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Egress 13700+Ayla 13488 + Dagger 7200 - Thedale - 1223 Words - A Steadfast Mind

"Are you sure it's neccessary to travel this far away from the town for training?," Ayla asked. "Yes it is," replied Egress. "I know a perfect spot for us, for now lets get there and set up camp for the night."

"To be honest, the longer we are walking, the more yummier the food I'm carrying seems to me," added Dagger, who was travelling behind the other two.

They had set out in the afternoon westwards, into the mountains, to reach a small lake near which Egress new it would be easy to practice swimming and climbing. Plus, having a water resource nearby while doing exhausting tasks is quite useful, as carrying enough water from a town would be a hard task in itself.

Ayla and Dagger, who were both from Roenden, where there was rather too much water, didn't have much understanding for this and were a slight bit annoyed that they had to hike uphill for the last two hours.

But they had complained too soon, as only fifteen minutes afterwards they once again walked around the outcrop of the mountain on the path which wound itself uphill in a zig-zag pattern and were able to see a beautiful lake with clear water shimmering in the evening sun. "Wow, this is amazing!", Ayla said as she stepped into the water with her paws and drank some of it.

"The water is pretty cold, at least considering we're in Thedale," noted Dagger.

"Yeah, it can get quite cold up here during the nights, that's why it's the case," explained Egress. "About that cold, will you collect some of the dry bushes from near the lake and maybe even some wood if you can find a tree that's not alive anymore?"

Dagger quickly went on his way to find some dry bushes, which would make for a good starter and Ayla also was back shortly afterwards with some big chunks of driftwood which would make the fire burn through the night. They set up camp and ate some food, before quickly falling asleep after the exhausting walk and knowing what the day ahead would bring for them.

Egress woke them up with a loud bark startling the two vayrons. Ayla looked up in anger wondering why Egress would be so rude. Before Dagger could confront him, Egress spoke, ''We must train now! We shall SWIM!'' he declared.

Dagger rolled back down, ''Why not in 15 minutes?''

''Because that is 15 minutes of training wasted.''

''Can we eat first?'' Ayla asked.

''Of course not. Swimming with a full stomach is bad. You should know that, Medic!'' Egress responded. Egress turned around, flicking his tail as a signal to the others that they must come. Slowly, Ayla and Dagger made their way down to the water where Egress was already stepping foot into the waves, without shivering. The water must be warm then.

Dagger and Ayla figured out the water was not warm. It was quite cold and came as a shock, as they would expect the desert to heat the water enough to not be cold. Then again, the sun wasn't fully out yet.

Slowly Ayla and Dagger put themselves further into the water, their fur becoming wet. Egress splashed them with water and began to swim further into the lake. ''Well? Come on! We need to reach the other end!''

''Oh no. We are swimming to the other end??!'' Dagger complained. Dagger kicked his paws as he got deeper into the water, barely being able to touch. Ayla stayed next to him swimming. Ayla wasn't doing an amazing job at swimming but was slowly getting better and quicker as Dagger did. The other end of the lake was fairly far but still doable, the only worry being if Egress would actually let them rest after. Ayla knew to stay close to Dagger in the case that she would be exhausted, as she wasn't used to going out everyday and swimming across an entire lake.

Egress didn't seem to struggle at all compared to Dagger and Ayla, gracefully making his way through the water. There wasn't many waves, or at least strong ones, so there was no worry from his part. He assumed that Dagger and Ayla didn't do this training often, but knew it would be just enough to tucker them out.

As they were done halfway through the lake, Egress suddenly stood up out of the water. "There seems to be a sandbank here," he shouted over at them.

The other two paddled quicker with a break from swimming in sight and quickly reached the sandbank, where they sat down, half in the water and half above it. "You suddenly swam way quicker than I did before!", said Egress.

"It just needs a nice motivation," replied Ayla, who was still unhappy about her abrupt awakening.

"Why don't we do climbing next instead of more swimming after we have gotten to the other side?" suggested Dagger, who didn't like swimming at all.

"Good idea, but you'll have to take the lead," Egress said to the others surprise. "I'm not a very experienced climber."

The three pulled through to the other shore just a minute later and after a short break started to hike up the mountain, until it got steep enough that it went over into climbing. "Do you see the rock sticking out of the side up there?", said Dagger, as he pointed upwards. "Yes, I do," replied Egress and Ayla.

"Well, try to get to that, the path which brought us to the lake continues up there and we can use it to get back down after we get that high up," Dagger suggested. "Why don't we just climb back down?", asked Egress.

"It's better not to, I think, as we'll be exhausted and it might be too dangerous to tackle this as we're not very experienced in that regard," Dagger replied.

Done as they were told, Ayla and Egress went ahead to climb up the side of the mountain. Ayla's path took her leftwards, where the hillside was less steep, but many loose rocks made it difficult nonetheles. After a while, it got better and she picked up the pace, while moving back over to the right, more towards the other two.

Dagger, and Egress not far behind him, had chosen a path to the right where the hill was more steep, but the stone provided many spots to step onto and push himself up on. It also leveled out a bit from time to time, which allowed the two to survey what was up ahead before making their next move.

Eventually, Ayla arrived at the path and looked back down onto Dagger and Egress, who were lacking behind a bit. They were just making their way through an unusually steep section, which was only around three meters high, but was very steep as below them there was a little plateau which looked like somone had carved it out of the mountain at almost a right angle. She watched with excitement, as first Egress and then Dagger climbed through that section and tried to learn from what they did.

At last, the two also reached the path and it was decided that the three had trained enough for the morning. After walking back down to their camp for 20 minutes, it was time for some cooked rabbits and some naps.

Egress 13700

Added Reos + 2 (
Ayla 13488 )
High Class Quest + 2

Land Bonus + 1
1223 words + 12
Total = 17

Ayla 13488

Added Reos + 2 (Egress 13700)
High Class Quest + 2
1223 words + 12
Total = 16

Dagger 7200

Added Reos + 2 (Egress 13700)

High Class Quest + 2
1223 words + 12
Total = 16

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