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Warning: There is mention of some blood here
Note: This is my first time writing about a polyamorous relationship. Please forgive me if my portrayal is inaccurate or if it offends you.
    It was another Friday morning. Everyone was getting ready to go to work: Bernard to the school, Thurston to the police station, and (Name) to the hospital. All three of them were still in the kitchen, making breakfast. Bernard was at the stove cooking while (Name) made coffee. Thurston prepared their lunches for the day. It was the routine for them when all three of them were at home for breakfast. 
    Today, Bernard was making oatmeal. Simple, yet healthy and filling. (Name) washed and chopped some berries to put in the oatmeal as Thurston set the table. 
    "We still have leftovers from last night, right?" Thurston asked. 
    "Ja. They're in the fridge," Bernard
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I'm Here | RussiaxMale!Reader (REQUEST)
    (Name) was concerned about his husband. Usually, whenever Ivan came home from home, he would call out for (Name), kiss him, and proceed to ask him how his day went. However, for the past two weeks or so, Ivan came home without saying anything. Dinner was no silent, with the occasional questions from (Name). On the weekends, they would usually work in the garden or play with their kitten, Filippa, but lately, he'd spend the day in his study.
    Though he didn't want to let it show, (Name) knew that Ivan was feeling depressed. It happened from time to time; he would have mood swings, lose his appetite, and have trouble sleeping. (Name) knew that he couldn't get rid of those feelings entirely, but he knew he could do his best to make Ivan feel better. 
    And that was exactly what (Name) planned on doing. On Friday, he came home early. He had the rest of the evening and the next day planned out. He stopped by the grocery store to buy some supp
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Slipping Away | (Pirate!SpainxReader) (2/?)
    'Captain (Last Name)? There must've been a mistake!' I stiffened. However, there was no way I could wholeheartedly prove him wrong. 
    Five years ago, I woke up on the shores of this town. Laura and her brothers found me on the rocky beach. The only items I had with me were the clothes on my back, a locket, a pocket watch, and a dagger with a name engraved on it. The only thing I could remember then was my name.
    I had an infected stab wound to my abdomen, and a bit of my head was split. I almost didn't live, but thanks to the town's doctor as well as some help from Laura and her brothers, I was able to recover. In just a year, I was able to secure a job as a school teacher and make a proud and honest living for myself. I began remembering bits and pieces of my past, mostly from childhood. 
    I was able to figure out that the dagger belonged to my mother, as did the locket. There used to be a picture of my mother
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Tracks |EnglandxReader (1/2)
    When I was eight, we moved out to a small town. It was quaint and quiet; it was surrounded by a forest. It was nothing special. Every day, I went through the same routine: wake up, eat, go to school, come home, do some homework, and then go out and play until it was time for dinner.
    One day, I received one of the best gifts I'd ever gotten from a family friend of ours who was visiting.
    A camera.
    It wasn't an expensive one. In fact, it was just a disposable camera that you could probably buy at a drugstore for cheap. But, to a seven-year-old, it was a cool gift. I was ecstatic.
    The next day, after school was over and I had finished my homework, I went out to test my new gadget.
    “Mom! I'm going to go outside now!” I shoved my feet into my boots and adjusted my hat.
     My mother poked her head out from the living room. “Did you
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Knitting | (RussiaxReader)
    ______ sat in the recliner by the fireplace, her tongue sticking out as she concentrated. Across from her, Ivan sat in his own recliner with a smile. The little table between them was covered in yarn. 
    "Isn't this relaxing?" Ivan asked. 
    "Relaxing my ass." ______ grit her teeth. "This scarf looks like shit!"
    Ivan chuckled. "You're getting better, though. It looks better than that last... Scarf you made."
    "Please, I'm not even sure if that could even be called a bib."
    He sighed and put his knitting needle down. "I think it's about time we take a break, da? I'll make us something to drink."
    _______ set her needles down too. "You know what? Yeah, we should probably take a break." She stood up and stretched a little. "So, what kind of drink did you have in mind? I hope it's something warm..."
    "Did you want hot chocolate?"
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Slipping Away | (Pirate!SpainxReader) (1/?)
