend in which was plentiful here. This area mostly only had light from the forges as well, meaning there was lots of darkness to reside in. Orange crystals littered the cave as well- a light glow rising from them. Svenja and Halie stuck next to him bravely as he waited for Zarod to begin her speech. She perched upon a rock to ensure everyone could see her, ''Today I welcome you all to experience this trail of combat- with a twist. We now have visitors! Yes, very exciting! And they will be participating as well. Be sure not to crush them,'' she said jokingly with a smile, ''lets start now, shall we? Off you go!''

Groups were quickly formed, mainly consisting of younglings who simply wanted to watch the event unfold. A few teenagers made small groups- and competed against each other. Every adult Haedian however stood alone. It was obvious they'd have to split up- watchful eyes laid on them with every step they took. But... just perhaps, they could work together to the best of their ability, while still remaining alone.

Halie and Svenja had spoken to a few Haedians before this event began, and found out how and where they hide the golden rocks most of the time. They were kind and let Mega know, who quickly dipped into the shadows leaving Halie and Svenja behind, who then also split up after a bit more of further planning. Soon enough, the cave was mostly empty besides a few young Haedians rough-housing with each other, daydreaming about how when they're old enough they too can participate. Imcaspar - 596 Words Svenja, in the meantime, had been trying to find rocks closer to the starting point. In her mind, most of the other participants would venture further out in search of greater rewards and she'd therefore be mostly alone - or at least far away from the most ambitious and most dangerous ones. After a while, she found a promising spot - a crack in the caves wall that grew wider with height. Scaling up the wall carefully, she used the sharp edges of many of the rock and crystals surrounding her to climb quite high and eventually managed to climb into the opening.

With light dim as the cloudiest of nights, she inched further forward until she saw something of a different color on the floor - she picked up two objects that were a slightly different kind of shadow and carried them back to the more open cave, where, under the shining light of crystals, Svenja squealed of excitement to have found two golden rocks, before quickly looking around to make sure nobody had heard her. - While not necessarily much more confident, Halie had decided to leave her doubts behind and venture very quickly ver far - in the hope that she would get to some barely hidden rocks before anyone else. She took a route that seemed longer, through caves that ran around the edge of the area used for the event - similarly hoping to encounter few others there.

"Ha! A Vayron!", a female voice suddenly exclaimed from the shadows. It was a Haedian, who smiled as she stepped into the light.

"What do you want?", Halie responded grudgingly.

"Your golden rocks!", the Haedian responded, clearly feeling triumphant. "Surely you aren't foolish enough to fight a Haedian?"

"I'd rather not fight, that's correct," Halie responded, and the Haedian's grin got even bigger. "But I have not found a singular rock in all this time yet."

The happiness quickly fell of the Haedian's face. "Not again! You're now the fourth one who comes along with treasure. I'm finding a new spot." Halie was happy for that interaction to end, but then had an idea: If all this time the Haedian had been suprising others here - maybe no one had looked for rocks in the area yet? Quickly, she went on a search for the minerals and, to her own surprise - found three different rocks hidden almost in plain sight. She was quite pleased and started to carefully make her way back to where she was meant to meet Svenja and Mega - thinking of the irony that the other Haedian had been hiding so close to what she was seeking. - Just as they turned their backs, Mega sneaked up on them, picked the rocks up one by one and started sprinting away - the last part they heard, quickly exclaiming for him to stop and starting to follow him hastily. "Try to catch me then!", Mega yelled as he ran away from a pair of haedians. He had taken advantage of their foolishness, putting down the four golden rocks which they had found already, to have their paws free to search for more. While Mega was worried about having left the others behind, he swiftly thought to himself that it would be to no ones gain if he slowed down now. Accelerating his trott, he ventured deeper into the Haedian's caves, which were littered with leftovers from the forges and piles of minerals yet to be processed. One of the piles looked quite sparkly, so he quickly dug through it a bit, but no golden rocks seemed to be hidden within. Lifora - 122 Words Mega was making his way back, but heard a noise. The shadow then whispered his name quickly, and he realized who was talking. Turning over towards the darkness, he saw Both Svenjas and Halies head poke out. It seems like they met up before. ''I got so many!'' exclaimed Halie. ''I'm basically rock-rich!'' Svenja hushed Halie, ''Lets now head back. I've had enough 'fun' for today. I also never want to do this again.'' Mega nodded, he didn't like the common size differences- he didn't understand the culture either. The three vayrons then made their way back, and showcased what they collected. They recieved a couple glares from the other Haedians who recogized them, otherwise the event came to a close calmly.

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