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A Different Breed

Cue music!


I was supposed to work on some Original Robot Master fanart, but I was just feeling uninspired. Tried looking around in YouTube to get the creative juices flowing again. That's when I stumbled upon that remix. SO yeah, basically, I dropped everything I was working on and started working on this. Cossack demands it! :salute:

About this pic... not too original, I know, but I just HAD to do it this way. I worked on it the same way I worked on the Rush Weapon Get pics, only using much much simpler methods. Meaning... I drew em straight in the computer (except Cossack, he came from paper). Meaining... a lot of laziness and mistakes. XD Had a lot of fun, just working straight on the shadows and light without any guides. Not fun for my hand though. Calluses are starting to hurt again. ^^;

Anyway, I don't care what everybody says. I love Rockman 4! First Rockman game I finished by myself. And it's got Pharaoh Man and Skull Man in it, enough said! :nod:

Hope you guys like it. Thanks!

Rockman 4 © Capcom

Special mention: [link]
GODDAMIT, I just can't get over that second castle theme. XD
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Amazing work - I love the intensity and drama!