    "Alright class, it's nap time!" A chorus of little groans and 'I'm not tired!' came from around the circle of children at my feet. I placed the book I was reading on the table beside me. "Come on. You all need to sleep, or else you won't have the energy to play and learn later." I stood up.
    The children reluctantly stood up and went to their sleeping mats. I sighed and drew the curtains in to make the room a little darker. Suddenly, I felt a tug at the bottom of my dress. I looked down. 
    "Um... Miss, I think I saw a bug on my mat," the little girl said. 
    "I'll go take care of it." She led me to her sleeping mat. Sure enough, there was a disgusting looking bug on it. I grimaced. I went back to my table and got an empty glass and a piece of paper. I placed the glass on top of the piece of the bug and slid the paper underneath. Then, I picked it up. "There. Now get some rest. I'll be taking this little thing outside."
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Extra-Ordinary Girl Chap.16 (NordicsxChild!Reader)
    The next week passed by as usual. I had a routine of waking up, eating breakfast, talking to Hanatamago, hanging out with the micronations, eating lunch, and basically doing whatever. Talks of America's birthday bash came about in the Nordic household and in the micronation circle. America gave everyone an invitation to join him at his beach house for a few days.
    On Thursday, Wy came over for another sleepover. She would join us for the road trip to the beach. She had a whole suitcase packed for the trip, a bag full of snacks, and another backpack with her electronic devices and toiletries. 
    It was Thursday afternoon, and Wy was sitting on my bed. Hanatamago sat on her lap, staring at me as I tried to figure out what I needed for the trip. Denmark gave me a suitcase and a sturdy looking backpack to start packing. 
    The paced in front of the empty suitcase on the floor. "So, I should probably pack my swimsuit, right?"
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Soy Milk (SpainxReader) (DRABBLE)
Soy Milk
    It was Saturday morning, and _______ sat at the kitchen counter with some breakfast and a glass of soy milk. Antonio still hadn't woken up, since he worked a late shift on Friday night. _______ wasn't expecting him to be up at this hour, but they were wrong. 
    Antonio was wide awake as he walked into the kitchen. 
    _______ looked up at him from their cell phone. "You're awake?" Antonio nodded as he sat down next to ______. "Aren't you tired?"
    "Not really." He yawned. He glanced at the glass of soy milk next to _______'s plate. "What's that?"
    "Soy milk."
    He was silent for a moment. Then, he broke out into a smile. 
    "Uh oh..."
    "Hola, milk! Soy Antonio!"
    _______ face palmed. 
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The Barista (Nyo!BelarusxMale!Reader)
The Barista
    Nikolai enjoyed drinking his coffee with a shot of vodka in it, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He wouldn't settle for anything more or anything less. He was a very peculiar man; he had platinum blond hair and smoldering, indigo eyes that could burn holes into the wall if he stared at them song enough. He was stubborn and hot blooded, from what ______ could tell, and he stuck to a schedule. 
    Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, he would come into the little coffee shop at the edge of the university's campus at precisely seven p.m., two hours before the shop would close, and order a cup of black coffee and a slice of strawberry cream. He would sit by the window with his drink and pull out a flask, pouring some of its contents into the cup of coffee before stirring it. ______ had no idea what he was pouring into him cup of coffee, b
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Mature content
Crashed (Monster!NordicsxReader) (REQUEST) :iconimapop13:imapop13 6 8
Thick Thighs Save Lives (Nyo!FinlandxReader)
Thick Thighs Save Lives
Note: The reader has thick thighs in this story.
    It was a beautiful summer day, and you and your girlfriend, Tina, were going to spend the late afternoon and evening at the nearby outdoor mall. So, when Tina asked you to get ready, you went back to your shared room and changed into a pair of high-waisted shorts and a cute top. You did your hair and put on a little makeup in the bathroom with Tina beside you doing her own hair and makeup.
     The two of you headed out. Tina drove the two of you to the mall. You stepped out of the car and rushed over to the other side to open the door for Tina. You held out your hand for Tina to take, which she gladly accepted.
    She giggled. "Thank you!"
    "Anything for my lady," you replied with a small smile. 
