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The Dirty Half Dozen

Okaaaay, this one's for the Megaman 25th Anniversary Tribute by :icongame-art-hq:.

Saw the influx of Megaman tribute art recently. So I told myself, I'm not going to miss this event this time! :shakefist: Deadline is today, December 1st. Cutting it pretty close, so I hope it still makes it. DX

Anyway, this here's the Robot Master cast of the first Classic Megaman game. Done in the style of the group pic in Megaman 5's intro (also done it here [link] ). Have mixed feelings about this pic especially during the halfway point. But I'm glad I was able to salvage it (a bit). Didn't have time to make a do over. DX

Well anyway, hope you guys like it. Thanks! :w00t:

Megaman (Rockman) © Capcom

Almost forgot THIS. [link] :headbang:
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Where's cash man
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This is the first game.
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I don't remember this one :O
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The Mega Man Network pointed this one out on their tumblr. I've seen it going through your gallery, but I haven't left nearly enough favorites and/or comments on your stuff as I should have when I went through the first time (I think I was just so wowed I wanted to see them all as quickly as possible).

So I think I'll take the time to finally sit down and tell you how awesome I think this is!

You know, if I had to pick out a favorite group of Robot Masters, I don't really know if I could. I like them all, each in their own way. Yes, even those from Mega Man 5, 7, and 8.  The ones from MM1 though, even if it's hardly my favorite game, have become icons in their own right and will always have a special place in my heart.

Now, this piece... it really is something. You have a knack for lighting. Something that I sorely lack, simply because I have not the patience to learn.  It really shows here. You have such expression without using any color at all.

If I were to point out anything that bothered me about this piece, it would probably be the roundness of Guts Man's jaw, which is usually depicted as being a bit more square, but it's a minor gripe, easily passed off as a stylistic choice.

Nonetheless, a very expressive, and dare I say, sinister looking piece here.
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Haha I have this (kinda narcissistic) habit of googling "imbisibol" when I'm really really bored, but I never noticed that tumbler entry. Cool. :D

And you're absolutely right about Guts Man's jaw. I guess I never did pay much attention to it. ^^; And you're right about the RMs too, it's hard to pick a favorite batch from all the games. I guess it's kinda like a song album. You may not like all the songs in the album, but there's that one or two or three songs that just stabs you right in the heart, and makes that whole album special.

Anyway, thank you very much man! I love meaty, really well thought out comments like these. :D
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You always do great work.
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Friend, I've been so busy with work, I hope you forgive me for not commenting as much :/
I like this picture and management of the gray in the picture, great job as always!
I miss to "Wily" in this picture.
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No biggie man. I'm just glad you're still alive and kicking

I just wanted to focus on the RMs on this one, so no Wily. Thanks a bunch! :)
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The simplicity in this is great. Nothing more than a monochrome picture and some semi-vague silhouettes, but each figure is not only clearly demonstrating power, but what powers they used have been brought to a proper forefront. The uphill perspective gives it a kind of daunting perspective against what Rock's facing in his first go at Wily's troublemaking. It's simple, but not bad and executed well for what it is.
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Thanks man! I wanted the figures to look even more vague than this for that extra mysterious feel, but I just couldn't help but put in the extra detail. ^^;

Thanks again!
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Pretty freaking awesome Imby :XD:
..................crap deadline was on the FIRST! Well I missed it danngit OTL, oh well, there;s always next year T~T
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Thanks! I almost missed the deadline. D: Lesson learned, no slacking til the last minute. XP
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Imba imbi :omfg:
That's some awesome work dude, If you added in the Yellow Devil's eye at the background, it would have been perfect but I get your reference.
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Wow! This is epic! I love how Fire's the light source for this picture. X3 That's a very neat trick~
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Thanks! Unlike the last pic, I actually tried to plan the lighting on this one. ^^;
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And it came out looking fantastic! :heart:
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Glad to hear that. Thanks. :)
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Incredible piece! I love it!
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Feels like people don't really care much for TimeMan or OilMan these days.
I guess the first 6 are still with strongest impression.
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