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I srsly wasn't expecting to be tagged .-.
but meh.

1. What is it you want out of life? Happiness? Wealth? Love? Fame? Acceptance? (etc etc) 
       > I just want to be contented with all of this *dramatic hand gestures to life*

2. What do you most look for in a partner if you're not Aromantic or Asexual. If you are, then what do you look for the most in a friend?
        >HMMMMMMMMMMM....this is hard tbh. First of all, I want them to be taller than me(so I can look up to them...its corny.                 DEAL WITH IT). The other stuff? Surprise me people!!!!!!!!! SLAM UR FACE IN A DESK FOR ALL I CARE, but if you don't                 surprise me then you just gotta wait it out and see what happens in the future.

3. What are friends for? Are they for comfort, for laughter, or are they to use for your own desires? (basically, what is it you think about when you think about having friends)
        >For me, my friends are usually for company. It doesn't really matter to me what we're going to do, I just want to be with                 people.

4. Lets have some less life meaning ones, and lets ask, what's your opinion on fanbases? Do you think they're entirely cringe worthy, or do they have some saving graces?
        >It's so cringe-worthy that they're worth saving.

5. What's your favorite kind of media? (movies/games/art/writing/etc) 
        >Drawing, photography and writing :>

6. If you had to cosplay three different characters, which characters would you cosplay? (it can be any character, four legged or humanoid)

7. If you were to live in a fantasy world out of a book, tv show, or game, which world would you choose to live in?
        >Whatever world the book 'Born from Chaos' by spite-(Wattpad), takes place. It's awesome, magical and dark in ways.

8. Do you have a favorite genre or mix of genres in movies and books?
        >Romance, fantasy, sci-fi

9. Do you have a favorite creepypasta? If you don't like creepypasta or don't know what it is, what's your favorite horror movie or horror themed book?
        >I LOVE Eyeless Jack.

10. Do you like the zombie themed stuff?
        >If skeleton themes count here, then yes.

11. Memes or No Memes?

12. Do you play fighting games??
        >...used to.

[I want to do the 8 facts as well so here it is]

CHARACTER: Fang Shadowhunter (mah persona)

36963961 1288212084647511 4548921453717749760 N by imatrashcan2
(I can't believe I don't have a proper pic of her ;-; )

1. She's been my persona for like, idk, 5 years? The only change I made was make her hair black :p

2. She's a chimera! (part werewolf(mostly), part leviathan and bird)

3. She has a wolf form. *howls*

4. She has two familiars, both Demons.

5. One of the familiars is the skull badge on her hoodie.

6. She was creepypasta inspired...

7. She's a badass assassin/spy woman who needs no man(aside from her family, friends &...Nigel)

8. She looks calm but she ain't calm. (She's my persona after all...)

I don't wanna disturb I'll disturb :iconnoiseno97:
Hi bruh. You can do the 8 facts...or the other one but I got lazy in making new yea...
The character you'll be describing would be Elizabeth Goldern :)
[Raffle - Nekoshiki] Stained Glass (Closed) by Ayase-Kinjou
the laptop I use is busted

Endtale pages were there...hadblcakhsdnbvahdbcbadbaejhbcadnvhdbfvhadjNDavhbvndjkznvkjdsnvczxz

Now I can't color them in ;-;