    Tina locked the car, and then she linked h
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Polaroid Selfie! (Happy Birthday) by imapop13 Polaroid Selfie! (Happy Birthday) :iconimapop13:imapop13 1 3
Extra-Ordinary Girl Chap.15 (NordicsxChild!Reader)
    Norway led me back inside. Hanatamago followed, as usual. He shut the door behind us. 
    "We would like to ask you a few questions and take a look at your lap top. Is that alright with you?" he asked.
    "Yeah. I'll go get it." I looked down at Hana. "Do you want to wait here or do you want to come with me?"
    "I can stay down here."
    "Okay." I jogged back up to my room and grabbed my laptop from it's spot on my desk. I quickly went back down to the living room. 
    Norway took my laptop, and I picked up Hanatamago. We walked down the stairs to the basement and to the other set of stairs that led to the magic room, side by side. When we arrived, Romania was talking to a little fairy, and England was on his phone. Romania whispered something to the fairy, who playfully punched Romania.
    "We have the laptop," Norway said. Romania, England, and the fairy looked up. 
    England p
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Cuddling (LiechtensteinxReader) (DRABBLE)
    I clutched my stomach and curled myself into a ball. I squeezed my eyes shut. 
    The pain just didn't seem to go away, even with the heating pad and the painkillers. Stupid cramps. Stupid periods. Why did they have to be so painful and gross?
    The door creaked open. "_______? Are you alright?" Erika asked. I opened my mouth to respond, but I felt sharp pain in my abdomen. I gasped. "______!"
    I heard Erika rush towards the bed. The bed dipped down as she pulled herself up onto it. I cracked my eyes open. Erika was hovering over me with a worried expression. "C-Cramps," I managed to say. 
    "Did you take any painkillers?" I nodded. She looked towards my stomach, where I was holding a heating pad. "Is there anything I can do to help?"
    "Cuddle with me?"
    A small smile appeared on
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Extra-Ordinary Girl Chap.14 (NordicsxChild!Reader)
    The next day, Norway woke me up by poking my cheeks. As usual, there was a black expression on his face. "Romania and England will be here for lunch," he said. 
    I sat upright. I looked over at the digital alarm clock to my side. It was nearly ten in the morning. "So, soon?" 
    He nodded. "Yeah."
    I nodded to imitate him. "Alright."
    Norway left my room. I got out of bed and stretched a little. Then, I began my usual morning routine and ate breakfast. I went back to my room afterwards to clean a little before the guests would arrive, and once I deemed that my room was clean enough, I took out the journal Norway gave me. I continued writing notes about the events of Fantasia and other questions I had.
    I managed to spend half an hour writing before I felt like I needed to get up and do something. I went downstairs to find Hanatamago playing with a chew toy on the couch. I sat down next to her. 
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Extra-Ordinary Girl Chap.13 (NordicsxChild!Reader)
    Our next stop was buying casual clothes, shoes, and some swim suits. I bought three pairs of sneakers, another pair of flats, and three kinds of dress shoes. I also bought some tops and bottoms, and I found two swimsuits I could wear. It didn't take very long for me to find my items, so I just followed everyone around, offering my opinion on stuff whenever I was asked. Hanatamago would assist me in doing so. 
    She had good taste. 
    I sat in a chair next to Czech, who was watching the rest of the group look for shoes with an unreadable expression on her face. In my opinion, she seemed like she didn't want to go shopping, and someone forced her to go. She would distance herself from most of the group, particularly Hungary, Liechtenstein, and Belarus. 
    Hanatamago shifted on lap. She looked at Czech. "She doesn't seem very happy." I only nodded in agreement. 
