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Kavaros + Ayla 13488 + Dagger 7200 - Roenden - 831 Words - QUEST 1: They Called me a Lumberjack

Ayla was not enjoying the current duty all that much. It was difficult to push and carry logs, especially at her size. Her paws would constantly sink into the snow with a soft crunch with each pawstep. It didn't help much that, well, she couldn't quite take a paw step. The snow was up to her neck. Ayla only was used was an extra helper as there was no way she could carry such logs alone.

The lumberjacks left the logs in a pile out of sight from the main path to ensure no one would get the idea to take them. Kavaros would examine them carefully, being sure which one was the heaviest so he could take it. Dagger was helping Ayla with the smaller ones, being the main carrier as alone it was difficult for Dagger as well.

Kavaros spoke just as Ayla and Dagger got their log to the tree, ''I have an idea. Lets just bring the wagon over. Will be much easier for all of us.''

Dagger grunted, wanting to respond but instead was trying to finish lifting the log up onto the wagon. ''I can tie this down before we do that then,'' Ayla responded. As Ayla got onto the wagon she searched for the needed rope to tie the singular log down before hopping off to help Dagger in pushing it. Ayla was behind the wagon to ensure it wouldn't fall backwards, and pushed it forward. Dagger stayed in the front to be sure Ayla wouldn't slip into it and cause it to ram into Kavaros. Kavaros simply stood there, preparing to start shoving the logs with his shoulders.

Kavaros helped park the wagon before speaking again, ''Thank you. Now lets start properly,'' he finished as he bent his head down and got Dagger to help shoulder a log onto his back. Ayla helped with ensuring it wouldn't fall off, poking her nose at the end of the logs to offer help. The pile of logs was slowly growing smaller, but as they did the weather grew stronger and they didn't even finish half of them. It made Kavaros a bit wary when the snowflakes that were so gentle from earlier were now beginning to form a snowstorm directly above them. However, even with the storm forming and growing stronger they just had to take a break. Or at least, he did. He sat down with Dagger and discussed the rest of the day with him, explaining how his shoulder was beginning to hurt from the rough bark.

Ayla didn't have interest in chitchat and instead climbed her way onto the wagon and carefully pushing the logs around to ensure they wouldn't slip out and it would be easier for Dagger and Kavaros to place logs on top. She untied the rope from before and pulled it out from between the other logs and placed it on top of the closest log before getting back off. The break was over for Kavaros and Dagger but she managed to help while they sat around.

Kavaros spoke once again, ''These are now smaller once again. I can take some of these on my own, help Ayla take the rest.'' Kavaros lowered himself and began to put the logs onto his back once again, moving in between Ayla and Dagger to place the logs he gathered up onto the wagon.

Ayla moved to help Dagger who lowered himself to Aylas height and waited for Ayla to put a log onto his back before biting the other end of it to help hold up. They made their way to the wagon bumping into Kavaros by mistake who didn't seem to care. Ayla put a paw up onto the wagon, pulling the log up with her mouth while Dagger pushed it upwards. They continued to repeat the process all together until the last log was on the wagon which was now covered in snow. Kavaros moved into the harness the wagon offered and began to pull it back onto the main path with Dagger and Ayla pushing against it from behind. The snow attempted to keep the wagon, the wheels sliding as they were deep in snow. Dagger attempted to use his shoulder to push it upwards, failing with the amount of weight but Ayla helped just enough to have them be able to get it unstuck and they quickly pushed it forward as Kavaros pulled more aggressively. They managed to get on the main path which had ice scattered around the path leaving it fairly slippery.

Ayla and Dagger helped Kavaros keep control of the wagon as each took a side and pressed against it lightly, keeping the wheels from sliding. The snow was getting stronger along with the wind, encouraging Dagger and Ayla to help keep Kavaros focused on the path as it was slowly being covered in snow.

They were now arriving at the location where the wagon needed to be, glad to finally be over.

Low Class Quest + 1
Added Reos + 2 ( Ayla 13488 + Dagger 7200)
Land Bonus + 1
831 words + 8
Total = 12

Low Class Quest + 1
Land Bonus + 1
831 words + 8
Total = 10

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