    Czech looked over at me. "Is something wrong
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Choose either one character or multiple characters. Drabble will be one page (maximum) Can be reader insert, with OCs, cannon, or a mix
Minimum of 3 pages, maximum of 15 pages. Can have multiple characters, can be reader-insert, with OCs, canon, etc. ABSOLUTELY NO SMUT. I am fine with everything else (suggestive themes are fine, but no full on smut)
Song Fic
Minimum of 3 pages, maximum of 15 pages. Can have multiple characters, can be reader-insert, with OCs, canon, etc. ABSOLUTELY NO SMUT. I am fine with everything else (suggestive themes are fine, but no full on smut)
3 Part Series
Minimum of 8 pages, maximum of 20 pages per part. Can have multiple characters, can be reader-insert, with OCs, canon, etc. ABSOLUTELY NO SMUT. I am fine with everything else (suggestive themes are fine, but no full on smut) I would prefer if you had a somewhat detailed description of what you want for this one
Multiple Part Series
4 parts minimum, 7 parts maximum. Minimum of 5 pages, maximum of 20 pages per part. Can have multiple characters, can be reader-insert, with OCs, canon, etc. ABSOLUTELY NO SMUT. I am fine with everything else (suggestive themes are fine, but no full on smut). I would prefer you have a somewhat detailed description of what you'd like for this one
Multiple Ending One-Shot
You'll get an intro for this one and various endings. Sort of like a choose your own story. Pick at least 2 characters/ending. You can have up to 6 different characters (or endings) Minimum of 3 pages, maximum of 15 pages. Can have multiple characters, can be reader-insert, with OCs, canon, etc. ABSOLUTELY NO SMUT. I am fine with everything else (suggestive themes are fine, but no full on smut) I would prefer if you had a detailed description of what you'd like.

(A/N: If you don't get what this is, it's like a seven minutes in heaven type thing where you can choose a different character for a different ending)



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My username is imapop13, but you can call me Ima or Pop. I don't care what you call me as long as it's nothing mean.
I love writing, particularly reader-insert fan fictions for Hetalia, though I do write for other stuff and draw occasionally. I love anime. I grew up watching anime with my big brother, so that's where I get it from. (Random thing no one cares about: I feel like my brother and I somewhat resemble Liechtenstein and Switzerland) I can seem like a weeaboo sometimes, so I apologize in advance for that.
You can find me on other websites too! You can check them out if you want:


Tumblr: imapop13 OR @aph-turnt-scone

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I would like to write a sequel to 'The Princes and The Frog', a Magic Trio x Reader I wrote last year. I need some help deciding some stuff, hiugh, and I would appreciate the help of my readers. This survey is only two questions
I really would like to write a story/fix based on South Asian cultures, but A) I'm not sure what exactly I'd write B) I don't think people would really appreciate. Stories with main characters that are a person of color don't seem to be very popular on places like Wattpad (unless it's an East Asian Fantasy about a girl and some emperor. After that come the retellings of 1001 Arabian Nights) Then there is the Hetalia fandom, in which Western (AKA American and European characters) see to be more popular among the reader-insert community, which does make sense considering the show revolves around WW2 and the Axis Powers
**Warning: Rape mention (also, this is long and has a lot of cursing)

    I don't know where to begin, honestly. First of all, it's so fucking disturbing that people can defend a celebrity, one they don't know personally, accused of rape, sexual assault, abuse, etc. 'Innocent until guilty' doesn't apply to that. This partially why victim blaming is a thing and why victims of these crimes are afraid to come forward. They fear that they will be blamed or that the person who had hurt them will not be punished.
    People argue that certain people will make these claims for attention or some other reward, but just how often does that happen? Yeah, doing believing stuff like that has put me in danger once, but you know what? I'm still going to continue sticking up for people who are accused of being attention whores for coming forward with something personal. I've done it before, and I'll continue to do so.
    With that being said, I'm writing this in light of the accusations surrounding Melania Martinez. I can't believe people are defending her. There are people defending her because they believe that a woman can't be a rapist, or they just don't believe she would do something like that. Just. What. The. Fuck. She said 'she didn't say no' but she never said 'she said yes'. Like ????? That should raise some bright red flags. 
    To consent to something means saying 'yes'. If a person says 'no', you stop. If a person is unable to respond, don't even fucking think about it. If you ask a friend to borrow some money, and they say no, you aren't going to fucking reach for their wallet and take their money, are you? If they're not there or they're doing something else, you're not fucking going to take money out of their wallet, are you? If you do, you're a thief, end of discussion. So, why should sex be any different?
    I just...Ugh! There are so many things that are messed up about this whole situation. What a fucking hypocrite (Melanie), first off. Writing about sexual harassment, assault, abuse, etc. when she herself is possibly a rapist? I used to enjoy her music, but now, no. I don't care. 
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